Sunday, March 9, 2014

(Last) Week

(Last) Monday:


leftover pumpkin pancakes with whipped cream, egg with hot sauce, coffee

Work Coffee


Really more of a snack. I think I ate half this. Veggie dolma & zucchini cake

Lunch 2/Snack 2/Dinner 1?

leftover stroganoff before I left work


rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, celery and carrots with ranch, grapes


cake for days...literally

(Last) Tuesday


Ran out of time. Ate this on the go. I was NOT in the mood for either and gagged both down, but they did the trick.


turkey, cabbage, and broccoli. I really wanted the roast beef for some reason, but they didn't have it in the small portion. Whatevs.


coffee and cake. yes, please.


split a mushroom/swiss turkey burger and small onion ring & added a few grapes

Night Tea

(Last) Wednesday


chobabi simply strawberry yogurt with chocolate strawberry love crunch granole & sliced strawbs. Not filling enough, but looks pretty.


I don't remember if I had lunch or a more savory snack or not, but I know I left the office early to work from home midday and my brother wanted a milkshake, so I stopped for a fro-yo for myself


Pretty much picked at this all afternoon/early evening. Best grilled chicken sandwich ever, side salad x 2, one of the best pasta salads

I feel like I ate more that night, but no pics so idk.

(Last) Thursday


egg white omelet with half a chicken sausage (+ 1/2 on the side), green pepper, onion, mushroom, and prob some kind of cheese + strawbs


veggie dolmas, zucchini cake, small piece of overcooked chicken breast


Had a too small lunch and lil too big dinner (too much steak)......steak, asparagus, homemade garlic bread on sourdough, + homemade sweet potato fries


yep, there's STILL pleeeeeeenty more where that came from. TOO MUCH!

(Last) Friday


egg + chocolate cherry waffle square with coconut spread & maple syrup


just shy of being burnt cheesy garlic bread & redredwine

I have no idea what else I ate that day. Slacker!

(Last) Saturday


This was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Homemade cheesy garlic sourdough bread topped with sauteed mushrooms & fried egg + strawberries and coffee. MMMMM. Needs to be a repeat fo' sho'.


Half a Jimmy John's tuna. JJ still hurts my stomach a lil (think it's the bread?), but less so when I just ate half.


fro-yo...they didn't have cookies & cream or red velvet tho. RUDE! Got mostly plain, a little chocolate, and a sample of their new (gross) berry greek + a few chocolate strawberry marshmallows, a few strawbs, and some coconut shreds


this x 2. My brother and I couldn't decide if we wanted naan tikka masala indian pizzas or orange chicken, so we had both. Thanks Joe the Trader.

More Food 

Late night pepper popcorn, mango Kombucha, and apple-flavored sparkling water

(Last) Sunday


A friend was supposed to meet up for brunch, but didn't make it last minute, so my parents and I had a small feast. Pictured you see croissants (pumpkin + mini regular + these sweet flavored croissant-like pastries with a foreign sounding name), overcooked nitrite-free black forest bacon, cheese plate (brie, goat, aged white cheddar) with crackers and almonds, fruit plate (grapes, apples, tangerine segments, and strawberries..then later...canteloupe) with a cream cheese/vanilla greek yogurt-based fruit dip, deviled eggs, spinach/swiss quiche, and coffee. We put away the champagne glasses for another time, but did have some grapefruit juice in lieu of mimosas.


So beautifully pictured, I know. Thank you, thank you. My mom was going out of town and my brother isn't so good about fending for himself, so my Dad and I bought him a lot of foolproof frozen chemical shitstorms to eat (nevermind that I was cooking dinner every night). In looking for that nightmare "food" (aka foodlike substances), I caved and bought a smart ones or whatever the brand was of my own.....buffalo chicken style. I used to buy spinach/feta or pizza pockets like this all the time from some heath brand before I even cared about eating clean. This is no clean snack, but it wasn't horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible as far as ingredients were concerned. Ok, I'll stop talking now.

Another chilly day, but I found a little wood left in my garage for a FIYAH.


almost-but-not-quite-burnt (only on one side. the other was normal) quesadilla-like meal


Nottttt my proudest, healthiest week.



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