Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meal Catchup

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. (How many times have you heard that before? Don't count.).

What's up, people? Just checking in to do a photo dump. Aren't you lucky?

So, did you miss me? Again?

I think blogging helps with accountability and making better choices, so I'm back to photographing and hopefully sharing most meals. No promises, but fingers crossed, okay? I haven't gotten all obsessive about taking pics of every snack or bite/lick/taste, so maybe that's cheating, but at least it feels less daunting!

Here's Monday-Sunday (Feb. 10-16). It wouldn't be xoAmanda if I wasn't perpetually behind!



Choccie Protein Shake. I think it had chocolate Sunwarrior protein powder, half a frozen banana?, frozen strawberries maybe, and a handful of spinach. Probably a little stevia, too. Maybe a little hemp and flax?


Unpictured. Don't remember. Whoops. I think it was brown rice, peas, and some kind of protein.


Used up an Outback gift card. Simply grilled mahi mahi (half eaten in the pic) with steamed broccoli.

I barely touched the rice (I HATE when rice comes with a meal when it wasn't on the menu description. Yuck!) I ordered off the health menu, but the broccoli still came drenched in butter? Makes sense. Not.


sugar-free chocolate coconut milk ice cream with one crumbled peppermint oreo-like cookie from Sprouts and a few almonds + pecans



coffee, 1 egg, 1 nitrite-free turkey bacon, breakfast potatoes, 1 slice o' ezekiel raisin roast with coconut spread


Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger patty, blue cheese & greek yogurt mashed cauliflower, leftover brown rice/peas/breakfast potato combo


I usually come home from work FAMISHED and eat everything not locked down in the kitchen while I prep dinner (or worse, raid my parents pantry before I even get home when I go there to pick up my dog every night), so I'm trying to incorporate more healthy snacks into the work day to nip that habit. Pictured here is Chobabi simply yogurt (stevia and monk fruit sweetened. Only 6 grams of sugar) and some almond milky black tea.


Chili with organic blue corn chips topped with greek yogurt and hot sauce. Phew no GMOs. Chili gives me heartburn and/or a stomachache 99.9% of the time I eat it, but my mom made this and I was hungry. Yes, I felt awful after, but it was kiiiiind of worth it. Thanks, Mom.


Homemade "rice krispy treat" except made with Aldi-brand organic cheerios + Krave chocolate cereal. Not healthy, but damn good.



coffeecoffee, 1 egg, asparagus wrapped with 1 turkey bacon, ezekiel raisin toast with coconut spread. Later most of this was drenched in cholula, I imagine


TJ's chili lime chicken burger topped with sauteed mushrooms & goat cheese, more (grilled this time) asparagus, raw snap peas dipped in ranch

Snack Attack

Pretty self-explanatory


Ugly picture, but tasty take out salad. Pei Wei thai chili lime salad with steamed chicken with no salad dressing + I added a few almonds and cashews. Can't resist a buy one get one coupon, especially when it comes to Pei Wei! 


When my family doesn't have chocolate at their house and I'm over there watching American Idol or some other competition show and may die without cacao consumption for the next 2 hours, I have an emergency supply of adora calcium disks that taste like delightful chocolate candy. This time I tried them topped with a lil peanut butter. I think they're actually better plain, but this hit the spot. Kinda.

Midnight Snack

For the most part I've FINALLY kicked my AWFUL habit of eating after dinner, but this night, for some reason, I was pretty much going to die of starvation if I didn't eat a snack at midnight. Literal midnight snack. I'm not a popcorn girl, and, speaking of dying, I'm convinced microwave popcorn is killing the world. That said, a friend left a bag of this red pepper buttery light variety at my house and, well, you see what happened. 

The whole next day I kept smelling doritos wherever I went and had people convinced at work I was going crazy (my dad said maybe it was an aura proceeding a migraine). Nope, just the leftover smell of this popcorn I had in my lunch bag. I told you it was evil stuff!



Oh-em-gee, you guys. Healthy chocolate cherry waffles topped with coconut spread with a side of coffee. I mean, can you even???? This was heaven. A blogger, Kat from Katalyst Health (so sorry too lazy to link right now, google her), instagrammed the recipe for plain chocolate waffles. I made a few subs, but basically followed her advice. It did NOT disappoint. Can you tell?

Lunch Lady Land

Trader Joe's grilled mahi mahi burger I rescued from the depths of my freezer topped with TJ's hot & sweet mustard I hoarded, 1 zucchini pancake (pretty much my favorite food of all time, maybe second to perfectly ripe avocadoes) that I cooked in the toaster and now that I know that works I will pretty much eat until I turn green, brussels cooked with unrefined coconut oil

Yogurt Snack

Winner Winner Time for Dinner

My Mom cooked for us again! Did hell freeze over? JAY KAY, Mom. Chicken and D's (you've never had any until you've tried my Mom's. Hers is the simplest most basic recipe of all time, but by FAR the best best best) + a mug of veggies and ranch


HEAVEN IN A CUP. Or, corn-syrup filled Blue Belle cookies & cream. I've been dreaming of c&c ice cream for over a month now. I had to. I just had to. It was everything I dreamed and more.


Valentine's Day! 

Friday is my day off (I work Saturdays), so my Dad and I had breakfast at a local fave. We decided to share a western omelet (swiss instead of cheddar--his call) made with egg whites only (my call) + the best breakfast potatoes on earth & half an eng muffin each. Perfection. Oh, and coffee. But you knew that. 

I guess I took a holiday hiatus, 'cause that's all she wrote (or, photographed) that day, folks.

For a late lunch while running errands, my mom and I popped in TGI Fridays. Neither of us had been in YEARS. It was better than I expected! I had the balsamic chicken ceasar salad off the healthy menu. It was a little boring, but I liked it. The balsamic chicken was excellent. We also kept saying "if you order a cocktail, I will." "No, if YOU order one, I will." And so on and so forth. In the end, she had a margarita and I had a kentucky lemonade (makers mark, lemon juice, and honey). It didn't taste strong enough, but the effects kicked in slightly. Whoops. I liked it and would probably order it again, but I'm more of a scotch/bourbon-on-the-rocks type these days. 

The love of my life is of the canine variety (and I wouldn't have it any other way!), so no big date night for this girl, but I invited my cousin's 4 year old over for singing & dancing and we ate homemade tacos and cupcakes. Can't complain!


We started a new round of social skill groups at my office and it was chaos! In some ways it went better than expected, but there are always kinks to work out,  people that show late, etc. I don't know if I even had time to eat breakfast? I may have had a Detour protein bar, but I don't really know? Or maybe I brought something like yogurt to eat there? ANYWAY.....

For lunch, I ordered in Jimmy John's for most of us. I had a tuna on wheat--no cheese add dijon. NEVER a bad choice, taste wise. But you see, the thing with me and Jimmy Johns is, if I eat half I'm still starvin' marvin, but if I eat the whole thing I feel like ass. I guess in the future I should eat 1 and a half? But that would have been too easy, so instead commence feeling like ass. My bad.

My parents had their big fancy V-Day date on Saturday (when my Dad tried to make reservations 2-3 weeks early, they only had 4:30 pm or 10:00 pm slots left on the actual day. CRAY!), so my brother and I decided to venture out on our own, er, adventure, and went to a local fave sushi spot. I had read online they changed owners in December and recent yelp reviews were NOT in their favor (it used to be the highest rated spot in my city). I had gone once, not knowing of the change, in January with a friend and ended up disappointed. To be fair, I ALWAYS order the same thing and that time I deviated, so there's that. I kept trying to talk my brother out of going (I was lazy! I even offered to make homemade naan tikka masala pizzas! Usually a surefire choice), but he insisted it would still be good. We had to wait (despite our reservation), they sat us at the sushi bar (we prefer tables), and it was crowwwwwwded, but it was still DELISH. Phew.

My brother likes sushi, but LOVES teriyaki steak, so he usually gets that and gifts me the soup & salad.  I didn't finish the salad, the leaves were too big and I kept feeling self-concious, but it was fresh and tasty. 

MY FAVORITE. The red mountain roll, which is a cali roll wrapped in sashimi-style salmon and topped with a mound of spicy tuna and spicy mayo sauce. In-cred-ible. It's HUGE, though. Again, I feel soooo self-conscious eating it. It barely fits in your mouth in one bite (TWSS? Do people still say that?), so I usually eat the top first and then try to eat the rest, but it tastes freaking delightful. I also LOVE LOVE that red garnish in the center. I don't even know what it is, but I could eat a plateful. 

My brother came back to my house for a few hours after we ate, so I'm sure we ate some kind of dessert? I'm thinking more "rice krispy" treats? But no pic, so I guess it didn't happen! Suuure.


Oh dear. This is all I got. I probably shouldn't show off my douche-ness, but I need at least one photo a day! 

Really, Amanda? Really? I'm sure this is not the last time you'll see that pose either. 


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