Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Super Hungry Monday

Whoops. I took pictures as promised, but never posted them. You expected nothing less, right? I will forever be hanging my head in shame as long as this blog exists.

Instead of posting a week and a half's meals at once, I think I'll just start fresh with Monday (yesterday).

leftovers compliments of Mimi's Cafe: egg over medium, 2 turkey sausage links, potatoes with organic ketchup, honey bran muffin & cold brew coffee with almond milk + vanilla stevia

cranberry ginger Kombucha. Tasted exactly like a glass of plain cranberry juice.

peppers stuffed with grass fed beef doused in hot sauce, whole wheat cous cous, spinach, and black beans topped with a sliver of monterrey jack

I had a seafood dish the other day (clams, snapper, scallops, shrimp, and calamari cooked in a spicy tomato sauce) that came with a side of olive oil pasta and spinach. I wasn't in a carb mood at the time, so I took it to go, covered it with the leftover seafood sauce (sans seafood) and shared half with my dad. I forgot it was once full of seafood and wondered why the hell my spaghetti tasted like fish. DUH.

P.S. my dad didn't know the word "sans" was a word. I guess they'll give a ph.d. to anyone. ;)

I was hungry ALL day yesterday, it got a little ridiculous. I ingested this after 5 pm. Caffeine seems to have little affect on me (sometimes even the opposite. I drank a cup as dessert at a restaurant the other night at a 9 pm dinner and went to bed almost immediately when I got home). I finally tried the cherry almond luna protein bar last week. No good. Chocolate mint is the only decent one of the protein luna bunch, I'm afraid. 

My first time EVER having (organic chicken) sausage, onions, & peppers. I also added some garlic and mushrooms and cooked it in red wine. I was going to have it with a glass of wine, but decided on a Blue Moon agave nectar ale. About 1/4 of the way through I decided I didn't want beer after all, but didn't want to be wasteful. I made it through 3/4 before pouring it out. I was torn between wasting beer and wasting calories. I knew I still wanted some chocolate (aka sugar) and that beer = sugar, so I sort of compromised

This ended up being a hassle to get to! I'm having a random ant problem in my kitchen *shudder* and despite placing 8 baits around and drenching the kitchen in organic (pet safe!) spray, I opened up a drawer and found myself surrounded!! I salvaged what I could. NOM. Love this stuff!

AGAIN the snack monster hit, so I finished off my mom's leftover pad thai she didn't want + part of the edamame

I don't think I really like edamame anymore for some reason. I used to love it. Hmmmmm.


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  1. If you are having problems with ants, try spreading dish soap all over the place. They made their way into my apartment and despite spraying way too much bug spray, they did not go away. I then used a combo of dish soap and baby powder to keep them at bay and a month later it works like a charm. Apparently dish soap confuses their scent.