Thursday, July 25, 2013

I am Pippi Longstocking If You Say It Fast It's Funny

I woke up still felt a little throat discomfort and heard a co-worker complaining of allergies and an itchy throat, so my "corn allergy" may be partially food related, partially environmental. Still trying to figure it out.

quick, easy breakfast--had to rush! rainier cherries, peppered turkey bacon I accidentally shredded up when I took it out of the package, 1 egg, piece of honey bran muffin, iced coffee with almond milk & vanilla stevia

also quickly assembled lunch: chicken sausage, onion, spinach, mushroom, red pepper, & green pepper in a tomato sauce with a small greek salad and a plum

I heard on a Shaun T segment on Dr. Oz that plums reduce inflammation, so I bought out the store, but most are still hard. We'll see. In an ideal world, food=medicine.

Snack time! I ate half of this and was full.....and then finished it off as I was leaving the office

My Mom and brother got Chinese food for dinner. Even though I wasn't eating with them, I had been craving Chinese that afternoon, so I couldn't refuse ordering my own dish! I also had a random yen for tofu, so I tried out the tofu & veggies in a white wine sauce. I was SO mad though, I forgot to say brown rice or no rice-extra veg. I hate white rice ugh. Not even a health thing, I just find the taste so bland and boring and the texture unappealing. No bueno. I ate a little bit of it, but not happily! :-P I also ordered a shrimp summer roll. Mmm, peanut sauce.

I ate too much chinese (I went back for a little more than what's pictured above), but couldn't shake the craving for an ice cream sandwich! What was with all the cravings today? Anyway, my brother came over to watch tv (Pippi Longstocking ftw! We're on a childhood nostalgia kick right now) and when he grabbed one out of the freezer, I couldn't deny it any longer! Full or not, that ice cream was mine! I showed my brother the pic after (I hadn't intentionally meant to include him, but thought it was cool once I saw both our ice creams pictured LOL). He was like, "UGH I hate when people take pictures of me when I don't know it." But if you do ask him for a pic, he says no! I told him it was in the background and blurry and he agreed, so he said I could use it LOL. Brothers!


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