Saturday, July 13, 2013

EVOO, Feta, and Kalamata Olives

Hey peeps. Remember me? The girl who often deserts you but always come back eventually?

Yeah, that girl. Hi.

I still don't feel I can handle blogging regularly in terms of telling you what happened all day. Let's be real anyway: nothing happens. I workout, I work, I work more, I watch tv, sometimes I read a little, I sleep. There. Done.

I also eat. And like to take pictures of it. So I figure I can spend a few minutes sharing that shizz.

I saw the movie Before Midnight last week and it took place in Greece. I've been on kind of a Mediterranean food inspired kick ever since. Here are the last few days.

0% Greek yogurt with honey roasted pb, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and granola with cold brew coffee and almond milk

Half of a large turkey/roast beef sandwich on sourdough with romaine, tomato, white american cheese, and light mayo

Guys, I think I'm over sourdough for the time being. It's usually my fave bread. Tragic!!!

Rest of the sandwich with rainier cherries (fave!) and coffee with hazelnut coconut milk creamer

Sometimes I don't have time (/make time?) to eat lunch at work until 3 pm, but you can be assured I make up for it and eat 10,000 times a day by the end of the day!

diced organic chicken breast mixed with leftover spinach artichoke dip, leftover potato salad, and steamed broccoli with spices and evoo + a glass of Macaron pinot noir (I don't recommend that wine, but it was massively on sale and the label is super cute--so, there's that)

 english toffee ice cream bar I pilfered from my parents house. I debated back and forth between eating this, but clearly I went for it. It wasn't worth it. Not too tasty. Lame!

I think I also ate a bunch of frozen watermelon that night, as I have been most nights recently, but didn't get to take a pic because my dog was face-deep in the tupperware. She's 10 and this is the first year I've noticed she's OBSESSED with watermelon. She's a pretty polite beggar (sits pretty by your feet but doesn't jump up on you or whine), but when watermelon, strawberries, or apple slices come out, she loses. her. shit.

leftover mixed berry crepes from Mimi's Cafe (not good...disappointing!), leftover turkey sausage, egg with cholula (new fave), coffee

organic chicken, leftover steamed broccoli, the last of the cherries I took to the office

 I had tried other luna protein bars and didn't like them, but something told me to give this a shot even though I don't always like chocolate and mint. Good thing-- I liked this variation a lot!

I'm on a glass of wine with dinner kick right now. I picked this up to take over to my family's house to watch tv with my mama. It was pretty good! Usually cheap pinot noir's and acidic, but this hit the spot. Apparently I took all the wine glasses to my house, so my mom and I had to drink wine out of water glasses. Oops.

The meal to accompany afformentioned vino. Macadamia crusted flounder, kalamata olives from Greece, goat milk feta crumbles, butter beans drizzled with spanish extra virgin olive oil, pink salt, and garlic powder 

  chocolate in bed! last 2 squares of a dark chocolate Cadbury bar I found in my nightstand

repeat! except, full fat this time and no strawberries

turkey, white american, and organic romaine on sourdough with light mayo + hot and sweet mustard

 quinoa salad with salmon kabobs! I ate this whole thing in one sitting and was sickly full all night, whoops.

I'm sure this didn't help with the fullness

I don't really understand how they allowed this monstrosity of eggs, turkey bacon, and chicken sausage out of the kitchen. It all looked burnt and the "over medium" eggs were basically cooked through. I should have sent the whole thing back, but instead I covered it in love aka cholula and all was right with the world again.

I took this from my Dad's stash as a mid-afternoon snack. I hate that it has splenda in it, but it tastes pretty good for a whey-based bar. A little protein powdery, but almost like candy 

 My mom left this amazing hummus at my house with homemade pita chips. Finders keepers. I gave her the leftovers at least!

For dinner, I went out with my cousin and Kendyll. I'm not Chili's biggest fan, but I saw they were featuring watermelon margaritas and I was totes there.

Looks pretty. high fructose corn syrup. I wasn't impressed. I should know better by now than not to pass on any marg with sweet and sour in the ingredient list. "House made" or not.

You'd think I'd learn, but nope. I made the mistake again with patron. I'm not sure if she gave me the wrong patron-based drink or if I ordered wrong, or, most likely, just expected more from my favorite tequila buddy, but again...not my cup of....lime?

excuse the straw wrappers

Those were probably a 1500+ calorie mistake. Alas, I used "girl math" as Rachael Ray calls it and attempted to lessen the guilt with a "light" chicken salad entree.

It was alright *shrug*....nothing special

But I cannot tell a lie: I also feasted up more than pictured, thanks to a coupon. I can't say no to free! It's unpictured, but we also had guacamole and salsa with chips. Lots of chips. They were thin and broke apart in the guac, forcing you to eat 10,000 just to get your avocado fix.

After loading my body up on sodium and sugar all day, I went home and jumped on my mini trampoline a little bit while I watched Big Brother Afterdark. Cause sporadic jumping TOTALLY negates poor dietary choices. Right?

Um, there's always tomorrow. 

Hey, I did have the opportunity for frozen yogurt and turned that down. That counts. Sorta.

*thinks thoughts of Greece* Let's get back to the good stuff from now on, shall we?



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