Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Day 29:

Drank MRM Driven. Got in a killer workout. 32 min elliptical, 7 or 8 min treadmill, light stretching. Nothing unusual there time-wise, but I was pretty drenched. Hopefully that's a good sign.

Breakfast was a shake, but I ran out of sunwarrior vanilla about half a scoop in, so I topped the mix off with a new (cheap-o, except not really, just in comparison to sunwarrior/vega) plant based protein powder. I think it may have had a funny aftertaste, but I could have imagined it. It also has a light green tinge, which was a little unsettling, but hey it is made from plants, including peas. We'll let the true test be the protein almond bark. But really, serving for serving, I think it might compare $ wise to sunwarrior anyway, as SW has 45 servings/bag and this only has 15. This one, I think, was 1/3 of the price--but 1/3 of the size! Hmm, might just go back to good ole SW after all. Never thought I'd say that. Our chalky-tasting days are behind us!

I decided to split my lunch up. It's a gluten reintroduction day (!!!!), so I brought the biggest pieces of sourdough in the bag. Usually I would split them in half, but oh no, I want it all. To start, I had half of a turkey and roast beef on toasted bread with avocado, organic mixed greens, and spicy mustard. I would have preferred just to nom nom the shit out of some avocado toast, so I may do that next round and just eat everything else on the side.

I did get a sore tongue after this. Oh dear. It could be the yeast, though. Not that it makes it much better. I don't want to have to live without my beloved sourdough, c'mon.

This is getting a little ridiculous. I still have persistent brain fog, stomachaches, body pains, extreme fatigue (perhaps worse than before), and so on. I think this whole experiment is a bit of a flop on me. I'll keep going, as I've come this far, but I don't think I've found any helpful answers. SIGH. Still in pain and still can't have wine--what a crock :-P.

I also got a headache, but it was raining like crazy, so it could be weather-related.

Avocado toast F.T.W. The only thing that could make it better is a little pink sea salt and black pepper, but man-oh-man was this missed. Wait, I lied. A runny egg would put it OVER THE TOP. But alas.

I'll still eat the leftover roast beef & turkey for extra protein (rolled up with spicy mustard), but the toast & avo sans meat were A-M-A-Z-E.

For dinner I made swai fish with a brown rice flour (and various seasonings) crust & steamed broccoli topped with daiya pepperjack "cheese" and the last half of a toasted up brown rice tortilla with tomato basil hummus. The portion was larger than necessary, but I didn't feel overly stuffed.

I had a Zevia "Dr Pepper" to drink. Realized half way through it contained caffeine. Not cool!

I did make the beloved protein chocolate, but with the new (plant) protein powder. Yuck. I ate a few pieces with almonds, but left 99% of it for my Dad to enjoy later. It didn't taste like bad protein powder, it just wasn't appealing to me like before. It tasted a little artificial, even though it wasn't. 

Day 30:

Chugged MRM Driven before the gym. 27 min elliptical, mostly hovering at 5 mph and up. Light stretching.

I made a shake with the new powder. Meh. I can use it up, but it definitely has an off taste. Why must the good stuff be so pricey?? (But sadly, it seems worth it...). 

I also had coffeecoffeecoffee when I got the office. It had been awhile.

Outfit of The Day:

Loves it. The heels were a little inappropriately high for the office, but it was those or flats. 

For a light lunch I had salad with leftover grilled chicken and green peppers. I forgot the avocado again, ahh!

I could be wrong, but I feel like I had less brain fog today. Don't get me wrong, I still had more than plenty, but I felt slightly more clear-headed. Maybe. I've never mentioned this, I think it may go along with the fogginess, but my eyesight feels off too. I've recently had my eyes checked and they're healthy, but I may need to demand a little more attention be paid next eye exam.

For dinner I made....pizza! Like, with real dough and everything. Imagine that. I used the Trader Joe herby pizza dough, TJ marinara sauce, daiya faux mozzerella, and cut up garlic chicken sausages. I also had green beans on the side.

I did take one bite of an english muffin while putting the pizza together. I decided to look at the ingredients AFTER I was already chewing on it. Whoops, it contained soy and whey in addition to the obvious gluten. I spit it out after, but who knows if I was contaminated otherwise. Whoops. At least it was just a bite. :-x

I was super excited about the green beans, usually I love those kind, but they were nasty. I tried to doctor them up with spices, but I still had to choke them down. Also, the pizza was just okay. Bummer! I didn't have that much, maybe the equivalent to 2.5 slices, but I felt SUPER full after. Not sickly full, but just really weighed down and stuffed. My tongue also hurt a little. No headaches this time.

Day 31:

I only had half a scoop of the MRM Driven and it showed. I still got a pretty good workout in, but I noticed I didn't push myself. It could also be that it's nearing the end of the week or a combination of the two. I got in 41 min on the elliptical with a quick stretch after.

For breaky I had leftovers from a shake I made yesterday.

For lunch I had a sandwich (1 large slice of sourdough ripped in two) with 2 slices of turkey, 1 slice of roast beef, a little pepperjack daiya, organic spring mix greens, and about half an avocado. I also had a tiny extra piece of bread on the side with avocado. My heart belongs to avocado.

I kind of had to laugh today: I saw someone on JJ Virgin's facebook ask if they could eat daiya and she spouted off about how you really should just eat unprocessed foods and blah blah blah. As much as an advocate I am of clean eating--seriously?? As a main source of food, no, you probably shouldn't load up on tapioca-based cheese-like substance, but when you've given up this much, is a dab of realtively healthy processed condiment going to kill you? No. In an ideal world we would only eat fresh, organic, living food, but in our chemical-based frankenfood culture, we really need to pick our battles sometimes.

Now that I'm stepping off the soapbox we can get to the real matter at hand...

I think we can call it official: my body doesn't love gluten. Dammit! I've done gluten free in the past and felt no different at that time, but I'm definitely reacting every time now. This time I got a light headache, my tongue hurt, and my hands were swollen. I read JJ Virgin's hands swell every time she eats gluten and kind of rolled my eyes, thinking big deal, but in reality I have come to find out it is quite uncomfortable and annoying. My hands felt a little hot and I had to take my ring off even though it still fit.

I'm thinking I'll still try to keep gluten out of my house and office, but if I go out to a restaurant and want something it probably won't be too disastrous once in awhile. *shrug* We'll see. Probably healthier anyway (if I don't keep substituting with alternatives, especially. I don't really *need* 200 calorie, super dense, gluten free bread on the regular, y'know?).

For a late afternoon snack I had strawberries and 2 gf mini mini muffins with coconut spread and tea with coconut milk. I must admit, the muffins are kinda growing on me. I just might change my mind and buy that mix again. Especially if it means I can use them as a vehicle for lots of coconut spread ;).

For dinner I was boring and quickly threw together some brown rice pasta with meat sauce (forget if it was ground turkey or grass fed beef) and salad with avocado.

Day 32:

I was able to take another Friday off since I have to work Saturday again. I'm kinda liking that! Too bad this is the last week (for awhile).

What a sight to wake up to! Be still, my heart.

When the dogs told me it was time for breakast, I had turkey bacon (duh), pumpkin buckwheat hot cereal, and an almond milk pumpkin chai tea latte topped with cinnamon. Good stuff.

For lunch/dinner (Linner?) my mom and I went out again. She suggested Seasons 52, a favorite of mine we rarely go to, but I wasn' sure if it would be safe (BOO), so Mi Cocina it was instead. We ALWAYS end up at Mi Cocina lol.

wet hair don't care!

I had chili-lime grilled chicken over roasted veggies with guac and a surprisingly tasty rice side dish. It basically tasted like fajitas without the tortillas, which is what I almost ordered instead.

No tasty booze this trip :(

Then, we went birthday shopping for my dad and spent way more than we meant to, but got him a great gift, I'd say! To justify, we're calling it a combined Valentine/B-day gift. That kinda happens a lot, poor Dad. He doesn't care for gifts anyway-- Crazy man! Actually, that gift is just from my Mom, I already got him another nice gift and my brother plans to soon, so he'll still make out quiiiite nicely. He deserves it. He works REALLY hard and he's going to be 70 (!!!). We wanted to throw him another bowling party (we threw a surprise bowling bash when he turned 65), but he decided against it. So modest.

When we got home look how I found my little boy:

Mohawk Man. Rockstar! He's such a hunk.

I wasn't hungry again since we ate around 4:30, so I let my Dad fend for himself and just come over for dessert. I made us protein chocolate covered strawberries. This time he remembered he hates strawberries. I fooled him last time, but guess that was a fluke. Oh well.

Then, I remembered I still needed my last dose of gluten, so I made dessert part two: protein chocolate covered matzoh (topped with a bit of nut butter). It wasn't as great as I imagined it, but still good. I didn't notice any symptoms this time. Weird.

Day 33:

Breakfast shake. Drank slowly, as I always do when I bring them to work for whatever reason. I also made some coffee. It was an early start! At work at 8:45.

Had leftover Mi Cocina for lunch, but it was mostly just veggies with 1 small piece of chicken served on a bed of mixed greens with evoo and balsamic.

For a snack I had an apple, then maybe an hour later I ate a single-serving packet of raw walnut butter as soon as I paid for it in the store. Hangry!! It wasn't very good, glad I didn't spend $738834007 on a full sized jar. And as usual, walnuts caused my upper palette to feel all scraped up even though they never show up on allergy tests as a problem. Weird! I think I use weird more than any other word. But it's always applicable, haha.

For dinner I made grass fed burgers (I'm REALLY losing my meal creativity lately! Burgers and spaghetti every day, it is, but I'm not really complaining). That being said, I felt like another salad more than a bun, so I had a burger salad with organic mixed greens, diced red pepper a couple kalamata olives, avocado, evoo, balsamic, and of course the diced burger patty which I topped with mustard. I gotta make this more often, it was muy bueno. On the side I had some mashed cauliflower made with pepperjack daiya, but I only made it through half at most. To drink I opened up a cream soda Zevia, but only took a couple sips.

For dessert I diced up the rest of a Hail Merry lemon tart (about 2 bites worth per person) + gave us each a raw macaroon. Small portion, but felt like a satisfying dessert.

Day 34:

She's hilarious. She makes every day better. 

My Mom kept calling me a short order cook, as my whole family came over for brunch and each (mostly) requested a different meal. For my Dad and I (and my brother, for part of his schmorgasboard--even tho he ate a previous breakfast at McDonalds haha), I made fruit-topped "protein pumpkin pancakes"--only, I forgot to add the protein. WHOOPS. At least we had turkey bacon on the side. I also made us lattes that were AWESOME. I frothed some cinnamon in with the foam and it worked out so well. I shouldn't have had coffee two days in a row, but luckily I was fine. Hmmmm....maybe it's 3 days that does me in lol.

I skipped lunch, not really on purpose, but since brunch was late and the superbowl food was going to be dinner and I had a scheduled workout in between, it just kinda worked out that way.

I added some MRM watermelon BCAA powder to my water for this workout to switch things up a bit. I went 54 min on the elliptical and did light stretching. Good burn for pre-superbowl eats! Although, of course I healthified the menu too!

We had nachos made with brown rice tortillas, daiya (pepperjack and mozzerella), ground turkey made with taco seasoning, black bean hummus, whole black beans, and guac (jalapenos and hot sauce on the side). These were a HUGE hit. I also baked some hot wings and we had guac + lemon hummus with diced veggies.

For dessert I whipped up some almond/sunbutter cookies. Oh-Em-Gee, these were to die for. Some of the best cookies I've EVER made imo, and I just invented them on the spot. I pretty much just mixed almond butter, sunflower seed butter, a pinch of almond flour, a pinch of coconut flour, cinnamon, stevia, vanilla extract, and a pinch of baking soda. Maybe a pinch of flax too, I forget. But man OH MAN. Loved.

Day 35:

PUMPED we get to add eggs back tomorrow!! Scared for how they'll react (if at all--*fingers crossed*), but excited to eat me some runny egg lovin'!

Today, I had pudding for breakfast. Yep. Chocolate chia seed pudding with vanilla plant protein powder topped with strawberries. It was  pretty good. I thought it could go either way. Even using the yuck powder (I placed an order for 2 sunwarriors and another cheapy vanilla brown rice powder to test out--hurry plz) I didn't detect any after taste.

At the office I was starving pretty quickly (ridic), but I just made some tea instead. I used a harney & sons holiday tea bag I picked up on sale at Target. Uh good name, H&S. It tasted just like Christmas in a cup! I used coconut milk with it, but it didn't affect the flavor at all. I thought it may taste like combined Christmas and tropics LOL.

For lunch I made us turkey sandwiches. Sort of.  I brought each ingredient separately to create sandwiches at lunch time and didn't realize we had almost no turkey left in the package, oops. Good thing I had brought a second source of protein: black bean hummus! So we had turkey (1.5 super thin slices), black bean dip, and organic romaine on gluten free brown rice bread. Good stuff. I also had half of a strawberry Kombucha.

I make no sense. Most things that are expired FREAK ME OUT, even if they seem fine (dairy especially...yuck!), but with the Kombucha, even though it expired a little over a month ago, I was like whatever it's made from bacteria anyway :-x. Hope I'm right that it's ok!!

For dinner I stole an idea from last week's Biggest Loser and essentially made a sweet potato taco. I stuffed small-ish sized sweet potatoes with taco-seasoned ground turkey, black beans, red pepper, salsa, and guac. Loved it! A nice compact meal that was the perfect serving and hit all necessary food groups.

I also made the almond cookies again that I had made up the night before. Still DELICIOUS. This time I tried to make a chocolate protein frosting, but it was a fail whale. I mean it tasted fine, but it wasn't thick or frosting-ly enough lol. Just kind of like flavored buttery-oil melted on top of a cookie. I'll perfect it tomorrow, hopefully. Note to self: less oil more protein and cocoa!


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