Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Better

I still need to control my snacking, but things are going better. Phew.


I didn't have time to go to the gym AGAIN *cringe*, buuuut I did do about 20 minutes of a Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD. Yeah, you read that right. Richard Simmons FTW. Haha. I'll have to scour my parents house for my workout dvds. I have at least a dozen cardio and/or strength based dvds, but I only have yoga ones at my house for whatever reason.

Nothing ever sounds good for breakfast anymore, so I went for the new standby: turkey bacon/avocado/lettuce on brown rice toast & coffee.

For lunch we used up a b-day coupon of my dad's at Sonny Bryan's, a local bbq restaurant. I don't think it was really 1/2 a lb of meat, but I ordered the smallest platter they offered, which they called the 1/2 lb. You can pick 1-3 meats, I picked turkey and pulled pork. For my 2 sides I went with double green beans. You do see a roll, your eyes do not deceive, but I didn't eat it. Ok, I had like less than a bite to see if it was good, but it was just so-so at best. For the most part, the only restaurant bread worth breaking into is cheesecake factory brown bread & texas roadhouse rolls slathered in cinnamon butter. Ohh yeah. Otherwise? Meh.

When I went to pick up Bella at my parents house I ate a few (and then a few more) handfuls of mom's dill & sour cream lentil chips. Healthy as far as chips go, but still chips.

For dinner I made some baked chicken with a TJ's veggie mix of eggplant/zucchini.

I made our social skills group some cookies for their pizza party tomorrow. I made half regular and half gluten free. I sampled both. I may have had the equivalent of 1 cookie total?


Gym!! 33 min elliptical, quick stretch.

Again, nothing sounded good to eat, but I was STARVING. I was super hungry even before I left for the gym--shoulda had a snack. I quickly made the standby, but open faced. It wasn't as tasty as usual. I also shared an apple on the side with my pup.

For lunch I had leftover meatloaf with some green beans. I felt sickish after. I don't get my body!

For dinner I made a gluten free pizza. One of the guys in the group requested gf (the rest of the group just got pizza hut lol), so I told him I'd make him one & went ahead and made myself one too. Mine had spinach, artichoke, and chicken plus a little herby goat cheese (along with fresh mozza). I think I tore up 1 or 2 slices of pepperoni on the bottom too just to help get rid of it. No one in my fam eats pepperoni and I still have an almost full pack. Ugh, nitrites. To drink I had iced tea with stevia.

I also ate more gluten free cookies that were leftover. I kept picking and picking at them. Gahh!


20 min elliptical, 15 min treadmill, 5 min "killer machine" (I don't know the real name, it's basically a cross between a stairmill and a stair stepper that's on an incline and it is the devil! I was huffing and puffing and couldn't feel my legs. I was proud though, my previous record on it I believe was 3 min lol)

I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear I was really hungry, but nothing sounded good. This time, however, that included the "BLT." Instead, I had buckwheat/hemp supergrain cereal with berries & vanilla (unsweetened) almond milk + a small piece of leftover chicken from the other night.

I promise there is more cereal in there somewhere

For lunch I brought the Trader "Jose's" frozen chicken mole meal I've had in my freezer for awhile. I usually love mole, and at first bite of this I was sold, but I quickly changed my mind. Once again, the serving size was smoking crack. This meal claimed to be 3 servings. More like 1.5, 2 maybe. I decided I really didn't like it (too spicy in a weird way) and noticed it was LOADED with sugar, so I went ahead and picked out ALL of the chicken pieces and left all of the rice and a good majority of the sauce behind.

Straight(er) Hair! A rarity these days. Laaazy.
Work bathroom lights are ever so flattering, don't you agree?!

For dinner, I met up with my mom, cousin, and Kendyll at Chili's. I had the new chili-lime tilapia with mango salsa. I asked for double broccoli instead of broccoli and rice. It was really good, but I ate it all was still pretty hungry after (very rare for me--usually I box up at least half of a restaurant meal and still leave stuffed).

balloon animal Hello Kitty!

I told her to pose & got this. Work it, model girl!

Because of still being hungry, I ended up eating A WHOLE BAG of the new Katy's Kettle Korn Pop Chips on the way home. Why I didn't stop at even half the bag I don't know. Ridiculous!!! They're not even that good, btw, and a shitload of corn. MY BAD.

I also stopped off for an almond milk cafe au lait at Coffee N Cream. I need to keep reminding myself I hate this place too. I get sucked in EVERY TIME I'm in the area because 1.) they have almond milk (!!!!!!!) and 2.) they're not Starbucks. But guess what? They're MORE $$$ than Starbucks for SEVERELY smaller portions and they don't taste good! I need to quit convincing myself otherwise.

This was considered a large! $3.25 (I think? At least that) for coffee and a little steamed milk that's barely the size of my hand! And bland to boot. I was worried I forgot to say decaf and it was already late, but it didn't really matter with this peon size :-P.


Made pumpkin protein waffles with apple protein sauce for breakfast (with a vanilla chai almond milk latte)

I got hungry a couple hours later, so went ahead and cooked up the garlic-lemon chicken I had been marinading. I kept going back for bites, until I ate almost a whole piece. That turned out to be my whole lunch, because...

Tasted much better than it looks LOL

I also took Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements (I took 2--what you should take in a day, but you're only supposed to take 1/time) + I took an Omega gel supplement I was given from Klutch Klub (one of the reviews I owe you). One (or both?) of the supplements made me soooo nauseated! I felt horrible all afternoon. Blahh.

The taste was okay. I was a little worried! I could handle it, but the aftertaste was a little oily? 

For dinner my dad, brother, and I went to Grimaldi's to use up my dad's free pizza b-day coupon.  Luckily, the nausea was passing as we were on the way, and I started feeling hungry just in time. The wait was 50 minutes and they wouldn't take reservations. Ryan and I decided to just walk around (it's located in an outdoor mall). It was really cold out, but the waiting area is TINY, so we figured walking would be more comfortable. Despite the weather, my brother found it a good idea to stop for gelato (well, he ordered sorbet). I had a sample of the lychee sorbet, which was AWESOME (I love all things lychee), but begrudgingly convinced myself it was too high in sugar to partake in any more. I wouldn't have turned down a few more samples though ;).

I agreed to take 2 slices of pizza and give them each 3 if we could also order a salad. I knew that's how it would likely work out anyway, but I wanted to make sure it was agreed upon beforehand! While I prefer a more veggie based pizza, I agreed to eat anything my Dad would order (except pepperoni, but he wouldn't have picked that regardless). We all agreed on meatball and it was excellent as always. LOVE that place. We went with the small house salad. I was disappointed they only gave us TWO green olives in a rather large portion of salad, but what can ya do? It was also a bit too oniony for me, but I still ate my half and maybe then some.

I came home and ate a few bites of dark chocolate and called it a day.


I woke up early to hit the gym. For some fuel, I dipped into the granola bags & probably ate about 1/4 a cup worth. I thought we were only going for 30-40 min, but it turned out to be closer to an hour. I would have pushed a bit harder, but woulda coulda shoulda. I did 33 min elliptical and 17 min treadmill, but I just walked on the treadmill (didn't bring my iPod and hate running with bulky iPhone!). I also stretched.

My house was soooooooooooooooooo cold, yet silly me was craving cold oats. Not my smartest of cravings, but I still went for it. I made plain, old-fashioned oats (1/3 cup) in water. When they were ready I mixed them up with a couple drops of lemon stevia and put them in the fridge for a bit. Once cold, I then topped the oats with half a serving of lemon Liberte Greek yogurt. It was even better than I expected. I was shivering, but smiling!

To combat the chill, I loaded up my mug with foamy coffee.

I was still ice-cold, so while my dogs huddled up under blankets, I took an hour, maybe 2 hour hot bath. When I got out I was hungrrrry again. I thought about a chicken salad, but spied some brown rice tortillas in the fridge and turned it into a wrap of leftover garlic-lemon chicken, romaine leaves, herby goat cheese, and dijon mustard. It was fantastic!! I had iced tea (green/oolong blend with lemon stevia) on the side. De-lish!

After about half an hour of watching tv post-lunch, I looked down and realized I was wearing 2 different shoes! Both uggs, yes, but different colors and lengths! Good thing I didn't leave the house haha. Altho I prob wouldn't have left the house in pj pants either, but y'know. DOY!

My dad stopped by to check my filter to see if that would help lower my heating costs (we couldn't find the location of the upstairs one before, oops longgg overdue--or so we thought), but we quickly realized the filter was fine--immaculate, in fact. I hope my furnace isn't in bad shape-yikes. I finally said screw it and turned on the heat. I had family coming over for dinner + felt like an asshole letting my dogs shiver in their freshly shaved coats. Let's be honest, I did it for the dogs. They're my kids! The house did get more comfortable, but it was still registering closer to 60 degrees when I had it turned to 70. Ugh. Good thing it's almost Spring!

We were supposed to have my Dad's big birthday celebration out, but my mom wasn't feeling well, so we just did Chinese takeout and watched Big Bang re-runs instead. Nice quiet night in. I went for the moo goo gai pan with brown rice (my standard) and doused it in sriracha!

I ate most of the meal, but threw away 1 scoop of rice. 

For dessert I had a couple squares of dark chocolates and half a kit kat.

I also had trail mix over the course of the day and some chipotle bbq black  bean chips.

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