Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Virgin Diet

Just a quick post at work before I really get to it tonight.

For starters, my resolution this year is to blog at least 3 times a week (but I'll be happy with once, minimum). Last year I wanted to run a 5k. Unfortunately, currently I can't even run more than 45 seconds or so without getting winded. Sad but true. I still have pretty decent endurance in terms of the elliptical and things like that, but running is a whole other issue for me. I lose running power LIKETHAT. But this year, I really want to stick to my resolution! To blog, not to run. But running again more consistently would be good too :).

I also have 3 or 4 product reviews I am SO behind on.

& so many pictures in my phone--which I'm not sure if I should delete or do a photo dump.

I miss blogging so much! I really want to figure out a 3-post-a-week schedule that works for me that is sustainable. Just need to work out the days and times and get to it! I'm finally settled into my house (I can't believe I haven't even done a house post. Or holidays. Or anything)....

I want to post not only food/fitness stuff, but fashion, makeup, home decor, whatever. Food Fashion Fitness Fun ;).

BUT, for the next 42-ish days I have a more specific DAILY update (even if I have to put together a couple days in one post lol).

My Dad wanted to do the new JJ Virgin Diet and I agreed to try it with him. Basically, it's an allergy/food intolerance elimination "diet." Normally I don't believe in diets--except the overall diet you eat--but I'm tired of feeling like crap a good majority of the time. As you guys know, I struggle with a lot of body pain issues. And stomachaches too. This plan is supposed to help eliminate inflammation in the body and figure out if you have issues stemming from your body being intolerant to common food allergens (even if you don't have a true allergy). For 21 days I can't eat ANY soy, gluten, sugar, peanuts, corn, eggs, or dairy. Pretty crazy, huh? After the 21 days, you reintroduce some of the foods one at a time and see the reactions (or lackthereof). She suggests you continue to leave corn, sugar, and peanuts out of your diet 95% of the time going forth, but that's not too realistic. Peanutbutterwhat?Still, if I DO feel better I'll assess then. If not, oh well at least I'll be eating clean, healthy foods for a month and a half. No harm there.

Let's do this!


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