Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Week Down!

Day 6:

Today, Sunday, was a pretty chill day. I just stayed home, cleaned, watched tv, nothing special to report.

I had my breakfast shake with black coffee & water. The book says not to drink liquids with your meals as it hinders digestion--so drink A LOT of water the rest of the day, but not 30 minutes-1 hr before or after meals. I'm a little unclear where the shake lies in with that rule though, since the shake is liquid itself....I still drink my cofffee with it and a small water. *shrug*

Last (!!!) lunch shake. No pic.

Iced tea. I ran out of green tea, so I called my Dad and told him to bring me over a box of his haha cheap-o, but meanwhile I made iced oolong tea. Close enough. Of course, once again I oversteeped it. Strong taste, but more antioxidants I guess. That's what I'll keep telling myself.

For dinner I cleaned out the fridge a little: baked chicken, brown rice with coconut oil, steamed broccoli with coconut oil, and organic mixed greens with avocado, olive oil, & balsamic

I ate lunch really late--at 4:30 pm, so I couldn't have dinner 'til 9. Brutal! I wasn't terribly hungry, luckily, but I did get a headache around 8:30. Must eat at more normal hours! After next week, when eating lunch instead of just shakes, if I still feel blah and hungry all the time I think I'll have to nix her meal timing and go to a 4-6 small meal a day plan. I know an integral part of the Virgin diet relates to her 3 meal a day only philosophy, but if that isn't sustainable for me I shouldn't be uncomfortable for the duration of the plan only to quit it immediately after, you know?

, I skimmed through the book again and the diet (cycles 1 and 2) last 49 days not 42, oops. Good thing I checked! Well, I would have eventually, but still. 7 more days of torture. Just kidding, it's not that bad.

Day 7:

I weighed myself yesterday and I was down about 3 lbs, but today I was back up 2 of the 3. Rude. Must be fluctuating water weight. My Dad weighed in for the first time (he always does on Mondays) and lost 10 lbs!! 

I worked out and did 30 min elliptical plus light stretching

Had my shake and black coffee around 9. This time I added a few kale leaves to the shake. Didn't taste it. Phew. Sometimes I taste the spinach when I add it, but I think I add way too much. Just a little does the trick. 

My dad is following the "rules" and having his last shake lunch today, but I'm a rebel and am switching to food. It's Monday! New week! Maybe that's why he's losing more than me. JK. Kinda.

But first, it appears I had green tea at some point. I guess I can stop taking pics/keeping track of every beverage now. That seems silly. 

I made lunch just before 2 pm. Roast beef lunch meat in a brown rice tortilla with organic mixed greens and mustard with blackberries and pistachios. Ahhh a real lunch. Of course, our 2 pm patient walked in while I was stuffing my face. At least I just had to wave to them and not actually talk, so that was a plus. It always seems like when I take a BIG bite of something someone walks in. 


I wish brown rice tortillas wouldn't change texture so quickly when you heat them. But at least they taste good. 

Ok, I lied. Here's another beverage pic. I know Kombucha, especially fruit-flavored has sugar in it (fruit juice/puree), but I bought a few before the challenge and don't want to waste the money. They're expensive even on sale! Sooo I'm mixing 1/4 a bottle (1/2 a serving) with sparkling water to get the benefits without much sugar. Mmm Kombucha.

My aunt came over for dinner. I made grass-fed roast beef, but it was super tough. Rude! Next time I'll try the crock pot, but I thought that would make it too shreddy and I wanted thin slices. Better moist shreds than tough slivers--Lesson learned. I also made mashed butternut squash (soooo good), garlic olive oil green beans with almond slivers, salad with kalamata olives/avocado/evoo/balsamic, and roasted potatoes. I ate it all except the potatoes.

 Plus I ate more of all the veggies (and another bite or two of meat...). I was hungry!

I left work a tiny bit early to cook the meal, so after cleaning up the house (feels like all I ever do--ahhh part of being a homeowner!), so I've been in bed doing work I brought home. Can I just always work from bed? Haha.

I'll be back with Tuesday and today in a bit!


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