Sunday, January 6, 2013

Not As Ragey

Oops forgot to e-mail myself my post again. Maybe instead of writing them on emails I should just write straight to the blog and save it that way, huh? Duh.

Day 4:

I got 7 hours of sleep, finally something kinda decent, but still woke up really tired. Need to catch up, I suppose.

Yesterday I felt better having my whole morning shake at once, so I elected to try that out again. Only, no small apple before the gym this time, which was probably not the best idea. I was hungry, but alright.

Did 31 minutes on the elliptical, worked out at a moderately difficult pace, but could have pushed myself.

Breakfast shake was a mix of everything. My Dad forgot his shake ingredients at my house, so I just dumped mine and his together and split it in half..then he spilled some, so I added a little more. What is it with us and spilling these shakes? Even the shakes don't want us to drink them! It had the leftover coconut milk "hot chocolate" from last night, more plain coconut milk, sunwarrior vanilla and chocolate, homemade cinnamon almond butter, chia seeds, frozen strawberries, blackberries...I think that covers it. Also had a blueberry coffee with coconut milk & vanilla stevia. Trying to cut way back on stevia, but I guess it won't kill me and it sure makes some things more enjoyable. 

Tired at work. Having trouble concentrating. Not too unusual for me lol, but it's even harder to get things done!

Made a green tea with a little almond milk a little before 2 pm. I tried to drink it unsweetened, but it tasted weird to have it with milk but no sweet taste. I added 3 drops of vanilla stevia, but probably could have done even better with 2. I used to use maybe 4-6 drops. Improvement! It said to steep for 1-2 minutes. I probably left it in for 6 or 7, but it still tasted weak! Weird. Yesterday I left it in FOREVER and it was soo strong...not in a good way. I used to LOVE green tea, but now I think I MUCH prefer black. Darn.

  I'm still dreaming about dinner all the time, but the hunger discomfort isn't as dire during the day.

Made my lunch shake at 3. Have a tiny tiny bit of heartburn or something right before I ate. Weird. Maybe it's just gnawing hunger pangs lol. Shake consisted of chocolate sunwarrior, homemade cinnamon almond butter, frozen strawberries, blackberries, and frozen mixed berries. Another seedy "peanut" butter and jelly shake. Extra thick.
Not good, but also not a chore to eat. Er drink. Not much eating going on...

I did notice I wasn't as ragey about food today! I still wanted dinner, of course, but I didn't have an immediate need to rush to it. Still, I made dinner in about 15 minutes total. We had salmon cakes topped with avocado, another arugula salad with avocado, & brown rice with coconut oil. The salad and rice were fine, but I thought the salmon cakes were soooo fishy tasting. I think I just wasn't in the mood. Bummer since it was my ONE meal, but oh well. My dad liked it at least and it got rid of most of the salmon leftovers.

I went to bed at a reasonable time, although my dogs woke me up at 3 am! I thought a burglar may have been in my house, or possibly my Dad (I didn't know what time it was until after)--nope, no cat burglar's here--just dog trash machines! Yep, Bella knocked over my garbage and Buster decided to go join her. UGH! At least we were safe....but c'mon, really???

Day 5:

I didn't write anything this day as I went, so this is all from memory.

Breakfast was, of course, a (stupid) shake. From now on unless I really shake things up (ha, no pun intended), I'm not going to list out the interchangeable ingredients. Plus black coffee. I'm bringing back the black! I used to only drink coffee that way, I don't know when I switched over to a "cream" (usually almond milk) & stevia girl. I'll still doctor up my flavored coffees, because I find that brings out their flavors better, but regular coffee is black all the way now.

 Lunch shake was around 3:30 pm at the office. To cut costs my brother is going to clean the office on Saturdays now instead of a janitorial service, so I tagged along with the intention to get some quick work in. Instead, we quickly realized the cleaning service brought their own supplies and we were out. We didn't even have a vacuum bag. Oops.  He emptied out the trash (and discovered the giant recycling receptacle is gone! UGH there comes my rage...) and off we went to buy supplies. Hopefully the office will survive not being vacuumed or polished for a week! I think we can make it ;). 

 I opted out of a workout and instead went to see a movie-it had been awhile! I had a green tea while I waited to get going. I also had 2 fiber pills (a serving is 5 but that seemed ridiculous). I think you're supposed to take them before meals, but oh well. I don't know if fiber pills are at all necessary. You get pleeeeeenty of fiber in veggies, thankyouverymuch, but I had the pills and was STARVING, so I tried a couple out. Hey, it's probably not a good thing to overdo regularly I wouldn't imagine, but it worked. I wasn't that hungry for dinner. WEIRD. That's not to say I still didn't tear into my food like a beastly savage when it came time!!

Dinner was a little interesting. My Mom was dying to see Parental Guidance--kinda off for her, since she usually hates comedies, but she's branching out. Anyway, we decided to see it at the movie grill. I had been eyeing their new menu the other day and noticed a kale and avocado salad. I wasnt sure if the lemon tarragon dressing would follow the Virgin Diet rules, but the rest was a-okay (it also included lemon, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, and roasted garlic). I ordered it sans dressing and brought my own in a tupperware in my purse + some baked chicken tenderloin pieces. I felt so weird bringing my own food, but it was DELICIOUS! The dressing I made was just evoo, lemon juice, parsley, and a pinch of dill. No picture because it was in a dark theater. Duh.

The movie was pretty good! Really cute. Bette Midler sure got pretty skinny, huh? I mean she looks "normal," but good! Good for her. Can I say good one more time? 

Before bed I had about 3/4 a mug of decaf peppermint green tea. Yummy. 

One thing that has surprised me is how the lows I've experienced with this program are coming out in emotional ways--iritability and so on. Not that it's been that bad, but still. I don't consider myself an emotional eater AT ALL, so it's kinda interesting to see what hunger does--even though you're not supposed to be hungry following the plan, I sure am!!!! My Dad, who is more of an emotional eater, hasn't had hardly any trouble (or so he claims!). Sure he's a little tired of the shakes and would rather eat food--including pizza, which he's said about 10 times--but overall he hasn't been hungry or moody at all and we've eaten almost the exact same things. Hmm!! We'll see how the rest of the experience goes.


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  1. So proyd of you and dad! You so not seem irritable to me. Although i felt terrible when you smelled my homemade spagetti. Sorry! You are amazing. I hope ypu feel WONDERFUL after eliminating foods that inflamme ypu. Now if pnly i cpuld do the diet......hmmmmmmm
    Nope. Lol. Love mama