Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 3 Grump

I left my laptop at the office (on purpose), but I forgot to e-mail myself my post first! So here it is now...I really did have the intention to post last night at least ;).

Day 3:

Woke up around 7:30. Didn't want to split up the shake, so I just ate a super small apple around 8 and worked out (22 minute elliptical, 8 minute treadmill, 3 minute stair master, & stretching). Not the greatest workout...I didn't feel like pushing myself today for whatever reason (lazy...). 

not the exact apple I ate, but for size reference...

Made a full shake when I got home around 9/9:30....vanilla sunwarrior, homemade vanilla stevia and cinnamon almond butter, blackberries, frozen mixed berries, and I forget if I used almond or coconut milk...I think coconut. This was thick and smooth. Much better than seedy! Still didn't taste amazing. I don't really get the sunwarrior hype--it tastes chalky to me, but an improvement. It reminded me of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in chalky shake form lol. I also had a mug of coffee with coconut milk-no sweetener. 

Started to get hungry again around 11:00/11:30, but manageable even at 12:30. Aim was to hold off to 1:30-2:30 before having lunch.

Had some green tea to get in some liquids/help stave off a little hunger. Riiight.


I'm still having candida-like symptoms. Sore tongue and an odd taste in my mouth that is driving me CRAZY, especially since I can't chew gum or mints. Maybe I need to bring a mouthwash to work....I guess the candida die off makes sense, as this diet is maybe even MORE restrictive than the yeast-free diet. Though I think the bad taste is partially from the green tea? But that wouldn't make it this bad in and of itself. Yuck!

I made my lunch-shake a little after 3:30. Wow, I made it the full 6 hour maximum and didn't die. ;) Chocolate sunwarrior, a mix of hemp seeds/flax seeds/chia seeds, frozen berries, and almond milk. This one tasted chalky and seedy, but the flavor was almost good. Really good with some sips. I'm definitely a chocolate shake girl, not that you can taste much more than the berries anyway. Didn't finish this shake until 5. Bad again! I was doing so well. But I guess I drank the majority of it in a reasonable time...

Juust before 5 pm I got EXHAUSTED. To be fair, I only got in about 6 hours of sleep last night, so I'm still working on that. But wow that was a fast depletion of energy. Felt a little out of it and almost headachy too. Is it dinner time yet? Commence the daydreaming of salmon....drool. 2 hours of work to go...

At the end of the work day I made my dad look at my tongue (pleasant!) and he agreed it was coated in white. Yep, candida. Guess I needed to make these dietary changes after all. I'll keep telling myself that every time my stomach grumbles, lol.

Irritability finally set in around 7/7:30 pm. I just wanted to eat and sleep and everything was mildly annoying. Apparently I was bitching a lot, because my Dad said I reminded him of our cat, Henry, who complains all day. RUDE! All I said was I was hungry, tired, and missed my dog(s). That's pretty much standard for any day, sheesh. I'll show you complaining!!! lol

I made dinner as quickly as humanly possible! I ate a bunch of pickle slices and half of a brown rice tortilla while it cooked. Man did that tortilla hit the spot. I probably didn't sit down to eat until 8:30?And  I couldn't find the asparagus I had been craving. I wanted to have a meltdown. Just kidding. But I was disappointed. I subbed boiled brussels sprouts and once they heated through I sauteed them in a little coconut oil spread. With that, I also had baked/broiled salmon topped with sliced avocado on a bed of arugula that had been dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, pink salt, and pepper, and on the side I had the other half of the brown rice tortilla. My stomach must have shrunk, as I had to put about half of the salmon and 1/3 of the brussels in a tupperware. Well, stomach shrunk or I served myself twice what I normally would have. Could be that :-P. I wanted a HUNK of salmon, and I did deliver. 

I tried out a dessert of warmed coconut milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla stevia, but it was kind of too sweet. Gasp. I drank a little, but once it cooled down I dumped the rest in the blender to mix with my morning shake ingredients. Oh goody. *sarcasm*

I went to bed around midnight, finally a semi-decent hour. 


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