Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mirror Model

I have recently taken to photographing myself in my mirror wall every morning before work. Hopefully this will motivate me to dress cuter and maybe even more professional. I dabble in between wanting to look all buttoned up or not really caring. Luckily my job allows the flexibility, though I do think a happy medium of a creative yet polished appearance is best suited to the environment. But most days I seem to only be bothered to throw on jeans (black pants if I'm feeling UBER fancy) and whatever top seems relatively work appropriate. Always a work in progress, I certainly am, but then again aren't we all? I used to be all fashion all the time, but then adulthood hit...and my style took a hit. Funny how that works.

While I would LOVE to mimic fashion blogs with professional-looking, stylized outfits and backgrounds, clearly my super infrequent posting as of late proves I'm lucky if I make time to snap a sub-par iPhone photo before running out the door. So, for the foreseeable future that's the best I can do. 

But you're not here to read this post, are you? Let's let the mirror do all the talking.

(Last-Last) Monday:

Oh, oops. I guess the mirror aspect didn't start until Tuesday. This is more of an overhead "selfie" at work kinda shot. Y'know, to get the ball rolling. Trying to show off my new shirt, but the lighting was horrific. At least my hair looked nice. That's rare-ish, lol.

Bella got in on the action, too. 

  Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

Anyone but me still reference that song, even just in their head? Probably not.

She hadn't worn clothes in awhile--the horror! So natch, I had to go all out. I bought her those jeans two Christmases ago, but they're a tad too big in the waist (clearly), so I was going to exchange them for a different size. Looks like I never made the return, as I found them in a pile with the tags still on, sooo I thought I'd give them another try just for a laugh. She's so adorable. Squish Squish Squish. I mean rhinestone jeans for dogs? Really? It's so ridiculous and amazing I had to.


  I'm batman.

at work. with dry hair. I promise I'm not orange in real life. Florescent lights are just SO flattering!

Wednesday (Halloween!):
                                               Hmm this turned out to be a bit of a hot mess
I'm a mean mean mommy. He loves clothes, but costumes make him hate his life. This was a repeat costume, but he sure makes one handsome moose. 
  She, on the other hand, loves any and all dress up. That's one proud (repeat) chicken! Repeat rooster has a much better ring to it, but she's a lady, c'mon!


 Ignore my weird facial expression, please.  My neighbors ended up inviting me over for wine and getting to know each other that evening. I was just glad I hadn't stripped down to pajamas yet and was wearing something cute that day. A rarity on both accounts, especially post-work! Ha. 

After all, this is my motto...

 I love that so much. TRUTH.


At our office, Casual Monday is more appropro than Casual Friday (it's our primarily administrative day with few patients coming in), but most weeks I end up participating in both. Not that either is a far stretch from my every day choices :-x. I just feel slightly more justified, I guess!  

what up, Buster in the far right corner? He isn't living with me as often as I expected just yet--still working on the whole potty training thing even though he's, um, older than I want to admit! Buuut, he was happy to make an appearance this morning!
 My fave "pirate boots" as my chiro lovingly refers to them. I think they're on their last legs (ha, pun not originally intended), but I've been saying that for over a year now....can't. let. go! 

Saturday I wore the same thing as Friday (I'm a dirt bag that way. It happens pretttty often, not gonna lie) and Sunday who even knows? I just remember thinking it was not even worth iPhone documentation if that tells you anything. I don't even remember what I did Sunday now, hmm.

(This Past) Monday:

Again with the awkward face and sun shining in...I'm gonna have to figure out a better place to stand...


No time for pics this morning, so this was taken late at night. Hence looking a bit haggard. Hey, two days this week I didn't immediately change into pjs upon walking in the door. That's got to be some type of record!

Wednesday (Today!): 

All my photo options from this morning were pretty douchy, so this is the best it gets, friends. I'll work on it, too.