Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lunches, Snacks, Desserts

I'm just gonna go ahead and lump lunch, snacks, and desserts together since I have the least pics of those. Sorry if these updates are boring, I just want to clear out my iPhone library with food pics, so we can move on to more juicy updates!

spinach & kale pie (basically spanikopita, but with kale added) & a salmon burger topped with spinach & kale (theme?) dip on one slice of sourdough--all thanks to TJ's

Trader Joe's FINALLY opened up near me (my life is nearly complete), so I've been making my way through all of their offerings. I'm surprised, so far, that a lot of the items are just okay (I've really only tried their chocolates & 2 buck chuck before, both beloved to my heart and soul), but I'm starting to get a better feel of what items are worth purchasing again (and again). So far I haven't bought any candy, but I'm getting closer to caving every time.

I think we now have just about every single place my heart has ever desired (except Moxie's chain restaurants from Canada, but I can live without those). Oh, Dallas. We've had our ups and downs, but you really have tried to make me feel happier here, haven't you? Now if we could work on building mountains and an ocean, that'd be reeeeeal nice.

Sorry. Tangent.

Technically this was a breakfast, but I forgot to include it and sometimes I have it for lunch. Lox on a good grain bagel. Mmmm. Even my salmon-hating Mom loves her a good lox bagel from time to time.

Greek soup! Avoglemeno or however you spell that. Lemon rice with chicken. Great for a light lunch paired with....

Delish. I need to find out if this place (Little Greek--it's a small Texas and Florida chain) sells their salad dressing. It's slightly sweet, but pairs really well with the feta and everything. Those little lumps beneath the beets are potato salad. Kind of unexpected, but works.

I'm not a huge fan of almond butter (the horror!!!), but I keep trying. I find I eat it way more if I keep it at the office.

I used to think mojo bars were just meh, but this is one of my fave bars of all time. Great new-ish flavor choice, Clif! 

Sorry Spaghetti Warehouse, but this was awful. How does one mess up a grilled chicken salad? The dressing tasted like flowers. In a bad way. And who pairs craisins with tomatoes? It was just all around bad. The sourdough bread was good, but that's about it.

 side salad with...

so-so chicken crepes. The online menu said the chicken crepes would be prepared my fave way with mushroom sauce and balsamic, but in person it said topped with a bechamel sauce and swiss cheese. Not my thing, but I tried them anyway. Still not my thing. But you can't really ever go wrong with crepes.

Mojo bar topped with almond butter. Horrific picture, but pretty satiating mid-day snack!

One half of a very large sandwich made with sourdough, reduced sodium/nitrite-free turkey, organic greens, tomato, goat cream cheese, and tj's hot & sweet mustard.

I had high hopes for this VERY EXPENSIVE bar, but it failed to deliver. In fact, it was borderline gross. Disappointing! I've found I don't really like greek yogurt products-- just the real deal. Though I'm still keeping my fingers extra crossed for a frozen greek yogurt place to open up!

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. My mom randomly wanted a cupcake when we were out together on Sunday, but I suggested Nothing Bundt Cakes instead. She kind of turned up her nose, but reluctantly agreed. After one sample she was glaaaaad she did. AMAZING. She got two.

My first "real" (from BJ's) pizookie! At first bite it was HOLY EXPLETIVES good, but after a couple bites in it just tasted like a pretty good cookie with ice cream. Weird. I still want to try the red velvet version. I hate that I love red velvet, so much food dye. But so much happiness.

TJ's kettle korn + the red/pink Mike & Ike's I separated out. Actually a really good combo!

Now we just have dinners to get through and then hopefully this weekend I can unveil the first glimpse of my house! And figure out a better way to schedule my time to at least post semi-frequently again. I don't see how so many bloggers hold down full time jobs and maintain daily posting. Phew.


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  1. Hi Amanda! Your diet is quite healthy and balanced. Thanks for sharing . I'm going to try that turkey sandwich recipe.