Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Month 'Til Beach Body 2012

In exactly one month I'll be in Florida aka going to the beach. One month is certainly not long enough to make any real physical changes, but it's good motivation to get back into better habits and hopefully tone up (even a little).

Day 1.

Breakfast had to be quick, easy, and something I was able to eat in the car.

Oatmeal! I haven't had oatmeal in forEVER. This was 1/2 a cup made with water then mixed with 1/2 a banana, a small scoop of sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, and topped with about 1 tbsp of peanut butter + huckleberry jam. It wasn't very good for some reason and I didn't quite finish it, but it kept me full for hours and hours. I got caught up in work and didn't even eat again until after 4 pm.

By then I was pretty hungry, but I tried to keep it light since dinner would be coming soonish.

 I had about 3 of these organic lettuce wraps filled with tuna salad (tuna, vegenaise, diced dill pickle, a sprinkle of salt-free greek seasoning and a sprinkle of sea salt).

For dinner I was grilling, so that meant prep work. While I did that, I ate a small handful of veggie chips from Aldi. They really hit the spot, surprisingly.

Then, for the actual meal...

Grilled extra-lean beef burger on a hawaiian bun topped with half a slice of white american cheese, dijon, organic ketchup, and avocado, baked beans with onion, leftover mixed veggies from last night's dinner, & grilled "french fries" (just diced red potatoes & sweet potatoes cut into fry shapes) with.....

I was pretty stuffed from dinner, but felt like something sweet, so I tried this out for "dessert"

I figured I'd still want something else, but this actually did the trick. Who knew?

Probably not quite enough food overall, but dinner was bigger than necessary and I didn't exert much energy today (I'm a little sick and had a killer headache), so it's fine.

So far, not too bad.


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