Monday, June 11, 2012


Before catching you up on last week, let's start with the fun part. The weekend!


whole grain waffles with egg, white american cheese, and jam
usually I don't eat a mid-morning snack, but for two days in a row I needed to and had pretzel crisps dipped in really delicious tomato basil hummus
I absolutely love illy brand coffee, but this overpriced (even on sale) crap in a can was no bueno. I barely choked this down. I'll have to hide the other 3 cans in a protein shake or something.
 no bueno take two. Very dry and not appealing. Filling though, so there's that.
 Umm chalk this up to being starving, picking chinese up for someone else, and knowing I was about to workout and not eat dinner for hours. Oops.
Cheeseburger with a ridiculous amount of poppy seeds, cheese I couldn't taste, lettuce, tomato, and thousand island that tasted like nothing. I was still craving a cheeseburger after last week's mediocre attempt. Yep, still craving one. I went to try this one after RAVES for years from my Dad. Not impressed, sorry pops. I also had a few french fries, 2 onion rings, and a then later a vanilla cone from Mickey D's. All of which were tasty.

Exercise: Arms & Legs


I finally tried a new breakfast place my chiro recommended a few months ago, Coffee House Cafe. I wish I got a better shot of the juicer. See those oranges in the far right corner? They had a HUGE HUGE juicer that juiced the entire fruit, peel and all x 100000 oranges at once.
More of the lobby/bar/coffee bar areas. Kinda cool. 
After seeing the juicer + juice on people's tables this was just a duh. In retrospect for a couple bucks more I should have turned it into a mimosa. But then again I wouldn't have gotten to try the unadulterated (literally ha) version, which was pretty darn good.
They serve organic, fair trade coffee. Black, it was too weak for my liking, but with a little cream & stevia it was GREAT. They also had the option of serving it out of a french press (no refills), but I stuck with the original drip. They also make lattes, etc. and I hear they do latte art. Next time, maybe :).And it looks normal in the pic, but the spoon was really tiny and cute.
This was one of the first things I saw on the menu and knew I could stop looking. Herb and goat cheese omelet made with cage free eggs (just whites for moi) and potatoes. The toast came as a surprise.
Plus I had to add a lemon ricotta pancake. It was good, but not too special. Needed more lemon. That was one expensive breakfast. 
It really bothers me that the sticker is uneven lol. This was really gross. I've only had about 1/3 of it. I'll finish it, but def. not going to be a rebuy. It tastes like some kind of herb that ruins it all, I can't put my finger on it.
I know this looks kinda yuck, but I liked it a lot. The bottom layer is a slice of pre-made garlic bread topped with a slice of white american cheese,  a mahi mahi burger, half a tub of sauteed organic spinach with garlic, tomato, and vegenaise. Good combo.
Kinda-sorta healthy banana milkshake made with a few tbsp vanilla rice milk ice cream, 1.5 frozen bananas, stevia, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, with cinnamon on top. It was super thick and tasty. I keep using the word tasty too much. I guess that's better than saying gross a lot?

Exercise: Elliptical

Another unusual craving for me. I normally hate or at least feel neutral towards donuts, but I wanted one so badly for the past week. I found a place that had amazing reviews online about 20 minutes, they were really good, but nothing special? I also hate sausages, but was SUPER tempted to try the jalapeno cheese kolache. Now I kinda wish I did since I probably won't be back, but oh well. I had about 3/4 of the blueberry cake (bottom far left) which I LOVED, but I've always really liked blueberry cake donuts. I also ordered the lemon filled (top right). It was too tart for me, so I gave my brother most of it and he gave me half of the chocolate frosted cake (not that good). What I really wanted, especially weird for me, was a hot, plain glazed (or frosted of some sort), but they didn't have any non-cake ones besides the jelly filled. I guess the (unhealthy) search continues. The funny part was, after finding this (at the time) coveted donut shop, we almost accidentally pulled into the one across the street. Then...ended up in the country. I live nowhere near the country. Or many trees.
WHAT trees exist around here? Who knew! It's practically our very own forest. Ha.
We put away the donuts and went out for a slightly more nutritious breakfast: lox on whole grain bagels. I took off half the pictured onion before eating. Plus coffee (hot and iced).
The heat is making me permanently thirsty. I had only heard about these the day before and wanted to try one and it suddenly appeared. This flavor was pretty good, but way too sweet. I wouldn't buy it again.
Pre-workout snack: cottage cheese mixed with jam and a little stevia on top of a brown rice rice cake
Only drank about half
BBQ chicken legs, cole slaw, potato salad, sweet potato salad (meh)

Exercise: Elliptical & Stretching

I worked from home today, so I'll also add today as a weekend. Why not?


gingerbread protein pancakes topped with biscoff spread and a drizzle of maple syrup + an egg white omelet with greens, turkey, pinch of veggie cream cheese. I make the best breakfast foods ever.
hazelnut iced coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and chocolate stevia 
I actually had 2 iced coffees....the second one with this sample of dark chocolate honeycomb my dad gave me the other day
repeat of pre-workout snack mentioned earlier
I didn't eat dinner 'til after 9 pm. Good thing I wasn't that hungry. Whole grain toast with a saute of olive oil/vegan butter/garlic. I burned the garlic twice before actually paying attention to what I was doing. Anyway, the toast was topped with a greek-seasoned white fish (swai? tastes like tilapia to me) filet with greens, tomato off the vine, vegenaise, and dijon mustard, alongside steamed broccoli with cheese and coleslaw. Mmm. I also poured half a glass of wine, but spilled it out after one sip. Guess I didn't drink that bottle fast enough. Bleh.

I also had an unpictured mug of vanilla peppermint hot tea 

Exercise: Chest and Back

Back to the office tomorrow. It's going to be a 12+ hour day, least it's a 4 day week...kinda.


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