Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beach Body Day 3

Oats for breakfast again, but this time....

Overnight style. Oats, plain (nonfat) Greek yogurt, half a mashed banana, stevia, peanut flour, and a last minute addition of chia seeds all topped off with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

& a mug of hot, black coffee (ok, I put a couple drops of chocolate stevia)

Overnight oats take me awhile to eat for some reason, but today was just ridiculous due to interruptions. I started eating in the car on the way to work, then I was eating off and on at my desk, and didn't finish for like 3 hours or more. I was so busy. Leave me alone, people! I hate days where I finish one phone call and the phone rings again before I can even put it down. Not to mention I left early yesterday and there were piles & messes waiting for me. I can't even imagine how the office would look/run if I wasn't there. Not to toot my own horn, but whoaaa chaos....

Since I was only able to take bites here & there all day I was, in turn, hungry all day. I picked at "lunch" (which happens later and later) all afternoon too.

Stuffed red bell pepper with organic taco-seasoned chicken with a sliver of monterrey jack on top. I had left the rice at work and didn't feel like opening up a new package at home, so I just dumped the rice on top and heated it all up together that way. I ate it all except about 1/4 of the pepper. I love bell peppers, but I have a hard time eating them by themselves. Not sure why. When I was in middle/high school I always found it bizarre when people would bring baggies of cut up green peppers in their lunch bags. Of course, I didn't eat peppers at all then. Hmm. That should be another pointless food goal. Learn to love beets and eat peppers plain! I might need to start an official list.

For my snack I tried to pick the energy bar I had with the least amount of sugar. I'm a nutrition label-reading whore, but when it comes to sugar I don't really care too much as long as it's under like...30 grams. I always think if it's less than a regular soda and it's a food that is at least "sort of healthy," then whatever. But I'm way too much of a sugar addict and need to watch that. The bar that won out coming in at 10 grams:

Lucky me, that was actually what I wanted, but I though it would have higher sugar than some of the others. Interesting. The Odwalla Superfood bar came in at 18 grams (I assumed it would be the highest and it was), while the cookie dough Balance bar came in at 17 (I assumed it would be the lowest. It showed me).

For dinner we ended up at Olive Garden. Not too many healthy choices, especially ones without carb overload. I'm not one to shy away from pasta or buy into a low carb craze, but I'm wanting to TRY to eat less carbs as the day goes on. Since you need less energy closer to bed time...and white carbs=the worst, I stuck with the chicken and veggies. The waiter actually told me when I ordered that this is the healthiest thing you can order at OG (he didn't know that was my intention). My family just laughed it off like "imagine that...Amanda getting comments about ordering healthy." Since I pretty much berate them for their poor choices at every restaurant meal. I'm so sweet.

Venetian chicken. Clearly not my photo. I could have sworn I took one of my entree, but it turns out I didn't. Thanks google. I couldn't find the direct source, but I'm pretty sure it was at one point :-P.

I only ate one chicken and about 3/4 of the veggies. I wasn't completely full, but even though the whole meal is about 400 calories, it just felt gluttonous for some reason to eat both. *shrug* I probably didn't need both anyway....


 salad x 2.

No breadsticks for me (not really my thing even if I'm not trying to be extra "good"), but I'm not a total wet is the weekend after all. And I had a pretty stressful week.


A little while later I was hungry again for a snack, but was too lazy to make up a protein cake or some other healthy dessert. Finally, close to midnight, I finally caved. I hate going to bed hungry. I finished off some of the taco-seasoned organic chicken topped with a little greek yogurt. Finishing off leftovers and curing a grumbling belly is a win-win in my book.

Hopefully that will sit well with me so I can wake up nice and early. I thought it would be my ONE DAY to sleep in for the week (I have fun plans for Sunday that also require an earlyish wake time), but For good reason, at least. I've been relentlessly trying to get the listing agent for a house that's for sale to contact me to arrange a showing to no avail. So finally today I said screw it and found a realtor who actually called me back within 2 minutes of my request. I have 2 viewings set up for tomorrow, including the one I've been desperately trying to see. My first actual house viewings! Up until now I'd just looked online and driven by.

Wish me luck!


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