Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back Track

Oops. Hi.

Here are the pictures from last week. I'm going to work on adding the option where you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail since I've been posting so sporadically.

May 30 (Wednesday)

egg, salsa cream cheese, alternative bagel

banana and coffee...pretty self-explanatory

taco-seasoned organic chicken and a brown rice mix
maple almond butter, organic apple
 chicken, garlic bread, scampi noodles
pizza, broccoli with cheese
sangria leftover from Memorial Day

Exercise: Nada

May 31 (Thursday)

can't remember what was inside besides egg
iced coffee...
Messy looking, but REALLY tasty curry chicken salad sandwich with tomato + strawbs
pork tenderloin, a few baked sweet potato fries, baked red potato, steamed brussels
vitatop with pb-yum.
Exercise: Still none

June 1 (Friday)

english muffin with egg, white american cheese, and jam, strawberries
iced coff
repeat of yesterday's delightful sandwich, but slightly nicer looking without the strawberry-stained paper towel (umm yes that is a foil "plate"...hey, still an upgrade)
clearly these are strawberries
mango marg
cheeseburger and broccoli. Not the best. The margarita was good. Normally I don't particularly care for either, but was randomly hardcore craving both. I've had some unusual (all unhealthy...) cravings lately. Weird.

Exercise: Elliptical. In the MORNING to boot!!! Look at me. 

June 2 (Saturday)

 I forget what this was called, but it had a bed of potatoes, grilled chicken, cheese, I think some green chili sauce, probably more topped with egg and guac. It was really good, but SUPER strange because every bite I took of something (I think the chili..? may have been pork green chili?) tasted just like popcorn. Very strongly too. It was very confusing to my taste buds lol.
Took off the croutonsand onions post-picture
spicy tortilla soup. Except it wasn't spicy. At all.
red lobster cheddar biscuit
tilapia and brocc that I slathered in every sauce I could get my hands on
key lime pie-- I was extra nice and split it 3-ways. I was sad the crazy delightful sounding desserts (i.e. CHOCOLATE LAVA FILLED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. KILL ME.  And carrot cake) weren't part of the pick 4 menu, but their key lime pie is pretty amaze.

Exercise: Elliptical again. Normally I do weights on Fri & Sat, but my neck hurt.

June 3 (Sunday)

 Get this: BBQ pulled pork egg white omelet with cheddar topped with spicy bbq sauce that was also not spicy at all but very good, with the second best breakfast potatoes ever. I barely tasted the egg whites, but this was so so good.
super tasty gingerbread pancake
Reisling with an orange slice
kinda greek salad, but not really it just has feta cheese with olive garden dressing ha and it was really good
filet, bbqed sweet potato pieces, 1 dill white potato, charred green pepper that turned kinda orange for some scary reason. Um, rememberhow I've been overcooking everything on the grill? That filet was so rare it was still mooing. Whoops. I guess that's what microwaves are for. Only, that defeats the whole purpose of grilling. Fail. Kinda. Still pretty good.

Exercise: Elliptical, yet again, and stretching.

Oh boy, sooo while that's it for now, I (sadly?)  still have like 2x as many pics left to do later. Maybe more. I really should just keep up with the consistency and not pile it all up, huh? Or at least not feel the need to post everything I took semi-crappy iPhone pics of.  Uh...Yeah right!!


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