Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shady's back....tell a friend.

Hi, remember me?

Ever since I took over running our office in mid-December (which, yes, has been my job for over 3 years, but now I  operate with minimal assistance, which was not the case before), doing the whole lifestyle blog thing in my "free time" (who really has that anymore?!) was too much of a time suck. And let's face it, my life = work and other mundane nothingness nobody really needs to repetitively read about day in and day out. I cook 30 minute or less dinners (just call me a lazy Rachael Ray), watch copious amounts of Youtube and DVRed television, and try to fit in packing a lunch for the following day if I can muster up the strength to plop leftovers into a tupperware. The hardest part is finding a container and lid that match. You know how life ruining that is. I sleep when I can (not enough--as I'm sure everyone says), get stuck in a pattern of sleeping in past most of my scheduled morning workouts (I'm working on it! As I've been saying for...months), and then do it all over again. Riveting! Hey! I'm just like you! Some bloggers may seem like superheros who can do it all, but I'm just as lazy, yet also hardworking as the rest of you bitches!

I have gotten pretty cozy with our grill, which is new for me. You'll see a lot of that, I'm sure. The first couple of times I used it, the grill gods probably cried tears of joy that someone as talented as me had finally discovered her talent of perfecting charring dead animals (too graphic?) and produce to the best of their...ability? But then humility caught up with me and now I kind of burn everything I make. Beginners luck ruins everything. It's a learning process.

Okay, now you may consider yourself officially caught up.

Almost every. single. day. I've told myself I want to blog again, but clearly that didn't come to fruition. Like, ever. Therefore, to take some of the pressure off of trying to pretend to be interesting and coming up with time I don't have, and instead of promising a detailed "here's the random shit I did today, please pretend like you care" blog, I'm going to try to ease back in with more of a food/workout diary, like how I started in the beginning. Just to put something out there. Nothing too exciting, but I do tend to find a lot of fun foodie products and go to a lot of restaurants, so maybe it will be better than nothing. I miss using my camera too. What good is a DSLR paper weight, amiright?

So, we'll see. It's a (re) start, at least! Glad to be back.


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