Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perpetual Lateness

It looks like the blogger platform has changed since I last posted regularly. It seems fancier, but so far I'm not a fan.

Anyway. I'll deal. So, I started off the day forgetting I'm a blogger again and didn't bust out the iPhone camera. I ate a Clif Mojo bar, as I ran out the front door (Ok, really in the car). Yay for perpetual lateness. Usually I think those bars are just meh, but then they had to go and invent the the coconut flavor with the chocolate chips and suddenly I'm a hoarder. Especially when they're 10 for 10. Come to mama.

Speaking of being late, that means I slept in past gym time for the millionth time. That's getting prettttttty old.

I didn't even have time to make my fave iced coffee at home, so a couple hours into the work day I brewed up some slightly expired chocolate truffle Godiva coffee with french vanilla coconut milk coffee creamer and stevia. I used to be a strictly black coffee drinker, but now I like to mix it up a little. I guess I'm still getting used to the whole appropriate ratio thing. When I make coffee at home (especially iced coffee), I just dump some unsweetened almond milk in the mug. Considering an entire cup is 35 calories I don't really worry about measuring. I kindasorta forgot that cream (albeit non-dairy cream, but creamer nonetheless) is more of a one to two tablespoon sort of thing and had to pour nearly half a mug's worth back into the container. At least I'm the only one who uses it.

In case you forgot what coffee looks like:

Why yes, that is the new John Mayer CD to the right of the coffee, thanks for noticing. No matter how big a douche he may or may not be at any given time, I can't help supporting his music. Judge away.  I listened to it once the other day on iTunes when they were previewing it for free, but today the yelling and screaming going on in one of our offices provided far too much entertainment for me to need any extra stimuli. Perhaps tomorrow will be the day I give it a fair listen.  

Ever since last weekend when I started getting into cardio again I've been a bottomless pit. I don't just get hungry I get STARVING every 2 hours. Every hour and a half if I try (and fail) to slyly trick myself and eat only half of what I was going to. Y'know, since I'll be eating again soon anyway. I'm thinking this ridiculous appetite is slowly (but surely) declining, but so far I'm still pretty knee-deep in my excess consumption. 

I tried to break apart my lunch into stages. First up, salad.

I know. Kinda boring. Just some organic spring greens, a few pieces of leftover bell pepper, and some "Olive Garden dressing" I picked up at Sam's Club a month or so ago. I put that in quotes because although it tastes like the real deal, it's only 80 calories. And I think it's pretty well-known that the real Olive Garden salad is not exactly health food. Hey, for 80 calories and a duplicate taste I'll take it! 

After I sat down to eat I realized I wasn't even that hungry anymore, but after I ate I was suddenly famished. COME. ON. The rest of lunch followed shortly thereafter. So much for rationing.

Hey look! Proof that not all white food is unhealthy. This, my friends, was pretty darn tasty. Half a chicken breast marinated in some new delight that also came from Sam's Club. I'll have to tell you the name later (pretty sure you're gonna want it). See, sometimes the free samples do work! This was like a lemon garlicy kinda thing that you marinate in lemon juice. On the side I had mashed cauliflower (with last minute additions of leftover homemade veggie soup that included cabbage, kale, carrots, and probably something I'm forgetting). I meant to make it more of a pureed cauliflower soup, but it turned out to be more like the mashed cauliflower side dish I make all the time now. Oh well, it's still good. Especially the next day I discovered. Good, because since I thought it was going to be a soup, I made a shitton of it.

Maybe an hour or so after that my Mom came up to the office with lunch of her own and gave me half of her salt & vinegar chips. At the time it sounded like a good idea, but I immediately regretted it. Live and learn. Now, if they were kettle chips there would never be a regret. 

 I thought I may be able to get through the rest of the work day snack-free, but alas a couple hours later, I was still insatiable. 

 Usually it takes me forEVER to get through a jar of nut butter, but um now that I took this one to the office I've gone through half of it in a week-ish. I guess that's not too bad. Maybe.

As promised, for dinner the grill has already made an appearance. Turkey burgers (and one lonely steak for my brother). And also as promised they were slightly overcooked (but not burnt!). They still tasted pretty epic. Especially topped with guacamole. I buy 2-3 avocados a week now, all of varying levels of ripeness (generally one will be almost-ready, one will be green and rock hard), yet just to taunt me they always perfectly ripen all together now. RUDE. Good thing I love avocado. A lot. Anyway, we also had baked beans and leftover mashed cauliflower. I also had about half of a light beer before I got tired of it.

(on a whole wheat bun, top unpictured)                                             

For dessert I planned on a chocolate vitamuffin, but instead I kept dipping into the mini pb cups. Good enough! 

And just because, here's a bathroom outfit pic. I forgot I had this shirt, but it's prob one of my faves. 

The sleeves are really cute and ruffly.

That about covers it for day one.


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  1. I love your healthyfoods and appreciate everything ypu do for all of us
    You da best!!!!
    Love mom