Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lovie!

 honey wheat alternative bagel with a fried egg, slice of white american cheese, and blueberry jam + a side of fresh blueberries

 iced gingerbread coffee with coconut milk. No almond milk this time and it still didn't taste like coconut at all. I don't get it!

You'll have to excuse the bite mark in the bagel sandwich. I got a little too excited to dig in. It only ended up on a plate because I eventually remembered to take a pic. Truth be told, I'm kind of a savage when I eat breakfast most mornings. Picture this: a paper towel serves as my plate and I tilt my upper body forward over the stove for each bite. I'm not too proud to admit there have been a couple egg yolk incidents using this not-so-fail proof method. And no, I did not change my shirt after, oh no.  A little sprinkle of water is good enough for this hot mess. Half the time I walk into the office with my hair still in a bun from how I slept the night before or how I tied it up before I put on my shower cap. I'm sexy and I know it...

For lunch I dug in a little early and started with half of my wrap.

Whole grain wrap with homemade guacamole, diced compari tomatoes, organic mixed greens, and a last minute addition of spicy mustard

It was pretty gross. It was one of those things I could tell would have been great when it was freshly made, but sitting in the fridge overnight sucked the life out of it. Shortly after I went ahead and finished off the other half just to get it over with. You know that's a bad sign, when you want to eat it just so it's gone. 

B-T-Dubs, If I'm a savage eating breakfast, I'm a beast when it comes to lunch, Or any office snack really. You would think that my brain would conceptualize the work place environment as public domain, but alas that is not the case at all. I at least have the common decency to wait until no witnesses are present. This sometimes means hours of starvation before consumption. But once the food comes out, I am an animal. Case in point, popcorn. This eating technique is the opposite of the morning bend-forward tilt. You see, with popcorn one must dig into the bag to grab as much as your grip allows, tilt you head back, and stuff as many kernels in your mouth as humanly possible. Only then do you commence chewing. Usually this also entails digging some runaways out of the old cleavage at some point. You do what you gotta do. 


I also made some coffee to accompany my kettle korn. I mixed the last of the Godiva pecan (which I had already mixed with the last of a random Aldi bag of gingerbread flavor) with the rest of the Godiva chocolate truffle. My coffee beans get around. 

I never ended up eating the rest of my lunch (a small sweet potato + the last of the leftover mashed cauliflower), so I was famished by the time I left work at 6:30. I try to get in a weights workout at the gym on Friday nights, but I knew I had to eat first today.

vodka soda with a splash of cranberry
Fried mushrooms. I did not encourage this decision, but I did eat about 10,000
I had ranch on the side, but it was pretty tasteless, so I used the bare minimum. I should have opted for balsamic. I thought it would be the real-deal ranch. Come on, Snuffers. Get with the program!

Remember that cake I mentioned in my last post? It was for none other than Bella's 9th birthday! Yes, Bella is my dog. Also known as the best dog in the universe: past, present, and future. 

For the humans, I made a chocolate butterscotch gluten free cake with homemade half vanilla-buttercream/half cream cheese frosting. It wasn't the best I've made, but it was pretty tasty. 

 Lazy man's way of frosting only the top and between the layers. Hush.

And for the puppers?  Banana oat cake with carob chips topped with peanut butter as their frosting+  a side of frosty paws dog ice cream. Yep, I went there. Actually, I just so happened to have one lonely frosty paw in the freezer for the past year, but whatever. The humans didn't even have ice cream lol. Although now that I think about it, the frozen yogurt I bought yesterday would pair perfectly. Next slice! 

I just mashed banana, oats, and carob chips and nuked it for 2 minutes. Almost exactly like a version I make for myself (but mine contains stevia and cinnamon). Yum, yum. 

I think they approved. Bella wolfed hers down in less than 5 seconds flat, while Buster savored his.

 And yes, we did sing Happy Birthday to Bell. And you're fooling yourself if you think she didn't know what was going on. She danced along and even smiled. A lot. She knew it was her day. SHE KNEW, OKAY? I watched a dog show recently that said bichons are known for smiling and being expressive. I'm not crazy!

After stuffing her with food, she wasn't too interested in her present like she normally would have been. She loves clothes, I swear. But after we settled upstairs I made her put it on anyway and she didn't protest.

My little 9 year old baby. Where does time go?

Oh yeah, before I forget: here's my crappy quality shirt-of-the-day mirror pic(s).

 Photo take one. Then, I realized my hair was blocking the flower-thing on the side. Because for some reason it was imperative you saw that.
Eh. Blurry, but you get the gist

 P.S. No,  I did not make it to the gym. Shoulda had a pre-dinner snack and gone first. Oops. 

Aaaaaaand now it's after 1 am and I have a business breakfast early tomorrow. Double Oops. Why must I always do this to myself? No sleep for the wicked.


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