Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Mile(stone)

I think I just ran my first mile.

No, really.

Let me back up.

I've run many a mile(s), just never consecutively (I don't think--though there was one time a month or so ago I think I may have in the middle of a workout and not realized it).

I already worked out today with weights, but I got a wave of extreme fatigue and instead of taking a nap or lazily fighting it, I decided to pump myself up with a quick run. Once I got started, a few seconds in, I thought, what better day to try than the last of 2011?

Not only that, but it was a 12 minute mile exactly (Unplanned. In fact, I was aiming for 15, sad as that sounds! We all start somewhere...). I have cardiovascular endurance, but not speed. It's partially a mental thing, partially lung, it seems. Because although my calves were tight, as they often are, my legs felt OK: good even (until I slowed down!). But today I proved I can push through the pain, be it physical or mental.

I know MANY people walk at 4mph, but that used to be my "running" (err, I guess jogging...) speed. But now I'm inching my way up to 5 and 6 mph, a place I never thought I could be, even though neither are particularly remarkable for many.

But as they say on Pintrest...

I don't normally do resolutions, but I've had a goal in mind for a few months--and maybe, just maybe, by 2012 it'll be achieved.

BIG Hint: 3.1.



  1. Congrats on the mile! :) I'd be proud of working up to 5-6 mph. That's what I used to do for part of my runs, but in the last 6 months my knee has sometimes been bothering me (not much lately) so I've slowed up. Lately I alternate walking at 4.0 with running/jogging at 4.5-5.0. I usually only do 2 miles total (mostly 4.0 for the 2nd), 3-4 times per week. I'm a wimp. :) LOL.


    1. That sucks about your knee! I still think anything above 4.0 is fast-haha :). 2 miles is good though! I don't understand how people can run long distances. I'm more of a walk-run-walk-run-er. Trying to improve, but it seems not to work very well no matter how good of shape I'm in or not. Boo!

  2. Hey random but whatever happened to that wedding you were going to? I saw one or two pics on FB but you never really blogged about it.


    1. I'm so HORRIBLE about travel recaps, which sucks 'cause they're my fave to do. I've still been wanting to though. I actually thought about it over the weekend (probably spent the time thinking about it that I could have spent actually posting it lol), so I'll try to carve out time this week! Only.....3 months behind LOL.

    2. lol no problem! I just was curious about it because I love travel recaps and pictures of wedding parties and all that. The themes, locations, etc. So I'll look forward to it! - Ashley