Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Looks like we were good this year-Santa came!!

First up--stockings! Obvi.

I told him to smile. What's up with that? HAHA. Family...

And modeling my oh-so-(NOT)-flattering onesie ;)

Makeup-less face not able to be shown because I still want to have SOME pride-ha.

Then, presents!

He's a MAN!

Here's (most of) my loot. I'll post a more detailed list later.

Way WAY too much! But I love it ALL.

Lots of snuggles were to be had

Yeah, yeah that one was from yesterday, shhh close enough

GASP Naked pets! NOT ok in this household ;). But their sweaters kept getting caught on their paws & it wasn't fancy-clothes time yet!

HAHA mid-yawn. Isn't he ferocious?!

It isn't the holidays if you don't get humped by your dog, I guess! Yikes!

Oh, Buster.

After the presents were unwrapped (took less than 2.5 hours--a personal family record. Usually we hit the 3-3.5 hr mark), it was time for breaky-fast! Ham & cheese egg casserole topped with a last minute addition of cream cheese (GREAT decision) + egg nog bread pudding baked french toast.

And egg nog coffee. Lots of coffee.


Misc. Decor:

Even my nails got festivus with the rest of us :-P

I guess it was tiring getting so much new stuff. Nap time for some!

Be back later with another recap, hopefully!



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