Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aldi Obsessed

Yay for no office Thursdays.

Slept in a little, then made a delish breakfast: egg white omelet topped with wild blueberry goat cheese + a side of 29 cent grapefruit (!)

That goat cheese is so good. And cheap too. My family recently discovered Aldi (it's new here) and they have some good stuff, yo. Just keeping my fingers, toes, and anything else double crossed for Trader Joe's next. Dallas was supposed to be the first Texas location, but I recently read Ft. Worth was confirmed first instead. I'm not thrilled, but at least it's getting closer and hopefully means many, many expansions. I'd be a crazy happy maniac if TJ's came here, oh boy. 2 buck chuck! Mini pb cups! Chocolate covered toffee pistachios? O-M-G, yes. Oh, and, you healthy food is always amaze too :).

To get back on track, I also had some faux coffee. I'm not supposed to have any caffeine for 2 hours after I take my homeopathic drops. The horror. I've been trying to set an alarm early to wake up, take the drops, then go back to sleep for 2 hours (is that obsessive? lol), but felt like sleeping in today with no interruptions. Teccino to the rescue, vanilla nut flavor. It calls itself an herbal coffee, but tastes more like tea, imo. I eggnoged it up and it was close enough for me.

I worked a leeeeeettle bit, but my Mom invited me to lunch, so sayanara to that!

She picked her fave, Mi Cocina. When we sat down I forgot tortilla chips are corn based (duh) and ate 1 or 2. Then, I knowingly ordered tortilla soup, but pushed the tortilla strips to the side. It probably leaked into the soup, steps, I guess.

My Mom ordered the bowl, which I thought was a little weird since I knew she'd be ordering an entree as well. I ordered the cup. She didn't realize she said bowl not cup, so when it came she was so confused. Oh, Mom. I offered to switch with her, since I'm a soup addict and I knew she'd waste most of it. Good call.

I also had part of a grilled chicken salad (also came with tortilla strips, I didn't know, ugh! and bacon, eww...both got pushed aside)

The house dressing was like a blue cheese, so I just drizzled it + dumped the entire salsa dish on top. I figured it would be more like balsamic vinaigrette. My bad.

When I got home I was so tired I could barely function. I'm getting reeeeeal tired of this pattern. It's been happening at work every day lately, followed by a headache and sore throat. Not cool.

I FINALLY mustered up the strength to walk downstairs and make gingerbread cookies. They came out more like cake-like cookies. Odd. But still tasty. Normally I'm not one to eat more than a cookie, maybe 2, but uh I ate like 4. That wasn't my best move. But I still want more, not gonna lie. (Also not gonna have more...tonite).

My brother and I had planned to split a chicago style pizza, but he was rude and got Panda Express instead and left me with nothing. Who does that?

I remembered the bag of 2748844 sweet potatoes (again, Aldi....), so I diced and baked a couple of those, ate some dipped in spicy "special sauce" (vegenaise, organic ketchup, & sriracha) + a few lil baked shrimpies in the sauce. With my beloved sparkling water.

It's no ridiculously deep dish, saucy pizza, but it was rather tasty in its own right.

No more desserts tonite. Darn!!


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