Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Randomness

Pretty much the only at-home meal I have a pic of for the old blog lately.

Baked chia oats with a cut up honey crisp apple topped with raisins, a blob of plain chobani & a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. It made me miss the sunflower seed butter from Newflower (aka Sunflower Market in many other states...another company had copyrighted it here tho so they had to change it...silly), a grocery store we briefly had that closed down. Their blend was so much better.But once I mixed up all the elements of this concoction it was purdy darn good too. The coffee I believe was a mix of all the Godiva blends I own (pumpkin spice, caramel pecan bark or w/e, & chocolate truffle). I like to experiment with mixing coffee flavors, what can I say? I think it had a splash of unsweetened almond milk & prob a lil stevia too. It was pretty good, but that mug is huge and I ended up spilling most of it out. I'm so wasteful.

Boatmeal Close Up:

Friday nite I was gonna go out to dinner, but after much deliberation Chinese takeout was decided upon instead.

I was healthy and ordered shrimp & extra veggies--no rice, but then I stole some of other people's fried rice. Kinda defeats the purpose, but it was tasty! I also tried a lil shrimp in lobster sauce, but mine was the best.

I then glued my ass to my seat and obsessed over my latest love, Pinterest. I tried to figure out some of the hairstyles posted both on their and on a friend's facebook, the top knot. I kindasorta figured it out (for me anyway, Miss Hair Challenged herself), but MAN did it make my five-head look HUGE. I have a slightly larger than normal forehead in real life, but nothing crazy. But in pics it gets SUPER exaggerated, I have no idea how that's possible! That's why I like to have bangs, to hide it in pics. Kinda silly, I know, but it makes me so self-conscious, even tho I know it's not that bad in reality! I keep showing people the difference between the pics & real life and everyone agrees it's not true-to-life and it's bizzaro. My friend said the same thing happens with her nostrils.WEIRD!

Ughh, what's up with that! It's so ridiculous!

LOL I just noticed the dog butt behind me too. Hi, Buster.

Saturday, I had the chiropractor for the first time in 3 weeks. I thought I had been doing pretty good, but she had to adjust EVERYTHING. Multiple times. I'm trying to switch to getting a massage every other week instead of every week to save some money and this was week one of my experiment. So far so good, pretty much. The chiro said altho my body was out of alignment, my muscles were still pretty loose. RARE for me, so she says that's sign of improvement. Baby steps, body. She also thinks my running instead of weight lifting has shifted things around, but it's not a bad sign. Just shows I've been doing different stuff.

The chiro appt was at 11, so kinda awkward timing for breakfast. We ended up eating after the appt, I was soo hung hung! We ate at Corner Bakery since it's cheap (ish) & was close.

I wanted the chilled Swiss oatmeal, as usual, but, as usual, they were out. Nooo. I'll have to start going earlier I guess :(.

I settled for the veggie egg white scramble. It was just OK. At first they brought me the wrong thing that looked way better. The bacon and avocado-filled scramble with raisin toast or something? I hate bacon, but otherwise it looked so good! I didn't eat my toast at all, but would have loved the raisin toast! I'll have to investigate my options next time (or, you know, get there early enough to get what I really want...tho If they always run out I don't understand why they don't just make more oatmeal every day..duh!)

Actually, what I REALLY wanted for breakfast was scrambled eggs (not just egg whites, but yolks too) & a croissant. RANDOM craving,huh? I don't even like scrambled eggs. I should have just listened to that craving and went with it, but couldashouldawoulda. At least mine was healthier...tho I did split my fruit with my Dad & ate half his potatoes. But still purdy healthy.

Ran into Ross nearby after to look for pillows. Suddenly I have an urge to buy more pillows for my bed. Not too long ago I had too many pillows and got rid of some. Not sure where they went, actually. And now I need more. Oops. I only need my one perfect pillow to sleep on, but since I've been lounging more in my bed recently, I need more cushioning to read with! I really want some husband pillows, but haven't found any good ones yet. Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe? So far I've only found some ugly white ones with multicolor peace signs all over, lol. I also want some pretty throw pillows for decoration. I blame pinterest.

They didn't have any decorative pillows I wanted, but I did get 2 standard pillows for $7.99 each. Is that a good deal? I'm not up on my pillow pricing, I guess lol.

So far lookin' cute.

I also got a new lamp later on that afternoon.

I've been eyeing this bad boy for awhile at Tar-Jay, but thought I could find better. Turns out, I can't. Unless I want to spend like $150. I thought this one was $16.99, but it rang up as $19.99. Rude, but still a good deal.

Still can't get away from the black & white love, can I?

Also, during the afternoon, my Mom and I went to a Holiday Bazzaar/Craft Show held at a nearby high school. Growing up, my Mom would drag me to craft show after craft show and it was literally my least favorite thing to do all year. Now, I love going with her! We both look forward to it every year. Last year I don't think we went to any, the first time that happened, and we were so disappointed.

This year was the first year we didn't buy anything....except lunch.

More eggs. I had "veggie quiche" ( ended up having turkey in LOL. Good tho), caesar salad, & buttermilk pie. We forgot to get drinks, oops. It was all pretty good! And, as you can see, they gave us extra quiche 'cause we're so awesome. I left a lil pie crust, but otherwise ate everything else. I had lifted weights just before leaving for the bazaar, (legs only still..stupid shoulder), but immediately felt like I needed to workout again after eating this lol....but... I didn't.

For dinner, my parents and I decided to brave Down Under Pub. My brother was lame and stayed home.We thought it might be crazy for Halloween (they have live bands every nite), but it was the only place we all really wanted to go, so we thought we'd peek in and see and just leave if it was a mad house. We walked in and saw people in costumes, but it was pretty dead. Weird. Maybe since we were there fairly early? Tho last time we ate there on a Saturday around the same time it was crazy. Huh. Anyway, I ordered the chicken avocado salad. It looked kinda crappy, but tasted really good! I had wanted a beer, but decided I'd have one at home instead.

Only, instead of having a beer after at home I changed my mind and had a more kid-friendly option.

I tryyyy not to do dessert AND alcohol, and dessert won out instead.

I had wanted frozen yogurt (because when don't I, amirite?), but it was a wee bit nippy out lol, so I made another last minute change and stopped for s'mores and hot chocolate supplies instead. Yes, I had both, don't judge me! I couldn't pick :).

My friend Molly is to blame for this decision. ;). She texted me a pic of some AWESOME looking smores she was eating, so I was a copy cat (altho hers looked better lol, these were tasty too!). Although, I learned a lesson: never buy the off brand graham crackers, trust me. At least not at Walmart. Usually I think store brands are the same as national brands, but in this case it was more like deliciousness vs. cardboard. Nothing a little dark chocolate and corn syrup (I mean marshmallow) couldn't mask. But still. Never again.

I took the lazy man's method of hot choc & just mixed some chocolate almond milk with some unsweetened almond milk to cut down on the high sugar....but then replaced the sugar I took away by adding marshmallows :-x. I'm kinda shocked the choc almond milk has 22 grams of sugar tho. Yikes. But the unsweetened kind is a little gross. Maybe I'll give it one more chance with some stevia? Just thinking aloud (

While buying supplies for my sugarfest, I ran into this display:

My Mom was in a fender bender recently (not her fault), but even tho it was a fairly minor accident, since she's been in so many, she ended up with a concussion :(. It took like 3 weeks for anyone to realize she had the concussion....Our chiro of all people figured it out (which was then confirmed by my Dad's neurologist colleague/friend). Scary. So now she's threatening to wear a helmet at all times LOL. I sent her this and she told me to pick out a pink one for her. I seriously wasn't sure if she was joking or not :-x. Luckily she was.....for now. But knowing her, we'll see if she changes her mind. If so, expect pictures. Lots of pictures.

Man, with catching up posts it's super hard to keep things properly flowing. I mean, this DID happen after the dessert-eating, however, how do I tie this in properly? Hey guys, I made some dessert and then caught my cats snuggling.

Everybody say awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Look what else I saw:

Haha, isn't that fun? I'm not a big VW person, but love me some burberry print!



  1. Yes please. Id love a multi colored helmet. Take all the pics you want. I. Ready. Need to protect my not need to lose any more brain cells, whats left of them. Love mom

  2. My smores were so good, mmm. Awww at cats, <3 pets.