Monday, November 21, 2011

iPhone Test Post

Hey guys. I know. I know. Not even going to say it.

AND when I had a chance to update this weekend our Internet router broke and a replacement won't arrive til Tuesday or Wednesday. I roughly wrote this on my phone via the blogger app, but trying to insert the photos that way was a nitemare/somewhat impossible, so I'm doing a little picture tweaking at the office. Yay for working wifi.

It's pretty random, but I was just trying to clear out the iPhone photos (and have many more similar posts to come)

Without further ado, I present to you...Food Lately. Turn away health foodies, a lot of what you are about to see is junk.

The first 3 pics are from Hannah's in Denton. That was the city I went to college in and tho I commuted, it was one of the few things I miss about Denton! :-p. When my Dad signed up for a seminar in the area I knew I had to tag along to accompany him for lunch!

These used be the best fries eva, especially with their special sauce, buuuuttt they changed the waffle fries and just... Meh. Ok. They still give you a million for only a couple bucks, at least.

I don't really understand why places are famous for certain items and then change them!! What's up with that?

Next up, duck crepes! Ooh yea. The duck was a wee bit overcooked, but still pretty tasty stuff. Not sure if it was worth almost $20 tho. For lunch! And with no sides. It was pretty salty.'s CREPES. People, you know I love my crepes.

And I took this to-go, but panna cotta with berries and, wait for it... balsamic. It works.

Lastly, they had the coolest potted herbs hung above our seats! I was a fan. I wonder if they use the herbs?

Below that is a rarity: food from home! Overnite cocoa oats, in this case. Topped with frozen cherries I let thaw overnite. Plus a gingerbread soy misto. Sup holiday cup?

Lastly (for now), it was a long day at work one evening, but my brother begged my Dad and I to go with him to Purple Cow Diner. He rarely likes to go out, so we begrudgingly agreed. He also insisted I try a milkshake, as he claims they're the best. Good call, Ryan. I almost got an "adult" milkshake with Baileys, but ultimately stuck with nonalchy chocolate peanut butter. It. Was. Awesome. I couldn't finish it, but I sure made myself sick trying!

I also had a black bean garden burger (open faced) with fries.

Ok, I give up for now. Blogger app still needs some work. Humph!


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