Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lavendou + Pet Halloween Costumes

Despite being less than a 2 hour flight and 1 hour time difference, my trip has me WIPED. OUT. It was a great long weekend with stories and pics to come, but for now let's start a little smaller.

My first set of vouchers from groupon and similar sites are starting to near the expiration dates, so I'm trying to get on it! Today, my Mom and I used one for Lavendou, one of our fave French restaurants, that we're especially fond of during lunchtime.

This voucher allowed us to each pick a soup or salad, entree, and the dessert of the day.

I chose the salad to start.

I immediately regretted the decision and wished I had gone for the french onion soup instead. My Mom picked that and it looked delicious. So much so she spilled it all over the white tablecloth-haha. Although my salad was basic, it was very fresh tasting.

For my entree I went for the crepes of the day: chicken crepes.

I love crepes and these were no exception. I think shredded chicken or perhaps bigger pieces of chicken would have been tastier texture-wise, but the crepes themselves were perfect and the sauce was great. I tried to smother the vegetables in the sauce. I ate 1 crepe and all of my vegetables. It was the perfect amount and I had another crepe and all of my mom's vegetables for another meal.

I had my fingers crossed for a chocolate dessert of any kind, but that was a no-go. We were brought out a pastry with strawberry & a thick whipped cream.

I wouldn't order it if it was my choice, but it was still good.

The food is ALWAYS amazing, but sometimes the service at this restaurant leaves something to be desired. This time? Not at all. They knew we had a voucher from the get-go, so I thought it may be even worse, but nope. The waiter was super friendly and even offered to get my Mom a fresh soup when hers spilled (she declined--but still the thought). It definitely made me want to go back.

Do note, though, not to go here if you're in a rush. They're always pretty slow, even when they aren't busy. But it's a nice place to take it slow and really enjoy your meal if you have the time! Also, their iced tea is delightful.

Thanks Lavendou! YUM.

I went to Target after to pick up a few necessities (what? canned pumpkin IS a must) and ended up getting the pups their 2011 Halloween costumes! Last year I reused old costumes, but had really wanted Bella to be a hot dog. This year, that dream will come true lol.

Now THAT'S a hot dog. HAR HAR, get it? Get it?

Buster's I went back and forth on. I *almost* got him a shark suit, but instead? The banana prevailed.

Can't you tell how thrilled he is? :-x. I think I got a size too big, oops, but so frickin cute. Ohhhh pets, you bring me such joy.

What are you gonna be for Halloween? Your pets?


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