Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 8:

List Uno:

8. A picture that makes you laugh

I had to REALLY stop myself from posting more pet pics lol. So here ya go...

(Semi)Short explanation: my friend Molly & I stayed at a super fancy hotel in downtown Chicago a few years ago. We got the room for a reasonable price via hotwire (my savior for nearly all my trips), but they were only able to give us a room with a handicapped bathroom. We weren't exactly sure what that meant, but figured no big thang. Well, there was no tub, just a shower with an open bottom with a couple drains in the middle of the bathroom (I mean I'm sure there was a drain in the shower part too, but I literally mean middle of the in outside of the shower). We thought that was kind of odd, but were rolling with it. When it came time to actually shower, we understood its purpose. We both FLOODED the bathroom every time we showered, there was really no way around it. I'm not sure why that's so funny, clearly there is a need and a purpose for this type of shower, so obvi I mean no disrespect, but it's quite shocking and therefore oddly hilarious, to come out of a bathroom freaking out because the entire room is coated in water. ANYWAY, here is my photo modeling the shower. Guess that wasn't so short after all.

Picture 2...

You know how people handle stress/crisis'/uncontrollable events quiiite differently?'s photographic evidence of one instance.

If I was alone I'd surely be freaking out myself, but with people I have a weird sense of humor and sometimes find travel hiccups to be funny. A good story to tell, if you will. friend Sam used to work for an airline and got us free buddy passes, so my Mom and I went with him to Seattle and to Montana to visit my grandma. It was smooth sailing on the way there, but we ran into a little trouble on the return trip, as all of the flights from Seattle to Dallas were booked. This picture was likely taken on Day 2 of our Stuck-in-Seattle-With-No-Immediate-Way-Out scenario. After all the flights left and we were stranded, we stayed in a (HORRIBLE and expensive to boot) hotel nite 1, but Day 2 I suggested we just stay at the airport. Well, there were no flights that day either. Or nite. But for some reason I just thought it was so funny. My Mom thought it was a nitemare. Sam was in between. I tried to make the best of it. We all did. But clearly from the photo my Mom was not having it, and I was hyper city USA rocking my new airport outfit (complete with granny panty sink washable camping underwear that went up to my belly button. Oh dear. The only available underroos in the entire that was where I wanted to meltdown! haha).

List Dos:

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

The month is almost over, but I'd say the usual...

-drink more water (I used to drink TONS, but recently don't feel like I get enough! Even though I carry a filled reusable bottle everywhere, I find it to stay full many days)

-don't get back in the habit of coffee/caffeine EVERY DAY (I love coffee, but don't want to be dependent on it. When I had my stomach flu recently I quit drinking it, obviously, and have only had it sometimes-not every day-ever since)

-eat less sugar (self-explanatory)

-take a Yoga class (hopefully tomorrow. I'm a little anxious to get back into the class scene, but I know it will do a body good)

Stay tuned for a couple reviews, a GIVEAWAY, and the comeback of my normal foodie and fitness daily-type posts.



  1. Haha that pic made me laugh remembering that vacay. I also laugh at the Raintree pics. Such a fun vacay! I need another one.


  2. Haha I almost posted some Raintree ones too! I was on my laptop at work :-x and was trying to work with the pics I had on there and when I opened iPhoto those were the first ones I saw. DEF funny pic worthy ;). We still need our drink at the bar there LOL.

    And legit about vaca, after I posted that I was like mannnn Molly and I NEED to take our cruise!