Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 1:

I think this is the only day of the month where the challenge for both post is essentially the same. No double trouble to start.


List Uno:

1. A picture of yourself along with 15 Topics.

List Dos:

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Fair enough....

Not the most clear picture in the world, but I took it at work today (yes, that is correct...I worked on labor day. The joys of being contract labor/self-employed-ish!), so it's about as current as you're gonna get.

Still no bang trim, ugh! But the necklace you can't see is a sparkly stiletto heel. Adorbs. And only like $2.80. Holla.

Onto the facts. They didnt ask for attached pics, but everyone knows that makes it more fun, yeah?

1. I have hazel eyes, but they're multicolored (always gold in the center) & can sometimes even turn green (and very, very rarely, blue)


2. I love everything Audrey Hepburn. My room is covered in her pictures. She's amazing.


3. I moved to Calgary, Canada, by myself, when I was barely 18. I was meant to stay for college, so at least 4 years, but only lasted part of a Summer. It ended up being a pretty terrible experience. BUT, it's where I got my dog Bella, so despite loneliness and a LOT of money wasted. A LOT. I can't regret it, because she's my heart.


4. I moved to Boston, with a friend (and Bella!), when I was 20. Again, I only lasted a Summer (a full, long Summer, at least), but that was because I hadn't applied to transfer colleges in time and had to move back to finish my degree. It's one of, if not, my favorite city, and was a much better experience.

For some reason I always associate Boston with Paul Revere & have fond feelings for the old guy-haha! I even have a Paul Revere mini-action figure. Odd fact 4.b.? LOL

5. When Moulin Rouge came out I thought it looked stupid and ridiculous and couldn't understand the appeal to make anyone want to go see it. Shortly after, I was on vacation with a friend who was dying to see it, so I begrudgingly went. From then on it's been one of my favorite movies. I just love the cinematography and the soundtrack.


6. My two favorite book genres are memoirs & teen books, especially teen series (but all of mine have recently ended, nooo!)


7. I was a very precocious teenager, much older than my biological years, but I still feel about the same now, at 26, as I did then, in many ways. That's probably both good and bad? I also think I looked a little older then, physically, than I do now. Weird.


8. I feel really guilty if I, or I see someone else, trash something that can be recycled. Sometimes I even bring home things like water bottles (even if they're not mine), since at work we can only recycle paper products. I also worry a lot that our cleaning lady just trashes the stuff in our recycling bin. I hope not!!


9. I'd really, really like to go dairy-free pescatarian again, but there are a few things holding me back that I'd miss too much! Frozen yogurt, cream cheese, the occasional egg white, just to name a few. Plus, even though I don't care for meat too much, I'm really not a carb person and don't know if I could, or should, live on mostly fruits & veggies alone.


10. I only use aluminum-free deodorant, because having my body slurp up toxic, heavy metals freaks me out. But damn if the toxin-free ones don't suck in comparison. It could be a coincidence, but I have noticed the few times I went back to the aluminum in an emergency-situation or whatever (lol @ emergency deodorant situations), I've ended up feeling really sick after (headachy and nauseous). Creepy. I do still cook with aluminum foil, which concerns me. But hopefully it doesn't leech into the food? Ahhh....


11. I think plain coconut water tastes the way garbage smells. I can't believe people actually love it. It really baffles me. However, I've recently tried flavored coconut waters and I really like (most of) them a lot. Huh.


12. I love decorating. It's so hard to narrow down styles, because I could decorate 10,000 rooms. It's so fun. But lately, I seem to want to incorporate black & white damask with EVERYTHING (gee, I bet you couldn't tell). Especially in combination with turquoise/teal. I'm just worried I'm going to get burnt out!

OK, that's toooo much even for me....kinda hate it.

13. I try to be a healthy eater, but I have somewhat of an advantage being that I naturally hate a lot of unhealthy foods. Some of these include almost anything fried, white rice (or most rice, but especially white), most bread, bacon, sausage of any kind (except veggie), hot dogs, and most cheese.

OK, but let's not lie. The above cheese looks delish to me. Of all "cheese" for me to love, I am quiiiite partial to the processed American variety. It's one chemical-filled vice I lurve.

14. As I said above, I still eat dairy, but I quit drinking dairy milk well over a year ago. I randomly ordered a nonfat, 2-pump pumpkin spice latte last week instead of my usual soy and it practically ruined my day. Not really, of course, but ugh. I had a milky, filmy taste in my mouth all day no matter what I ate or drank or how many pieces of gum I chewed. I'm not sure why I can eat milk-based products and be OK, but the actual cow juice grosses me out so much.


15. I have TMJ or at least something similar, but I'm kind of worried I caused it myself. That's probably impossible, but I remember in school one day, I think middle school or early high school, a friend kept clicking her jaw and I thought that was so weird and gross. But I was oddly fascinated and couldn't stop myself from seeing if my own mouth could click. I did it over & over again until it finally did....and it hasn't stopped since. Not all the time, of course, but I can pop it at will. Ew. My mouth is already weird enough. I was born with no wisdom teeth & no second set of bottom molars. Because of that, my top back molars are kind of sharp because they had no bottom teeth to balance them out. Ew x 2.


Anything else you want to know? :-P


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  1. You look so pretty in the pic. Love the lipstick and necklace!

    <3's Audrey, Moulin Rouge, teen books and memoirs. I'll be sad when I finish the last Private. :( Have you read "The Glass Castle" and/or "Half-Broke Horses" by Jeanette Walls? They're both memoirs. I just let my mom read my copy of the former, and finished the latter recently. You'd probably like them. The other memoir I have in my stack to read is someone who is schizophrenic.

    LOL at coconut water. I'd never heard of it but people on BB were talking/obsessing over it. I saw some at TJ's and I kinda wanted to try it, but it was too expensive. I used to buy a 24 pack of water bottles (for like $5), but now that we have decent water here we've switched to a Brita filter pitcher. Now $3 for a liter (or however much the coco water was) sounds super $$$. Aww nonfat pumpkin spice lol that's how I order it. I thought you hadn't drank regular milk in years? I remember on my bday a couple years ago you brought me a nonfat latte but had soy for yourself. About the unhealthy food- I hear you on the sausage, hot dogs (though I'll randomly crave them for camping and at Summerfest) and most fried food, I gotta have cheese with my wine though. LOL maybe it's bc I'm from the dairy state? But ugh, I'm the only one in my fam not obsessed with fried fish (it's huge around here). I was mad that when my aunt and uncle were in town, we had to go to the same old place so they could get fried fish while my options were severely limited. Sorry if I like (what I consider) "real" fish like salmon, mahi mahi, tuna! lol.