Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Weekend Full of Restaurant Food & a Winery Performance

I meant to post this last nite, but never clicked publish. Oopsie!


I had a coupon for buy one lunch or dinner get one free with the purchase of 2 beverages from Mimi's cafe, so my Dad and I went there in place of breakfast.

-salmon provence salad (took most of it home. delish, but filllling!)
-about 1/3 of a chocolate mousse muffin (tasted just like a brownie, but with a cake texture)
-2 cups of black coffee

+ a few samples @ Sam's, mostly healthy! Yay.

It's so freaking hot. I can't stop saying that. RI-DIC.

Like I said last post, we tentatively joined a new gym last month, but it didn't open until this month, so we kept changing our minds re: which gym to stick with. In the end, the new one won. We went to the new one for the first time today & did a nice chest & back weights workout. Only one exercise (the pulldown...one of my favorites) hurt my shoulder, so I had to sit that one out. Otherwise, I went down significantly on weights, but I was able to do it all.

Since I am always on the go-go-go, I wanted to have a nice, quiet nite in, by myself, watching youtube and eating leftovers (how exciting my life expectations and enjoyments have become!!), but forgot we promised Ryli we'd go hear her perform tonite.

But first, we used up a Macaroni Grill gift card for dinner:

-snapper with tomatoes & potatoes
-a few bites of my mom's salad
-glass of chianti

Love how Mac Grill serves their house wine in juice glasses, LOL.

Healthy and delightful. Just the way I like it. :)

Then, off to the wine bar.

-about 2 and a 3rd glasses of peach white wine (we split a bottle that I forgot to take pics of)

I'm a red wine girl first and foremost, but this was a nice way to change it up.

Ryli was worried about us, because we didn't get there (Landon Winery) 'til about 8:45. Oops. Usually we're there between 7-8 (she technically plays from 7-10, but played 'til closer 'til 11 since they know her there & everyone was having a good time). She also sang Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" for my Mom & I and did soooooo good. Usually I don't think people cover it well, even very talented people, but she nailed it!

My Dad sang the chorus of one of the last songs with her:

& my parents danced a couple times. The last time, to a choreographed dance, where clearly my Mom was facing the wrong way-LOL!!

Don't worry Mom, I sat out because I knew I'd be the same way!!

-a few bites of the salmon salad from this afternoon

You know you have to stuff your face after drinking when you get home, no matter the amount. Duh.

-ginger rooibos tea


My Dad & I had planned on finally trying Luna De Noche's tex-mex breakfast buffet today, but my brother ended up coming with us to breakfast and he never does and mexican isn't his thing. My dad voted Denny's, but was shot down x 2. Little Gus it was!

-about 1/3 of a spinach & cream cheese egg white omelet (I said NO bacon, but I saw a few small pieces sneak in...grr)
-about half the breakfast potatoes with ketchup
-small english muffin with grape jelly (I thought I HATED grape, but it was actually not bad)
-coffee with vanilla stevia

Went to the new gym to show it off to my brother. We got there a little after noon and the doors wouldn't open. WTF? As we were leaving (and my dad was calling, leaving their headquarters a rude message LOL for not telling us they're closed on Sundays and that's unacceptable, we wouldn't have joined blah blah), we noticed another guy go to the door and basically rip it open. YIKES lol. My Dad wanted to go in too, but my brother thought that'd be breaking and entering LOL, so we stayed behind 'til he motioned for us to meet him inside. The bad news is the gym doesn't open 'til noon on Sundays...LATE!! I like early(ish...like 10) workouts on Sundays :(. But the good news is, they are open...the door was just broken. Weird, since they just opened!

But back to my brother. So, he gave up working out awhile ago. He used to be pretty hardcore on the elliptical, but now nada. All he eats is junk food (panda express or chemical/preservative filled microwavable meals) and pretty much just watches youtube videos, plays video games, works (sitting at a computer), or sleeps. And he's only 24 and has high cholesterol already. But since he's not really overweight, he doesn't care. Hopefully he'll change someday, but I don't know. He wasn't too impressed with the gym. It's nice, everything is brand new, etc. and he's like "yeah.....it's a gym. Can we go?" Whatevs.

We dropped him off at home & were going to go right back, but instead I decided I wanted to go to the old gym, since I like their cardio options better. Plus, we had to officially cancel our memberships. We're still members there too 'til October, so that's kinda nice. Cross ramp ftw. I'll miss it so much! I hate the cardio machines at the new place.

When we got home, we realized we left my dog, Bella, outside in the 100+ degree heat for the hour or so we were gone. POOR BABY! I felt like the worst mommy in the world :( (even though I think my Dad did it). But she still loves me. *sigh of relief*

I was gonna be healthy and make a chocolate banana protein shake snack a lil after the workout, but our fridge is ridiculously full, so I ate leftover beef stroganoff instead to take one dish away from the crowd.

Got hungry again a couple hours later before grocery shopping. Never good to shop when hungry, so I ate a new Iron Girl protein bar. It was OK. I'd maybe buy it again. A little dry oat-y for my taste. A crispy lemony flavor would probably be pretty tasty.

At Central Market I found what I've been looking all over for. French macarons!!! Lil teeny tiny mini ones, I got 1 of each (of the 6) flavors. And I ate them all ;). I'm not sure what they're supposed to taste like, honestly. These seemed slightly stale, but also really good! Mmm. Now I want to try one from a Parisian bakery.

As far as I can tell, I also got all I need for dinner materials for the week. So no more half-dead grocery trips on the way home from work before I can even start the cooking process. Should help a lot, I hope!

I was WAY too tired to cook tonite, tho. Thanks, Pei Wei!

-half an order of pei wei steamed, spicy, sweet n sour shrimp and tofu with brown rice
-1 chicken salad roll dipped in peanut sauce

-ginger lemon tea

Weekends go by way too quickly, eh?


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