Sunday, August 28, 2011

Off on a Tangent

I'm still sad. Really sad. But I pulled myself together as best as I could and made the most out of the weekend.

Friday, plans changed left and right, but ended up with a sushi dinner, followed by the smallest self-serve frozen yogurt I've made to date. To be fair, the cup was still half-full, but let's get real. I consider myself frugal when the cup isn't overflowing, usually.

It was probably my first real, solid meal in maybe 9 days? No joke, I weighed myself the next morning and I had put back on maybe 4.5 of the 7 or 8 lbs I had lost last week. I realize both times it was a false weight (water weight, excess sodium, and so on), but damn! I guess one can't live on soup and protein shakes long-term, huh?

Saturday, I planned to document for the blog, but when I looked back on all of the photos they were not worth sharing. In a nutshell, I had an eye appointment to get new contacts where they charged about 4 x what would have been considered reasonable, re-realized how downhill the breakfast at Mimi's Cafe has become, ate free italian ice's (sugar-free, splenda-chemical-filled) at the new Rita's, ran a couple errands, did shoulders and abs at the new gym, & had a family dinner at a pub.

Today would have been Little Girl's birthday. Miss you, sweet, sweet love. We still talk about you every day and wish you could be back with us. It's still so surreal that you're gone. I find myself repeatedly asking out loud if you're really not coming back.

Last nite, plans were made to tackle cardio and stretching at the old gym, followed by breakfast at Einsteins. Instead, my Dad woke up not feeling so hot and he's NEVER sick, so I just kinda putzed around and continuously checked in on him. He worked through it and felt better, but wasn't up for leaving the casa, especially for food or exertion.

I couldn't bring myself to reheat my awful Mimi's egg white omelet, so I just finished the leftover wheat toast with pb, honey, & apple butter + Bella and I shared a bunch of fruit. Plus, strawberry coffee with vanilla stevia and vanilla soy milk.

The watermelon was too mealy to eat, but everything else went bye-bye

My Mom & I made tentative plans to do a double-header at the movies, but I had a feeling we'd only last for one...which we did. We saw Our Idiot Brother. I love Zooey Deschanel, so it was a must. I didn't really know what to expect. I enjoyed it. The first half I liked and all, but was kinda meh about it. The second half picked up a little more. Great cast, good story. Made me a little sad, but what doesn't these days? :-P

Didn't have time to get a real meal in my system for lunch. We checked both Nordstrom Cafe and Starbucks, but they had slim pickings left in the food department. Ultimately, Mom and I split a chicken and tarragon sandwich from Starbucks (last one) + I dipped into her popcorn a couple times. The tarragon in the sandwich was a little overpowering, but it got the job done. The bread was surprisingly tasty.

Before AND after the movie we went on a mission: operation find bridesmaid shoes. I had found a pair at DSW I liked the evening before, but passed up because I'm a shoe weirdo. I either like to spend $20 on shoes, max, or go all-out crazy money designer. The shoes I found were $60 and that just seemed ridiculous to me. I told my Dad and he acted like that was a steal....& he's a cheapskate. What does that say about me? Ha. Though I suppose I could ask myself the same question, for the opposite spectrum, what does it say about me that I spent $900 on Louboutins? That I kind of regret, by the way, though they are beautiful. But I digress.

After trying on pair after pair at the mall, none felt just right, and my choices were a little limited. Even though our car registered 109 degrees, since September is just around the corner, stores feel the need to bust out the Fall trends. Knee high leather boots, anyone? Who needs strappy, shiny silver sandals now? Besides me, obv. Back to DSW it was. I had a coupon if you spent x amount you'd get x amount off, but the lowest "x" was $69 AND I noticed it expired the day before, so I tucked it back in my purse. I guess it was sticking out though, 'cause the cashier grabbed for it. I explained to her that it was expired, but she didn't care, so I left out the whole $9 off sitch. She ended up taking off $10. Score. Still $54 when all was said and done.

The final 2 contenders. I bought the pair on the left. Now I kind of like the right better lol. But from the side they were kinda odd.

My bangs are so long if I try to wear them straight across I'd be blind, but Toni & Guy told me to come back in 40 minutes to try again for a bang trim. Blah. Maybe I'll go someplace later this week. I love bangs, but they really are a PITA. I conveniently forgot about that part. (Not really, I just chose to ignore it).

No makeup pic, good thing half my face is covered ;)

While out I also tried to pick up a purse-sized body spray at Victoria's Secret or B&BW, but they all smelled like cheap chemicals. Bummer, but probably better off. I do have probably 20+ sprays and perfumes already.

Anyway, so when I came home I was starving. I made salads topped with kale chips, quorn "chicken" nuggets with special sauce (vegenaise & organic ketchup mixed together), & roasted broccoli. I also stole a bunch of my brother's leftover fries and ate them cold while the other food heated through. I also sipped a grapefruit zevia. I was pumped for the new flavors (new-to-me? not sure if they're new to the line or just moi), but they're pretty terrible. And this is coming from a Zevia fangirl. Grapefruit isn't bad, it just isn't tart enough or special. But the one I was most looking forward to, the Mountain Dew-clone (so cleverly named Mountain Zevia) is horrid. Just don't.

I go through periods where clutter overwhelms me and I MUST clean and purge as much as possible. Now is one of those periods. The problem is, a lot of stuff I have I want to keep. I want, want, want. But I also crave minimalism. What's a girl to do? My current plan is to work through what I have and not replace things unless absolutely necesary (i.e. if I run out of face makeup, replace that, OK, but if I run out of lipstick, use another one I already have). Probably good I didn't buy that body spray then, huh? Learning curve. It's pretty gross how much stuff I have, though. Or, how much I have and don't use. Ugh.

Well, none of those paragraphs really went together transitionally, but they are what they are.

I'm back, bitches.


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  1. We are twins lol. Again, I'm sorry about LG. :( It took me 2-3 weeks to get to the point where I didn't keep expecting to see Kelsey around the house, and after a month or so it stopped hurting as much. I still miss her a lot (in a little over a week it will be 4 months, HOW) but I'm starting to think about getting another kitten/cat. I meant to mention that when I posted the other day, but so many thoughts lol.

    I just got MY bangs trimmed yesterday so I feel your pain about trimming. I go to a nice salon 2 times a year for a cut, but I'm a cheapskate with bangs so I get trims at a chain where they're free. As you know, I had a search for a dress to wear to a wedding (success, yay). I like both sh*es (haha) you posted, but I actually like the ones you bought more.

    I go through periods when I want to get rid of stuff/be minimalistic too! The last time was when Fluff was coming and I was doing a basic room clean and ended up cleaning out stuff that had been in a corner for years. :-x We also had some work done to our basement so I got rid of a few things before the workers came.