Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet Chef Lara & Chef Amy

The usual Sunday-Monday dilemma occurred: stayed up all nite (well, close to 2) on Sunday, slept through gym time Monday.

I also slept through breakfast. Lara did the honors instead.


Work It's a little hard to get motivated lately, but once I'm on a roll stuff gets DONE.

I ate a baggie of veggie sticks. Weird how spinach is my favorite vegetable, but my least fave chip flavor. Too strong! But I ate them all anyway.

I also had another turkey lavash wrap, this time with spinach (the good kind!), dijon, and garlic & herb laughing cow. I'm officially over that bread. Burnt out, I guess. And it makes me feel crappy. Not sure if it's the yeast or gluten, but back to brown rice toast love for awhile.

I was supposed to leave work early (4) to get my bridesmaid dress hemmed & taken in, but things ran a little behind and I didn't feel like being rushed. Tomorrow. I had a chiro appointment at 6 anyway, so stayed at work 'til just after 5:30 instead.

Things looked good for the first time in awhile as far as my adjustment went, so that's promising. My neck was still bad off, but that's no surprise. It always hurts. But the shoulder is holding up better than it has thus far *fingers crossed* We set a tentative next appointment for Saturday, September 10, so we'll see if I can make it last that long.

I meant to "run" in Kohl's to grab a strapless slip to wear under the bridesmaid dress, but nearly 30 minutes of trying things on later and they didn't have any small enough. Ha, if only that meant I was small. Nah, the problem was the band size at the top. What do small girls with big chests do??? Everything started at 36, I needed 34. I tried every 36 they had on the tightest setting, but I don't need a wardrobe malfunction, even if it's not my big day. There are still pictures to be had! What about people with 32 bands, etc? It's really not that uncommon! Back to the drawing board...sigh. Not sure where to look now! I'll figure it out..I hope. Ugh, and it didn't help that I wore my Hunter rain boots today. Cute as can be, but not very conducive to taking off & putting back on a million times!

So all that time and no slip, however, I did find shoes. I know, I bought some yesterday. But these were 70% off!! Only $16.49, holla. I'll take the other ones back and pocket the change. Not too shabby.

I think they look better in person. I can't decide if I like these or the other ones better, but for a $40 difference, if I can't decide, why not go for the cheapies, right?

I planned to make an awesome dinner of spicy, crunchy chicken tacos, but between having to go to Walmart to pick up food, medicine, and other miscellaneous items (including the highly coveted September Vogue), it was already 8:30, PLUS more crap occurred that made me feel too bad about myself to be useful, so Amy helped me out with her lasagna, while I put together a quick salad. A couple mini pb cups & a lemon girl scout cookie may have snuck in as well.

On a fun note (kinda?), I just got my Dad, brother, and I reservations for next week's Chick-Fil-A free breakfast. We went to the unveiling of the spicy chicken biscuit last time, so obvi had to continue the trend. Want your own? Click Here. Yay. My Dad and I picked the chicken, egg, & cheese bagel, while my brother went for the bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit. Bacon? At Chick-fil-a? Weird. Happy cows, not happy pigs, I guess!

Back to numbing myself with tv time. Is it weird that I still watch Degrassi? Come to think of it, ALL the shows I plan to watch tonite are about high school. Eh, like I care! They're good.


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