Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last of the Long Week


So remember Tuesday nite I was going to go to bed early unless I was stupid? Well, just hand me the dunce cap. I should have just watched 1 more 30-minute tv show, but instead I decided to read. Seems like a better choice, but this was a book that is very easy to read and very hard to put down. So of course I had to finish it.

So no, I didn't work out this morning. Again. :(

And again, I had no time for breakfast technically, but we didn't have any 10 am patients scheduled, so I made a quick, 5 minute breakfast and scarfed it down and was just "late" for work (technically I don't have a set schedule, so no biggie).

-egg whites with cottage cheese & greek seasoning
-clif mountain mix bar
-strawberry iced coffee with unsweetened almond milk & vanilla stevia

-cinnamon coffee with hazelnut coconut milk cream & vanilla stevia

-turkey on brown rice bread with organic mixed greens, white american cheese, & mustard
-a couple cherries (took most of them home)

Went to the store after work to pick up chicken to make for dinner.

-baked chicken roll ups stuffed with herby goat cheese on top of brown rice penne in a lemon/butter/wine sauce with capers & kalamata olives
-small salad
-lemon lime Zevia (usually I don't like lemon-lime soda, but this was on sale. It's pretty good)

-small handful of mini pb cups
-large handfuls straight from the box of Grape Nut Flakes (these are delightful, even plain)


Woke up staaaahving, but had plans to meet my cousin and Kendyll for an early lunch.

Only, it got postponed an hour. Still too early to eat a snack & still be hungry for lunch, though.

We met up at California Pizza Kitchen at the mall that's about half way between my house & their apt.

-few bites of the corn guacamole
-like 3 bites of the half size roasted veggie salad + added goat cheese
-iced tea

I know, I was starving and then barely ate. What's up with that? I'm still not sure why (I'm blaming the heat for EVERYTHING), but my stomach started killing me after just a few bites. Lame :(

We shopped a little, but first Kendyll was hyper as h-e-double hockey sticks ;) & then got EXHAUSTED and my Mom and I had to run anyway. She had a chiro appt at 3. Oops, I had thought it was at 4. My bad.

She was hiding in the clothes & then popped out right as I was trying to take the pic of her hiding and decided to show us which shirt she liked best ;)

Kendyll got a cinnamon sugar pretzel to eat while we shopped, but only ate about half. My stomach had calmed down by the time we decided to leave and Kendyll was through with her snack, so I finished it off. It was sooo good. Really really messy, but tasty.

Grabbing on to my Mom, she didn't want us to go!! She's a huge mama's girl, but she even said "buh-bye Momma, I go with my nana's now." Silly girl!! Next time :)

The chiro had a few minutes between my Mom & her next patient, so she offered to just squeeze me in, instead of my Saturday appointment. I figured why not. And she had to make a lot of adjustments, so I guess I needed it. When don't I? *sigh*

We thought we were gonna meet my brother and his new girlfriend (none of the fam has met her yet), but schedules ended up being too tight. Hopefully soon.

Since we weren't in a rush anymore to pick them up from work (OK, OK, I was gonna stop anyway, shh), I went to Starbucks and picked up a grande (altho it looked like a tall to me?) iced coffee with soy. It was so good. I hate Starbucks burnt tasting regular or iced coffee, but add a little soy and you're golden! And for only like $2 a pop instead of $4-5. And now I'm only 4 drinks away from being a gold member. Ohh yeah. It only took 11 months. How it took that long, I'm not sure!

Then, for the millionth time this week,I ran in Sprouts for dinner ingredients. No bulk shopping trips this week. Dumb!

-last of my salad from this morning (didn't hurt my stomach then (*knock on wood*)
-1 veggie taco in hard shell with veggie refried black beans, salsa, greek yogurt, organic mixed greens, tiny bit of avocado, & splash of green hot sauce

-peach popsicle

I was really thirsty, but didn't feel like drinking. Weirdo.

Dinner was early, so I was a snacky mcsnackerson, sorta.

-slice of brown rice toast with maranatha organic pb with a shake of cinnamon
-chocolate hazelnut tea with unsweetened almond milk with vanilla stevia

Was gonna have dessert (like I didn't have enough sugar today), but the salt monster struck instead. WEIRD.

-reduced fat ruffles mixed with mexican flavored veggie chips
-a few mini pb cups (like....5. Not a lot)
-zevia ginger root beer

I think I'm still a lil dehydrated, oops.

I found out today was apparently the 33rd day in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees :(


Surprise, bet you can't guess what I grabbed this am :)

-clif mountain mix bar (shock!!)

Actually, the real surprise was how much the apple helped fill me up combined with the bar. Yay!

-cup of hazelnut coffee with hazelnut coconut creamer & vanilla stevia

For lunch I planned on FINALLY trying the quorn cheeseburgers, but my brother didn't end up taking the lunch I packed for him (INGRATE! jk, apparently he forgot to eat lunch yesterday and it was still in his work fridge. Weirdo), so I just grabbed his lunch for myself. I would have made it slightly differently had I known it was for me, but it was still slightly ironic since I had wanted to make myself a similar lunch, but we only had enough chicken lunch meat left for 1, so I begrudgingly made it for him. :-P

-chicken deli meat on a whole wheat hamburger bun with white american cheese, mustard, & vegenaise
-part of a chai spice kombucha

Usually I loveKombucha & chai-flavored things, but this was kinda nast.

I also packed a chobani, but wasn't in the mood & the sandwich was a-ok as is.

A few hours later, though, I pulled out a lara bar from my purse. I kinda wished I brought the cookie dough one, but the chocolate chip brownie one was juuuuuuuust fine. Slurp! :-P

I was pumped it was Friday and even had the option of leaving work a little before 2 pm, but decided to stay. Especially b/c I took off yesterday & got a massage this morning. But ughhhh. I don't regret it, because..hello..cha-ching, but I didn't even leave the office 'til ater 6:30 pm. On Friday, guys!! That's just unacceptable. The last few hours I was just trying to stay erect (heh, heh. *immature*). My eyes were burning for some reason and I felt like I was gonna throw up. Pretty awesome! Riiight.

My Dad and I joined a new gym (in the same location where our other one used to be, actually) and they officially opened up today. We were too tired tho. My Mom and brother didn't officially join, but we're in a program where we can bring guests every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so we wanted to show it off for them. Too bad neither were interested. Come on!!

The rec center riiight by our house has been remodeling and adding on forEVER and finally reopened today. Um. It looks the same if not smaller. WTF? Def not disappointed we aren't joining there. The 3938504389543 kids running around didn't help matters!

Usually I'd most likely go out to dinner on Friday, but I am WIPED. I never want to leave the house again basically. So I ran in the store AGAIN. I still felt crappy, but beef strognoff sounded pretty tasty. Next week I really need to plan dinners for the week and shop once or twice, not every nite!

The strognoff came out pretty good! I served it over a protein enriched farfalle & with a side salad. & a lot of iced tea. That I'm not sure is caffeine free. *fingers crossed*

FYI, today at the store I wanted to grab every sugar cereal. Guess the salt monster is slowly going back into hiding. My true self has returned. I don't know if that's good or not, LOL.


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