Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fast Month Slooow Week


Another Monday. *sigh* They sure come quickly, huh? How is it that the months FLY by, yet the days & weeks go sloooooow. Somehow doesn't add up!

But I did fuel up! :-P

-leftover egg white frittata topped with cottage cheese & pepper
-cherries (+ the last few pieces of fruit from my weekend breakfast)
-coffee with a splash of rice milk horchata & vanilla stevia

Cottage cheese is one of the things that MUST be full fat, otherwise it's all watery and gross.

& I bought that horchata once before. My Dad swore I was wasting money and would never drink it. I swore I would. Oops. This time I wasn't waiting around! I bought it Saturday and opened it Monday. BOO YAH (do people still say that? Oh, they haven't in years? Get over it! It works). It looks a little gross (cloudy and watery), but it is soooooo delicious. Yayy!

Monday's are always touch and go re: lunch. Technically, my Dad has a patient scheduled, but the guy only shows up some of the time. When he doesn't, we always do the indian buffet thang together. Since I don't like to chance it and bring fresh food and have it go to waste, I've taken up bringing frozen meals "just in case." This time, it turned out, to be a good move.

-frozen Amy's indian meal (paneer with spinach, some lentil thing, rice)
-mango Kombucha (went PERFECTLY with Indian)

At least I still had Indian Food Monday! Thanks, Amy. LOL

Have I mentioned how much I hate white rice? :-P. Otherwise, this was pretty good.

-a few baked tortilla chips (kinda like healthy doritos, but they didn't taste as good this time as when I remember having them last time...boo)
-the last 3 or so bites of the red velvet ice cream (was trying to make room in the freezer--honest!)
-pumpkin spice tea with a splash of rice milk horchata and vanilla stevia

Twice in one day, huh? Boo Yah again ;).

Maybe one day I won't head for the pantry right when I walk in the door. Yeah, right!

Gotta have somethin' to munch while making din-din!

-super small piece of flounder with a spicy red pepper seasoning topped with sauce made from butter/lemon juice//artichoke hearts/green onion
-even smaller piece of baked breaded fish a la whole foods topped with the same sauce
-a few steamed crab legs
-salad (organic mixed greens, green pepper, artichoke hearts, green onion, garlic gold nuggets, light balsamic, herby goat cheese)
-ginger ale zevia

Everything was (clearly) much smaller than I anticipated, but it was still tasty and filling enough.

-hail merry mint chocolate tart half
-watermelon & organic cherries
-chocolate hazelnut tea with almond milk & vanilla stevia

I used to think I hated chocolate and mint together, but what was I smoking? It's so good!


Only Tuesday??? Ughhh.

No time for a sit down breakfast, but I managed to snag something on my way out the door:

-large strawberry flavored iced coffee with almond milk & vanilla stevia
-clif mojo mountain mix trail mix bar

The bar still isn't my favorite like I thought I had remembered it not being, but it was pretty good.

Since breakfast was on the (super) small side, I ate lunch early (for me. Which was about 12:30, usually I eat between 1 and 2, occasionally even 3). I tried to hold out, but it wasn't happening.

-greek sampler leftovers

Only, in my rush this morning, I just grabbed the leftovers in the styrofoam box and had no plate or pyrex or anything to nuke them on. I always worry styrofoam boxes = cancer. Oh dear. But a girl has to eat... :-\

Naturally, I needed an afternoon snack since lunch was early.

First, I had a cup of Starbucks cinnamon coffee (I FINALLY found it, after my co-worker and I were looking for it for like..2 months) with hazelnut coconut milk creamer & vanilla stevia

My friend said it tasted just like Christmas. One sip and I instantly knew what she meant. But I'm not sure if I liked it. The coffee, duh. I love Christmas :-P It had a weird aftertaste, but it's alright. But I'm also not sorry I bought some other coffees when I was out too. Vanilla macaroon? Or something like that. Hell. Yes.

But I also needed a food snack.

-banana with a Justin's chocolate peanut butter packet

excuse the crappy blurring. Had to protect patient's names, o' course!


On my way home I had to return a red box (saw Lincoln Lawyer last nite--pretty good! Different than I expected) and then it was finallllly home time. I LOVE that I don't work until 10 am every morning, but I hate not getting home many nites until 7 pm. :-\ OK, I think it was more like 6 today, but it still felt drawwwwwn out. EVERYONE seems tired and out of it lately. My Dad thinks even tho inside buildings are (usually) nice & cool, just being in the heat at all is really draining life out of us all. He may have a point. It's sooooo oppressive.

When I walked in the door I couldn't find my baby Bella. I almost had a panic attack. She's my world. Luckily the silly goose was just locked up in the downstairs bathroom. In the dark. Poor baby! Not sure why she didn't make noise when I was calling her tho. Geesh! My guess is my Mom or brother locked her up when their pizza delivery came, but I guess they forgot to let her back out. I hope she wasn't stuck for long!

When I got home from work I felt a little nauseated and faint, probably due to the heat. I don't know if my sodium levels were low or if it was just a coincidence....usually I hate salt, but I couldn't stop eating the reduced fat ruffles leftover from my friend's visit that I'd normally never touch. I'm not a salt girl. I probably only ate about half a serving, but it seemed to help a lil. Weird.

Dinner took forever to make when I thought it would be super fast. Good thing it was worth it.

-teriyaki tuna burger on whole wheat bun with organic mixed greens, white american cheese, & dijon
-mashed cauliflower
-zucchini baked with seaside cheddar

It was the first, but definitely won't be the last batch of mashed cauliflower. Or tuna burgers, for that matter.

-chocolate chip cookie dough coconut milk ice cream with a graham cracker square

I am WIPED. I've been staying up (too) late lately (hence no workouts ughh..would you believe I only worked out 4 times in July? No, not in a week. In the month. There's no excuse for that!) I hope I don't get a second wind or stupidly force myself to stay up late. I need an early nite & an early, workout-filled morning!! Makes me feel soo much better and more energized during the day. Which I need soo badly.

Time to drink some Zevia root beer (is it just me or is it weird that root beer is always caffeine free?) & hope my shoulders loosen up. Not because of the Zevia, obvs lol. Just saying. I'm tempted to take a hot bath to help the process along, but I'm already wayy too hot. Stupid unexplainable chronic pain. And stupid Summer heat.



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