Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toddler High Heels

Last Monday I was asked to skip work to meet up with my family for lunch and hanging out. I didn't think I should go, but my Dad insisted it was OK, so I reluctantly skipped the entire day. We met up at California Pizza Kitchen to start. It's always a good, safe place to go because Kendyll rarely acts up there and can eat lots and lots of pasta.

She can also put away a large chunk of spinach dip. Good eater, that girl.

While she ate almost all of my Mom's pasta & slurped down almost all of my mango iced tea (I later changed to unsweetened regular for myself lol), I let her feed me my fish tacos.

I wish the fish hadn't been fried, but otherwise it was really good. My dumb ass forgot to use the coupons we got from the last meal...but it ended up not really mattering. It was one of those things where they give you an envelope that you have to scratch with a penny to find your % off in front of the waiter at your next meal. Since I forgot to use them I later scratched the 3 I had just out of curiosity. All 3 were for 10% off one meal. Big whoop :-P.

But back to KK. So, at lunch she also had a little sprite & directly after conned nana & mama into letting her pick out a lollipop. THEN, she also had about 2 bites of a cupcake. She was WI-RED.

First, we took her to the play yard, but they were cleaning it, so first we took pics right outside.

Blurry, but how could I not post it?

We were let in shortly after, but for some reason no one knows, Kendyll is now scared of the play area at the mall :(, so we left pretty quickly and made her feel better by letting her pick out a Hello Kitty stuffed animal (last time she got a Hello Kitty stuffed backpack). She also got stickers.

Instead of playing with the other kids on a bunch of plastic statues, she wanted to randomly play in the middle of the mall by the fountains. Where she ran in circles over. And over. And over. Who needs the immature play yard anyway? ;) Her stickers had wings on them, so she put a pink one on one hand and a blue one on the other and pretended to fly. You guys, she's not even 2 and she put that together! I was impressed, but I'm always impressed!

That's the girl we know and love.

After she got all her energy out, her mama & I went shopping and Kendyll touched all of the shoes :). Smart girl!

My Mom & I were asked if we could watch her for a little bit on Thursday, so how could we refuse?

We didn't have to be there until the afternoon, so I took ANOTHER whole day off (I know...). I had planned to work from home that morning, but my Mom suggested we go downtown McKinney to try out Square Burger for lunch & visit our recent find, Swanky Boutique. Obviously I wasn't going to turn that down. They have the cutest suff that ranges from about $30-something to $200-something. Lucky for me I usually pick out from the $30-60ish range.

But before shopping we had to fill our screaming bellies!

Please excuse my Mom's hair in the corner, "move bitch get out the way" didn't work, I guess. I kid. Sorta ;).

Kind of a fun place. We ate at the bar where they had 2-seater cushions! Never seen that before, but we liked it a lot.

They had a ton of unusual beers on tap, always a good sign. Including a random one I've only ever seen in Montana. I had to take a pic of the bowling one for my Dad.

First up, I had an iced tea & my Mom and I shared the goat cheese salad (that they nicely split in 2 for us)

So far so good. It came with both cooked red and yellow beets, both of which I usually HATE. They're still never going to be a fave, but I ate most of these! Good job, guys. That's a real rarity.

They had a salmon burger I should have ordered that sounded phenom (as did the tuna), but in order to feel like more of a fair judge (and after reading rave reviews online), I went for the mushroom beef burger that also came with avocado, another big seller. It was HUGE. I think I only made it through 2 bites before packing the rest to go. I also got the onion rings on a friend's insistence.

Great presentation for everything. And every burger comes with a fried pickle spear. My kinda place, right?

Well. Pretty much. I didn't like the onion rings at all. I ate 1 or 2 and took the rest home. I immediately regretted not getting the raved about sweet potato fries. I stole a few of my mom's french fries which were much better. I thought the burger was just OK (the patty part, I mean: the toppings and bun were amaze), but online it says they only use local, grass-fed beef so that made me happy. I would absolutely go back, but next time for the salmon burger and sweet potato fries.

Another disappointment was that they were out of the dessert I was DYING to try: homemade ice cream sandwiches! I'm pretty sure they're just ice cream filled cookies, but listen to this. OK, so the first 2 flavors are just...whatever. Good, but I could take or leave: snickerdoodle cookies filled with strawberry ice cream and a traditional chocolate chip with vanilla. But the third? OH, THE THIRD, you ask? CARROT CAKE COOKIE WITH CREAM CHEESE ICE CREAM. Um. I die. WHYYYY must they be out? That alone is a reason to go back. And soon.

2 (mostly) satisfied customers! (My Mom is gonna kill me for posting this, neither of us like it, but it's the only one we took!)

Another disappointment? The boutique didn't have anything new from the brand I discovered and LOVED last time, Fashion Spy. SIGH. But I picked up 4 or 5 things anyway, so I can't complain toooo much. ANother weird thing tho is apparently they open and close whenever they want, more or less, and you have to call that morning to find out. Who does that?!

Aaaand another disappointment (I still had a good time, really!), the third store we went to carries fun reef flip flops, but they didn't have my size if any of the pairs I liked. Oh well.

Then, it was time to play!

Out came the infamous ice chopper!

Like Nana like KK. Both ice chomping ladies. (Haha I may get killed for a lot of these pics....:-x)

Lots of Nana-snuggles occured, heavy on the hand holding

I think they kiiinda like each other. Maybe just a little ;).

& doggie snuggles are a given.

They really do love each other, even if Reesie does look like she's pleading to be saved in every pic-HAHA.

Shortly before mama came home, Kendyll asked me if she could try on my shoes. I was scared, but she insisted.

OMG she could walk almost perfectly!! I'm so impressed. I told you, she's always surprising me! I should be used to it by now, huh?

Thatta girl! She's definitely related to me in those shoes!


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  1. Have you ever had Fat Tire? I like that beer. They actually had a beer tasting at a concert I went to last year with Fat Tire and a couple others from that brewery (New Belgium). I'd already had the beer, but can't refuse free samples lol. Plus I got free Fat Tire lip balm and an AWESOME bottle opener! :)