Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hopped in the car Saturday morning after my chiro appointment to head to Oklahoma City to visit Sam for the long 4th of July weekend.

But first? Fuel, of course. Not for the car, for the bod.

Not very breakfasty, but not a bad start!

We did have a minor dog food mishap and had to drop off a few cans of wet food, despite me asking my dad THREE times the nite before if we had enough and he insisted we had plenty. Um. We had none. *shakes head*

I wanted to stop at a fave of mine where I went to college (about 45 min-1 hr away) for lunch, but my fam convinced me to wait until Monday on our way home *crosses arms* HMPH!

We needed a food and pee break about half way thru the drive (1.5-2 hrs or so in)

But..... we (OK, mostly me...) kept refusing stops. Nothing seemed good enough! I didn't care where we stopped for bathrooms, but I really did not want to eat at a crappy chain or w/e when there are 389748548 local places along the way! Or at least a local chain.

Once we got to Norman (errr aka almost all the way there), we tried to eat at a place called Jimmy's Egg. Only....they closed at 2. It was now almost 2:40. Ughhhh. Then, I consulted the GPS for nearby suggestions only to find Marie Callanders. I almost peed my pants with glee. I've only been once, but I love that place! My fam didn't want to go, but agreed since they knew I was being Miss Picky Pants. :). Too bad it was out of business!!! WTF?!?! Rude. I had agreed if for some reason it wasn't there anymore (ughhh, who'd have thought that'd be true!) we could go across the street to my Mom's craving: Olive Garden. But she was super nice and agreed to try this place I found instead, Charleston's.

Our lunch was deeeelish, but this place was a TOTAL Houston's copy-cat.

This chicken avocado sandwich was ridiculously good. I ate about 3/4 and gave the rest to my Dad + I gave him about half of the potato soup.

When we got to Sam's he had SaraSara cupcakes waiting for us. Yay! I was sickeningly full, but I still drank an Amazing Race papaya mango Snapple + ate the sh!+ out of my red velvet!

Sam's work friends were having a pool party at his apartment complex (even though only 1 of the people there actually lives there lol), so we went down for a few minutes. I had about half of a miller lite and sat out by the pool. His friends invited us out for clubbing and karaoke later, which sounded pretty good to me, but Sam was tired so we said we may try the next nite.

Then, we had to make a Target stop. Can't get away from that place! Nor do I ever want to :).

When dinner came around we were still soso full from lunch, but eventually around 9 my Dad, Sam, and I decided to go to dinner anyway, at a place called Republic Gastropub. I almost forgot we were in Oklahoma City and not New York City. This place was awesome!

Oklahoma beer flight

The salad was a little fishy tasting (the dressing had anchovies or something), but c'mon, purple potatoes! And I really needed my greens!

Sam graciously gave my parents his bed for the weekend, so him and I busted out the blow up beds.

Despite Sam being exhausted, we stayed up for hours and hours watching Role Models and then youtube videos via his PS3.

He brought us a midnite snack at one point.

Caramel magnum ice cream bars. I didn't like it that much. I had already brushed my teeth and it didn't taste that special. It wasn't bad, just not something I'm dying to have again, you know? And I felt super guilty the whole time I ate it. With a name like Magnum I was thinking 400 calories + and I didn't even want it that much...I was just mildly curious about it. But I looked it up (ILY, iPhone) and it was only 200-something cals, so not as horrible as I thought. But I still wouldn't eat it normally.

And that concludes day one! I was going to try to fit the whole weekend in one post, but I'm tired and this way it'll cut down a wee bit on the photo heavyness :).


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