Thursday, July 7, 2011

(Mostly) Wordless Eats and Bevvies

As usual, in no particular order....

flounder, salad, leftover outback bread
pom juice mixed with seltzer
cookie dough ice cream milkshake/smoothie
spaghetti with veggie meatballs, roasted veggies, small side salad
lean turkey nachos with lots of toppings (I promised taco nite, but forgot the shells. No complaints here!)
Henry! Guess he found a new comfy spot in my messy corner :-x FYI he is neither eat nor bevvie. Just handsomeness. Consider this your intermission. ;)
salada, my love

stuffed pepper! organic chicken, jalepenos, onion, salsa, cheese, etc. + 2 yum peaches

spaghetti with salad and an olive garden breadstick
leftover chili's molton lava cake (not mine!) covered in ice cream & a duo of raspberries
leftover cuppiecakes from an upcoming post!
mom's chicken & d's aka the best that I added spinach to
hot tea with splash o' light vanilla soy milk
What can I say? I eat a lot of cupcakes.
self-explanatory. Almost always eaten with a paper towel nearby.
smooooooothie luvin'
leftover veggie benedict & fruit
tuna on wheat
roasted red pepper hummus on brown rice toast
more salad
soy chai frap...had a free coupon. I just wanted a regular soy chai and I swear the coupon said any free tall drink, but the barista insisted it had to be a frap. It was still good.
Had to take a pic of friend Molly's friend ;)
shrimp & extra rice. And I ate every bite. In like 2 minutes.
egg, cheese, and grey poupon on brown rice toast with raspberries & iced coffee
Finished the Kombucha from the other day + salad topped with tuna & brown rice toast
half a leftover fajita
grape nut flakes, grape nuts, cinnamon, & raspberries....for dinner

not as amazing as I expected, but still good

mini crab cakes with faux cocktail sauce (ketchup, sriracha, vegenaise)

I love me some greens

Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup

perfect egg. That never happens for me. I didn't do it any different than I ever did before.

See? Made the same way (besides how I arranged it, obviously), the next day...and the yolk is almost hard. Boo.

Used one of my other free coups. Woo. I did tip $1, but she didn't see. What a waste LOL don't you hate that? It's a venti soy latte with 1 pump mocha 1 pump coconut, but I didn't taste the coconut

One of my fave Amy's meals

peach fruit bar

Still not the best.

But this sight sure is :)



  1. Still waiting for more Youtube videos and grocery hauls! Miss you in the vloggin' world!

  2. Yay Bon Iver! I grabbed a few at my local Starbucks to give to my cousin and friends lol. Obvi I preordered the cd. :) #2 on Billboard that week, SUP.

    <333 Henry. Love pet pics!!

    LOL you worked out like 10x as much as I did in June. I get so lazy in summer. I'd work out a little more if my dad would turn up the a/c a bit.