Saturday, July 9, 2011

Iguana, Memorial, & Gambling

The bad thing about my sleep nite one in Oklahoma? My air bed deflated and I kept tossing and turning...on the hardwood floor. Yep, it deflated all.the.way. and I was basically just sleeping on a plastic sheet on the floor, oops. Not a big deal, but something I hoped not to have to repeat! I should have just moved to the love seat, but I was too lazy!


Day two started out in the dining area of Sam's apartment complex. I couldn't find anything Amanda-friendly there besides an apple and some watery coffee, but my Dad wanted to try out some of the free grubbin'. The building overlooked a pool and a lake, so we stayed for the view and chatted for awhile.

Then, Sam gave us a tour of the nearby gym. It was pretty nice! Had a lot of options, even its own boxing room. We never ended up using it, but probably should have!

Nice view outside there, too.

My Mom was too enthralled by the Casey Anthony case to get out just yet.

Once we met up with her back at Sam's, he and I shared a breakfast of our own: a savory cupcake! SaraSara offers a bacon and egg "cupcake" (really more of a corn muffin) complete with chive cream cheese frosting. Despite my hatred of bacon, this was really good! I wasn't sure what to expect per se, but I wasn't disappointed. *licks fingers*

We agreed to go to lunch at 3, but after everybody putzed around and (most of us) eventually showered, we didn't get to our destination until 4-ish. I wasn't terribly hungry, duh, but Sam tossed me a bag of these, so I ate them.

For lunch, Sam recommended a local Mexican place, Iguana's. My mom, never one to turn down good Mexican was excited all weekend. Anything that gets her out of the house during a major public trial is a big deal ;).

To start, Sam ordered us nachos. Instead of normal chips they came on these bigger cripsy tortilla thangs.

See, I'm still letting my jalapeno love go strong. And these were just fresh jalapenos. Not the usual vinegary nacho kind.

The nachos had an interesting, tasty, sweet black bean dip as a base.

And of course we had pleeeeenty of chips & salsa.

I had read mixed reviews of said salsa online, but I kind of had a love affair with it. Don't tell.

I didn't have much of an appetite (I forgot what it felt like to be hungry during the entire duration of our trip), but I ordered like a feaster anyway! 4 mini crunchy tacos (2 chicken, 2 fish)

And if all that wasn't enough, I just HAD to try this corn coconut soup I read about online. The ingredients seemed more thai to me. But it was GREAT!

I normally don't like margaritas, but they had a $4 special of the day, the frozen margarita with a sangria swirl, so I thought I'd give it a go.

It was OK, but my Dad ordered a tequila sunrise that I liked way better, so we traded. What a guy! Well...he liked his taste better, but my texture/frozenness better and suggested the trade in the first place, so it all worked out.

I thought I'd suck that back in seconds flat, but it actually lasted the entire meal!

Then, we walked next door (OK, maybe 2 doors down) to none other than SaraSara cupcakes, where else?

Come inside?

Don't mind if I do!

They had a honey flavor of some sort, blueberry maybe? But it was sold out. Bummer! I settled on a count chocula for my brother and an apple cinnamon + girl scout (aka thin mint) for moi. My Mom stuck with vanilla. Bo-ring!

Mom already ate hers when this was taken :-P

The inside was kinda small, but cute!

I almost bought a tshirt to workout in (kind of ironic? heh), but they only had hot pink in kid sizes. No fair! They also have a milk bar (plain, chocolate, and strawberry) that's supposed to be extra cold and delish, but we took everything to go, plus I don't really do cow's milk anyway. But the concept was neat.

But we had more important places to be, which will get its own post, but this should help explain:

Oklahoma City Bombing memorial :(. It was very tranquil and respectful.

More to come from that.

We didn't go inside as it would have been on the pricey side for all 4 of us and only my Mom really wanted to. Not to mention tickets stopped being sold at 5 and it was close to 6, so we spent our entire time outside in 100+ degree heat. It took all I had out of me and the second we walked in Sam's door I took about 2 sips of water and collapsed on his bed for a good 2 hours.

None of us were hungry at ALL (shocker), but around 7 my Dad, Sam, and I decided to head down to a nearby casino and have fun for awhile and most likely hit the buffet before it closed at 10.

It was PACKED.

We found a parking spot semi-far away and thus began our evening journey.

The only kinda weird thing is they still have cocktail waitresses come around, but they charge you. WEIRD. On the other hand, they have free (non-alcoholic) beverage stations you can get unlimited amounts of coffee, hot chocolate (!) soda, & water at. I mixed hot chocolate & coffee for round 1. Yeah, it was still 100+ out, but hey, I was inside! What is it about hot chocolate from a machine that is so delicious?! While Sam scoped out the blackjack table and my Dad I watched him, something surreal happened. In a casino filled with thousands of people, all surrounding us from every which way, my Dad somehow accidentally lost hold of his cup, it went flying multiple feet away from him in the air, ice flying out of said cup and both onto the floor....and not one person noticed besides us. It was like time froze for everyone but us lol, so weird. Even Sam, who was inches from us, had no idea until I told him and he said he had wondered why he stepped on ice on the floor. LOL.

For drink 2 I had a few sips of diet dr. pepper, but they were out of ice and soda is gross anyway.

Just after 9 we went to the buffet to ask when the last time we'd need to get in before they start taking the food away and they said 9:30. And for the holiday weekend they jacked up the price $6 (tho oddly it went back down ON the 4th *scratches head*).We weren't very hungry, but the sports bar they had there was going to cost about the same anyway, so we decided to just go to the buffet anyway. Oink.

I mostly ate vegetables. Plus the smallest piece of tilapia & the smallest piece of bbq chicken.

I swear something in Oklahoma makes everyone clumsy. Not really, of course, but all these weird things kept happening! In this case, when I was walking back to my table, less than a foot or two away, this guy decided to back out of his chair as I was walking by and part of my salad, including most of the cucumbers, went flying in the air all over the chair of the table next to us. HAHA. WTF? Lots of flying objects in that casino.

Also, before we left for the casino I grabbed my bottle of water & next to it was Sam's mio water flavor drops, so I tried to put a few drops in my water. Only, instead it squirted in another direction, all over my off-white vest.

Another time, I was picking up a water bottle from the fridge and it flew out of my hands, all over Sam's floor and flip flops. For no reason.

Wow did I get off topic.

Back to casino:buffet edition.

My mom makes THE best chicken and dumplings ever. None compare, but I tried these anyway.

Yeah. No. I did not taste even one dumpling (well I barely ate any of it, but I dug around with my spoon trying to find one to no avail). All this really was was a bowl of white gravy with fatty chicken mixed in. Not sure who came up with that mess.

I attacked the dessert table like a beast, but it was mostly all for naught.

The pumpkin pie looked terrible and sure enough it was. But I had to try. I love pumpkin pie!

The berries & cake were a must-try for the holiday (I took the whipped cream off, yuck), but I barely made it through a bite of that either. FAIL.

The tapioca, equally terrible. I took 1 bite of the pear, but I was a canned pear. What's to say?

But the bread pudding sample & pecan pie sampler? AMAZE. Especially the cobbler. It tasted like a delightful deconstructed pecan pie. At least they got something right.

We also snuck my Mom a burger home in my purse (shh), but she ended up changing her mind and eating leftovers instead, so I left it for Sam.

After a little more gambling my Dad and I were up about $50 (we only played 1 game, the Wheel of Fortune slot). We only put in $15 ($25 total for the nite). I told him to cash out, but he didn't want to. Oh dear. You know what that means...

We played until we got down to the point of what we put in. And cashed out with a grand profit of 35 cents :). Eh, the money we woulda won when I said let's stop coulda paid for dinner & left $5-10 over even after that, but at least we didn't lose anything and got to have 3 hours of entertainment. I think Sam lost $60 :-\, $20 of which in the last couple minutes on like 2-3 spins on the HUGE slots. Ouch!

On the way back to Sam's we saw so much lightning and thunder. And a few fireworks, yay. But I kept missing those, of course, ugh. I think I saw 2? I love fireworks. Noisy drive.

All lit up!

The rest of the nite Sam and I watched celebrity editions of Singing Bee on CMT. I think that's about it for dia 2.


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