Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dallas to Milwaukee to Boston to Kingston

On July 14, at 3 am, after less than 2 hours or so of sleep, I awoke ready to face a day full of traveling.

Our flight left at 6 am. I felt mildly nauseous when we first left the house, but by the time we got to the airport I was pretty hungry. Nothing sounded good though & it was time to leave before we knew it, so I held off until we got to Milwaukee a little after 8 am.

Recently, I've gone from loving flying to hating it. It scares the BEEP out of me. I abhor ANY form of adrenaline, so any little bump or bout of turbulence freaks me the eff out. The first flight wasn't terrible, but we got stuck in some clouds, so I was in mild panic mode as we bumped along a lil bit.

We finally, safely arrived in Milwaukee, our first stop, where we had about an hour layover. I walked up and down the small terminal, officially deciding to eat at the first place I pondered. It was just a little coffee & tea kiosk, but it had the longest line and seemed the healthiest. Not that what I ordered was terribly healthy, but not too bad. It was egg, ham, & cheese on sourdough with a blueberry rooibos tea. As they ALWAYS are, the tea was too hot to fully enjoy, but it was really delish. Too hot to finish before the flight, but I drank what I could. I also don't use airplane bathrooms, so I didn't want to overload my bladder too much :-x. TMI? Moving on... The sandwich was just OK, but got the job done. I also went back for round 2 to buy a local root beer to take with me. It was going to bother me if I didn't buy it, it looked really good!

We flew a kind of obscure airline, Frontier, which I found out serve warm cookies on all of their flights AFTER 10 am. Our first flight left at 6 am and our second at like.....9:45 or so. Ridiculous. I WANTED MY DAMN COOKIE :(. lol. We were in the air at 10! Geesh!

I had hot tea on flight one & orange juice on flight two. So by the time we landed?

I NEEDED some coffee. Stat.

Lucky me, our gate was right outside of not only a coffee joint, but an Illy one!! I've never seen Illy anywhere besides in the infamous silver cans, but that stuff is so so good. And even better, they had soy milk!!! Almond milk would have just been over the top, but I never even ask for that delightful option. I went for the "large" cappuccino, but it wasn't very big. But tasted pretty good.

After a quick transportation debate, we took the silver line bus/train from the airport to Boston's South Station & then had drama-rama with the rest of our daily travels. First, we got tickets for the commuter rail to Providence, RI, about 30 minutes from my Dad's friends house but crazy cheap.

They first said they'd pick us up there, but then made a little stink about rush hour and blah blah and tried to convince us to switch to Amtrak. It cost double (we originally thought it cost like 7 times more, but I guess that changed), but we ended up doing it anyway. I got irritated by the whole thing at one point, as did my Mom. She pondered getting us a hotel in Boston the entire time (which I talked her out of), while I was thinking of asking my friend Marie if I could just crash with her. But in the end we all 3 made it safe and sound to Kingston, RI and settled somewhat better moods.

Despite not haven eaten much that day, I was still more concerned with unpacking and resting, so I didn't take up the offer of a snack. No big thang tho, as shortly after that we ended up being served dinner unexpectedly anyway.

I assumed we'd just go out to eat as usual, but they had some food waiting for us that needed to be eaten up.

We started with salad, which we thought was the only course we'd be eating at the house. We also had strawberry infused water! We still thought we were just eating the salad before it went bad and then would go out for a "real" meal, but next came eggplant parm, quickly followed by penne.....and then cheesecake.....and some kind of boston creme pie or something, & mashed strawberries. I had a little of each and it was all fantastic. Nice surprise.

I thought my Mom would panic, as she's very polite, but also very picky. I didn't think there was any way she'd be able to eat the salad or eggplant, but she "choked" both down and LOVED them. Good to know! Will prove useful information for future meals ;) ;).

Also, the only salad dressings they offered were a raspberry one & a tomatoey one. My Mom ONLY likes ranch (and maybe italian). But she tried the tomato & loved it. SEE MOM. You DO like more than you think ;). It was really yum!

After dinner, I politely "snuck" back into the bedroom to watch my OBSESSION...Big Brother!! Come on, it was eviction nite. Obviously I couldn't miss it!! And it did not disappoint.

That's about it. Aside from the crazy traveling, it was actually a pretty low-key day.

At least we made it safe and sound. Phew.


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  1. Frontier bought Midwest Airlines, if you didn't know. I'm glad they still have the cookies! BOO that both your flights were before 10am and didn't have them though. I think I got mad about that once lol. It must have been like 2 years ago (I haven't even been on an actual vacation in a year and a half. :( ). What root beer did you get? If it was Sprecher, YUM, I've had that.