Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebrity Clone: Makeover Edition

I got my hair cut today for the first time in god knows how long. I had a groupon for a salon I used to go to, but my usual girl there moved, so I went with her. But I couldn't turn down 50% off, now could I? It's Daniel's salon from Shear Genius if that means anything to anyone. I never watched it, but I guess he was the fan favorite? Pretty cool.

But I digress....

I'm 97% sure it's all in the bangs, but apparently I have turned into quite the songbird today.

What do I mean by that?'s me post-cut (/glaze/deep conditioning/eye brow wax):


It took 2 girls to get this fabulosity. One to cut, shampoo, glaze, and condition, and & one to blow dry and style (and do le eye brows).

The first stylist, upon finishing, kept referring to me as Miss Deschanel.

I'd normally be ridiculously flattered, as I'm basically obsessed with Zooey, if not for the fact that this is the photo I took in to get the perfect bang.

Still, she kept saying over and over that it was crazy how much I looked exactly like her after.

I wish! But I'll take it ;).

By association, I suppose that also makes me a Katy Perry clone, as she also couldn't tell the difference between the two.


I've actually heard Katy Perry before, too.

But then...

Stylist two said I looked EXACTLY like Lily Allen.

Again, it MUST be the bangs.

aka this Lily...

But when stumbling on this picture I just found a new obsession. How adorbs is this hair?! Must recreate sometime, stat.


Finally, when I texted pics to my friend, she said I look like the singer Jessie J. I didn't know who she was by name, so again, google to the rescue!

But when I told her the other stories she said she agreed with Lily Allen too.

So between the 3 of them you'd think I'd be working on the next big hit, huh?

If only I wasn't tone deaf.


Instead I just kept snap snap snapping pics.

Right outside the salon with my mama and her new do:

Gaw-jus. (Her, natch!)

& me and the fountain, solo-style

A little in the car action:

And Home Edition

Cartoon-ized? Comic style? Over edited? Your choice :).

Taking a cue from Miss Spears: Down & Up & Down & Up and Down & Up & and Down


Any celebrity clone stories of your own? Do tell.


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  1. LOVE Zooey. I actually almost took a Zooey pic when I got my hair cut last week. I used a Reese Witherspoon one though. I can definitely see the Zooey resemblance the most, esp since your hair is wavy like hers in that pic. Gorgeous hair, your mom's too! :) As for me... celeb? Not a chance lol. There's no mistaking this ugly face. ;)