Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm baaaaaaack. I actually got home late Monday nite, but basically rolled into bed, still airport-smelly & stayed that way until.

Well, should I admit it?

This morning. Yep. Wednesday. Oh boy.

I woke up to go to work on Tuesday and my neck would barely move it was so stiff and I was le tiiiiired. Ridiculous! I decided to "work from home," but I rarely spend adequate time like I would in the office. This time I worked just over an hour. Ha.

Ya know the old saying...needing a vacation from your vacation. Enough said.

I had a really good time, but was on a plane, train, bus, subway, car, or on foot every day, multiple times a day, in multiple ways. It was a lot.

I have stories to tell of course, which I will break up day by day, but the vast amount of pictures I took are overwhelming! Beautiful, but again, it's a lot. I have such a hard time picking and choosing what pics to post, because obviously if I didn't want to share I wouldn't have taken 'em! But I also know I shouldn't realistically post 200+ pics LOL.

I'll manage :).

See ya soon.


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