Friday, June 17, 2011

Smoothie Failures

June 11

First things first, look at this little face!!!

I die.

I will never get over her cuteness. She's my love.

Had chiro at 11. I woke up at 9, but stayed in bed until the last possible second snuggling up my pup!

I was soo hungry after. I had 3 breakfast cravings, so we settled on one of them, Einstein's.

I finally got to try the sourdough bagel. Eh. Just tasted like a plain bagel to me. Will have to try it without such strong competing flavors next time, as I had it in the lox bagel with onions, capers, etc. I also had a little vanilla hazelnut coffee, but had to stop, as I got a stomachache again.


Despite feeling bad, I pushed through to work my arms & legs + went on the treadmill on a lil incline for 5 min

Didn't get too hungry again thanks to the heat, but felt like I needed to eat dinner about 8.

-hooters faux chicken sandwich on brown rice toast
-celery dipped in light ranch
-half of a cut up orange
-small salad (organic arugula & spinach, a little red cabbage, chile raw pecans, balsamic)
-zevia root beer

I also had a few intermittent handfuls of the popcorn combo from yesterday.

-about 1/4 of a green chocolate smoothie

This was overflowing with goodness, but it just didn't wow me taste-wise. Bummer. I tried to convince myself to keep going, but most of it ended up in the sink.

June 12

I received an e-mail from a restaurant my friend likes called Brio that I've been meaning to try. In the e-mail they gave me a coupon for a free order of their quatro bruschetta appetizer. I knew they served brunch on the weekends, so we called to make sure we could get the bruschetta during brunch & made out way there.

-samples of all of the bruschetta in the quatro appetizer
-about 1/3 of the spinach/portabella strata
-about 1/2 of the spinach, strawberry, & apple salad with balsamic (yum)
-coffee with vanilla stevia (good coffee!)

Carb city.

Got a small stomachache, but luckily this one was short lived.

The food was very rich, but tasty. I only ate enough to be satiating without overdoing it. It kind of made me laugh, but I also appreciated the fact that they added healthy side dishes to their uber fattening entrees (fruit, salad, etc)

I only had a few samples at Sam's today =-o (1 bite of a protein bar, 1 sip of a protein shake, 1 bite of a nasty icee thing I threw away, & 1 mini marinated mozzerella ball)

Good thing they barely had samples out today, b/c I was contently full. Though I did pass up a few they had out.


-45 minutes cross ramp

While working out I also booked our annual vacation to Rhode Island/Boston. Yeah! I got really excited & worked out extra hard for the last 30ish minutes.

-the last of the popcorn

-salmon stuffed with crab (not nearly as good as it looked...the filling was kinda yuck)
-red pepper hummus with a few gluten free crackers
-a few red wine marinated, sauteed mushrooms
-salad (organic spinach, organic celery, goat cheese crumbles, avocado, balsamic)
-half a glass of red vino

Huge dinner, but oddly I wasn't full after. I wasn't hungry, but I wasn't full. *shrug*

-2 squares of dark chocolate

-ginger peach rooibos tea with a drizzle of local honey

June 13

-leftover strata & salad

-indian buffet

I ate WAY too much. The first plate, as always, is the large size & the second is a salad size plate. But still. They happened to have my fave cabbage I've had ONCE and have been dying for ever since. Plus they had broccoli & other veggie yumness. I definitely got my fiber in there!

-1.5 cookies (oops. Bought for a co-worker's b-day)

-nachos (handful of blue corn tortilla chips topped with a sprinkle of organic monterrey jack, salsa, avocado, & 0% greek yogurt..oh & duh, a little of the taco seasoned turkey crumbles my mom made)
-english breakfast tea with vanilla coconut milk & english toffee stevia (weird I know, but I wanted a little caffeine)

So much for losing weight for my vacation, at least with the way I ate today. Oops.

My Mom got a new car today. Same as before, but updated. 2011 Prius. We love Prius'.

I didn't get home from work until late. Had a terrible headache all day (from no caffeine maybe? Hence the random dinner bevvie. Not that it helped. Or too much coughing?). I'm just waiting 'til Wednesday when I can work at home.

June 14

The blender broke and I couldn't figure out my new Magic Bullet (I stoopid), so I had to quickly put something together....

-mini sweet potato waffle sandwich stuffed with a hot & spicy veggie sausage, whipped cream cheese, & blackberry jam

-really good cafe verrona starbucks coffee with a splash of all natural vanilla creamer

I don't normally use creamer, as you guys know (lately lots of coconut milk tho!), but my co-worker always does. She thought she was out, but I found this all natural unopened bottle in the mini work fridge. No one else drinks coffee at work but us (except once in awhile our other friend, but she would never ever bring in anything) and neither of us brought the creamer. It was unopened and normally I think it's incredibly rude to use, let alone open for the first time, someone else's stuff, buttttt we kinda did it anyway. I just used a tiny splash to see if it was any good. We still don't know who brought it. Bizarre. Oh well, we alternate buying the coffee, so I guess technically if the creamer-fairy uses said cream for coffee, then they're using our (this time my) coffee, so it's only fair? Yeah, sure that sounds good :-x.

-gluten free crackers with roasted red pepper hummus
-salad (organic spinach, cashews, organic celery, black pepper, garlic gold nuggets, balsamic)

The salad was originally topped with baked italian tofu, as seen in the pic, but I took one bite and it was AWFUL. I mean no good, very bad, horrible. Bummer.

-mexican lasagna topped with a little greek yogurt
-side salad (organic spinach, organic celery, banana peppers, garlic gold nuggets, a few goat cheese crumbles, red cabbage, balsamic)

My veins run on spinach.

-small dish of ben & jerry's (half carrot cake, half bonnaroo buzz)

I finally got the magic bullet (I almost typed vitamix *sniff* IN MY DREAMS!!!!) to work, but by then my morning smoothie blend had defrosted and looked DISGUSTING, so down the drain that went. I tried out a new concoctation of frozen mango (dreamed about this all day) + decided to add 1/4 of an orange I saw sitting out, about 1/3 of a frozen banana, & vanilla coconut milk. Um. Yeah. Not so good. The drain got a lot of usage tonite :(. Instead of ruining more produce I turned to my guys B&J. WAY too many cals to be worth it, but I HAD to try both flavors. They were both pretty good, the carrot cake better than the other, but neither worth it on a regular basis. Kind of a disappointment, but more of a relief. Everyone knows Ben and Jerry's best parts are the bits inside, which are ALWAYS too far and few between!!! I'm TOTALLY that asshole that leaves all the spoon digging marks in the carton and leaves most of the plain ice cream behind. :)

-sparkling water
-breathing tea with lemon juice

June 15

I work from home every other Wednesday right now. I had a horrible sleep (kept waking up with muscle cramps or just poor sleep), so I let myself sleep in once I finally got into a deep sleep. I missed breakfast and went right to lunch.

-organic roasted turkey sandwich on brown rice toast with organic spinach, grey poupon, & roasted red pepper hummus
-a few blackberries (shared with Bella!)
-a tiny bit of a green smoothie (about 1/3 of a frozen banana, 4 small frozen strawberries, a few organic spinach leaves, vanilla coconut milk)

-grande iced coffee with a tiny bit of vanilla stevia

Worked from Starbucks for a couple hours today.

-watermelon crush (I think it's something like watermelon juice, cucumber, rum, idk what else)
-part of a side of broccoli with some kind of white sauce & bread crumbs

I was still full from lunch, but the waitress insisted we try the broccoli. She called them broccoli flowers, so I pictured something different (and healthier),but they were still good. The drink is nationally award winning. It was alright, but I don't get the huge hype. Got in a bad mood mid-meal and never really recovered.

Therefore, that's all for today guys. Lame and not enough food, I know. I just wasn't very hungry. I got in bed early, like 9 or 10 early, but couldn't fall asleep 'til nearly 3. Annoying! But got lots of good (well, bad!) tv watching in.

June 16

-smoothie (frozen banana, frozen strawberries, vanilla coconut milk, & about half a scoop of vanilla protein powder)

It had an off taste, but I drank it anyway. Between the magic bullet & the new blender (even though it's the same as the now defunct blender), my smoothies/shakes are wayyy more ice cream like now. I've been failing at flavor, but LOVING the texture.

My Dad had a 10:30 dr appt, so we had a late start. I was still a bit ho-hum from yesterday, so it was fine by me to move slowly this am.

Didn't get to the office 'til almost noon & then had a massage at 12:30. My massage therapist said my neck was so tight she almost couldn't move it. No wonder it hurt so badly.

I had about 2/3 of a cup of the coffee & mystery creamer again

Then, I left work just after 4 b/c I felt like crap. Slacker. My paycheck is gonna be crap probably :(. Eh, maybe not. I made up for it in other ways a little bit.

Got lunch late....

-vegetarian bowl a la Chipotle (black beans, pinto beans, peppers & onions, pico, corn salsa, lettuce, & guac)

It kept me full forever. I decided I most likely prob wouldn't even eat dinner, but after I fed the dogs about 9:30 I decided to make a frozen pizza & share it with my brother.

At 10:30.

To be fair, I did also munch on lots of random bites of chocolate, a few swedish fish, & a couple handfuls of veggie sticks (the chip sticks, not actual vegetables) between meals.

I blame the Shaytards. I'm months behind in their daily vlogs (but WILL catch up!) & in one around Valentine's Day his sister Carly said she wanted to get "chocolate wasted" & they kept showing heart shaped bxoes of chocolates and it all sounded so delightful! Can you blame me?

-2 slices (about 1/3 of the pizza, which is 1 serving) of Amy's spinach pizza topped with extra mushroom marinara
-sliced strawberries
-a splash of OJ mixed with berry sparkling water

I caught this little baby girl creepin' in, so I told her to strike a pose

I need a mountain of sauce with a little carb, kthanks. (obvi put on after the pic)

-throat coat hot tea with stevia

I'm super boring lately, but I have a fun weekend planned, so just you wait and see what's to come.

& As always, cute shoes will be worn at all times ;)

My first Summer since I was probably 12 I'm actually rocking flats over heels. At least a lot of the time. How did I go so long without them? They're just too cute.

Which pair will be next?!


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