Sunday, June 26, 2011

Odd Eating Times

June 20

No time to make breakfast, but I did eat about 90% of a chocolate chunk Luna bar, before it made me feel kinda blah. Not my fave flavor, I guess.

Had less than half an hour (well, we spent about 40 min there, shh) for lunch, so hurried through the indian myself to one (big) plate & their cream of wheat dessert & it seemed to be the perfect amount.

In fact, I wasn't hungry for dinner, but ate anyway, oops.

-about half a bowl of my mom's leftover matzoh ball soup that I added greek seasoning too
-salad (organic spinach, a little broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots topped with balsamic)

While I cooked dinner for my Mom I also finished up the last 1/4 of the turkey sandwich from yesterday + the potato salad.

Long work day + had a chiro appt. My shoulder still KILLS, wah. Nothing special...just another Monday, but it went by fast at least.

June 21

-most of a small strawberry/frozen banana/spinach/vanilla protein powder smoothie/vanilla coconut milk
-coffee with splash of vanilla cream & stevia

-side salad topped with leftover steak

-leftover coffee with stevia
-clif mojo chocolate peanut bar

Work drama rama rama rama. SO ridiculous. Ugh.

Had a lil drinky and app to discuss the work happenings over.

-chivas on the rocks
-chicken fajita nachos shared 3 ways

The app made me hungrier than if I hadn't eaten.

-leftover sweet potato
-faux chicken patty topped with mushroom marinara

I overcooked the "chicken," but otherwise muy bueno. Weird combo, I know.


-walked 1 hour on treadmill while watching the second half of the Voice!

June 22

-most of a small peach/vanilla protein powder/vanilla coconut milk smoothie
-chocolate vitamuffin topped with a lil organic pb (Maranatha!!!! my lover is back)
-black coffee with vanilla stevia

I had my acupuncture appointment at shoulder is really messed up & the cupping seemed to agree

Geesh! And that only shows the visible ones in that tank. I had 5 really deep colored ones. Good thing they don't hurt, but other people seem deeply disturbed to have to look at them, lol. Oops. I've been told I look like I was beaten up...both by humans or an octopus. Yeah, know me!!! ;)

-small black bean burger which wich with basically....everything (lettuce, tomato, pepperocinis, jalepenos, mustard, ketchup, black pepper, bell peppers, etc)

Who knew Which Wich had so many options now? I just stuck with the old tried & true, but did contemplate the lettuce bowl. Yummy.

I'm kinda thinking a jalepeno obsession is forming now. They came on our nachos yesterday and I've actually never had them like that and they were awesome.

After work I ran into Target. I forget why, but I ended up with random stuff (duh, it's Target), including 2 hats:

A floppy beach one I have no idea where I'll wear, if ever (besides maybe on my vaca), but I've always wanted a ridiculous hat like this

& a straw fedora-ish type

This one I wore straight out the store since it matched. Still not sure if it looks OK, but I try.

Met my cousin & baby KK for dinner after work at Texas Roadhouse. I wanted pasta, but whatever.

Kendyll liked my hat, too :)

& of course we had to look at ourselves in the phone. It's a must.

Oh, yeah. The food.

-iced tea with vanilla stevia (I knew I should have stuck with water, but I really wanted iced tea and when the waitress asked if anyone wanted iced tea...c'mon!)
-2 rolls with cinnamon butter (oops, sooo good)
-side salad with ranch
-about 1/3 of the portobello mushroom chicken (no cheese)
-a few bites of a dry sweet potato (well, later I added a smidge of cinn butter)
-most of a small side of green beans

I'm a feaster face, so about an hour later I realized I was still hungry, so I made a protein shake to sip while I worked out

-chocolate protein powder, cocoa, vanilla coconut milk, half a banana, a few frozen strawberries, a little vanilla stevia

Couldn't finish the drink, but it was pretty good.


-45 min treadmill while watching tv...

June 23

-most of a small frozen strawberry/banana smoothie with a little vanilla protein powder & spinach & the last of the vanilla coconut milk
-coffee with a tiny splash of organic half & half + vanilla stevia

-side salad (organic spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) with balsamic topped with my leftover portobello chicken from last nite all cut up

I tried to add a side of veggies from a nearby chinese restaurant, but they wouldn't sell me just a side. WEIRD. I guess my money's no good there....*sigh*

That got me in a chinese food mood, so for an early dinner my mom & I decided to use one of my "groupons" (actually from living social, but I call everything groupon now) for an asian fusion place.

But first I ate half of a chocolate covered coconut luna bar.

I THINK I FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE. So tasty!!! I loved it.

My back hurt...what else is new? But I wore my crazy sneaks to try to help out

Even though they're, ohhh....prob 10 years old. I've only worn them maybe twice. These are what I wanted out of my old Boston storage the most. I'm so random! They also felt about half a size too small, but ya know. Pink and neon green shoes. Who wouldn't want them? Haha.

For dinner, we tried out Chow Asian Street Food.

-a tiny bit of chicken tom yum soup (I meant to get tom kha, but mixed up the names, doh. and if that's not bad enough, I think I was allergic to something in this because every time I took I bite my throat felt like it was sort of closing up & I was coughing uncontrollably and my eyes were watering down my face....should have stuck to my first choice, miso. But that sounded too boring. HA. Better boring than death-causing!!!!)
-a couple bites of the crab & avocado spring roll
-ate most of the shrimp pad thai (medium spicy) bento box....also came with 4 pieces of a california roll (I ate was kinda gross...well more boring than gross, but not worth finishing), fruit (delish), side salad thing topped with onions, cilantro, and seaweed (ate all the seaweed, most of the lettuce), side of bean sprouts (random, but I ate it all with the pad thai), and a scoop of green tea ice cream (it was good, but not very green tea-y, but they had some other AMAZING sounding desserts, especially the taro tapioca...i LOVE taro, so I wouldn't order this if it didn't come with the meal...too bad they didn't have taro ice cream, mmmm...)

I would eat there again to try the curry or something different, but I thought this was just OK at best. But it had a lot of thai options and usually I'm the only big thai fan in my fam and my Mom really liked it, so that's good. Gives us options :).

At 9:30...

-the rest of the leftover sweet potato from last nite, this time with a smidge of peanut butter

I also ate half of the leftover roll, but it didn't taste as good, especially heated up, so I threw the rest away.

I also finished up a gingerberry Kombucha I found in the fridge.

Eating at odd times is messing me up!


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