Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Month

Sorry I've been an even worse blogger than usual, my loves.

As you sort of saw my last post, I've been sick. As I mentioned, I started "self-medicating" last Tuesday and the sickness is still going strong. Pretty rude if you ask moi, but I digress. I've still been keeping track of my eats, entertainment, and exercise...the three e's, I guess! :). So here's the last of May recap (minus Memorial Day, which you did see already, yum yum).

May 26

We didn't have to watch Kendyll today even tho it was Kendyll Thursday, b/c my cousin's schedule at work was a lil different for the Summer, but I stayed home anyway. I planned to work from home, but had to take a sick day instead. Had a sore throat and just didn't feel amazing. Plus needed rest.

-honey bunches of oats with unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries
-brown rice toast with a little pb
-english breakfast tea with unsweetened almond milk & stevia

Watched my Mom's OBSESSION with her allll day, the Casey Anthony trial.

Then, when it ended for the day, I made her go with me to see Hangover II. She went kicking and screaming, but at least she showed up. She's crazy. She's ALWAYS the person in the theater who laughs first, the most, and the loudest at a comedy and then leaves saying it wasn't funny and was, in fact, a waste of her time. WHAT? I remember almost 100% for sure she did love Hangover 1 tho, even tho she couldn't remember, so she was forced!!!!

Bad idea, as just sitting in a theatre wiped out ALL my energy and it was funny, but not Hangover 1 funny at all, but oh well. I'm glad I saw it. My Mom said it was a waste of her time, but again, laughed the entire way through. Oh, Mom!!

-chopped salad sans bacon (lettuce, bleu cheese, chopped hard boiled egg, black olives, sweet onions, & balsamic) + a couple handfuls of my moms fries

We both wanted to order more fries BADLY, but neither of us did and neither of us knew the other did. Prob for the best lol, but they're gooood. And I'm fry PICKY.

-breathe deep tea with honey

Once again I REALLY wanted soup. I'm addicted.

We ordered dining in for dinner so I could get my fix & we didn't have to leave the casa.

-Carraba's spicy chicken soup with a lil bit of bread dipped in

I ordered a bowl, but I guess they don't have big to-go containers, because I got 2 cups lol.

I didn't know it was gonna be spicy until after I ordered it. Damn. My stomach hurt, so I was kinda disappointed. But it was still soup.

May 27

-cup of the aforementioned spicy soup from last nite (my mom got one for me as her side with her meal in case my bowl wasn't enough lol) with a slice of brown rice toast dipped in

-cup of awake tea with unsweetened almond milk & honey

Thought I needed my morning caffeine fix, but wasn't sure how coffee would do on my hurty belly :-P.

I was too tired and sick to go into the office, so I worked from home.

-slice of brown rice toast topped with hail merry raw red pepper macadamia dip
-bowl of cherries

That dip is heaven.

my Dad and I went to the "dollar theatre" (2 dollars now) to see Source Code, since we obviously didn't make it in time for the "real" theatre. I thought it might be too repetitive, but it was good!

We didn't get out until after 9 and hadn't eaten dinner yet. My Dad offered to take me to get Pho. WHAT! He thinks it's alright, but it wouldn't have been his choice. SHOCKER tho, I turned it down. HOW COULD I????? But I'd had it the other day and wasn't really in the mood. Next time!

I wanted soup again (BIG surprise, right?) and my Dad wanted to stay nearby (hence his Pho's next door to the theatre), so we agreed on Mexican across the street. I'm not a huge fan of the place, but who could mess up soup too badly?

-big bowl of tortilla soup + a few chips with salsa

And I'm STILL craving soup. Aside from the sodium overload, since it's all broth-based pretty much, I guess that's OK. This kind was a lil bland, but still hit the spot.

-healthy chocolate mousse (silken tofu, stevia, cocoa, vegan chocolate chips) topped with blueberries & blackberries + cinnamon

Got the mousse recipe from Rocky Barragan on Youtube. Love her!

So easy to make. I rec refrigerating it for a lil bit before you eat it, just fyi.

May 28

-shared the lil small plate mediterranean appetizer
-bowl of a pick 2 soup (half tortilla half white bean)
-iced tea

Met my cousin and Kendyll at the mall California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, playing in the mall kid play area, & shopping. We had a really good time. After they left I did some more damage of my own. FINALLY broke through a little of the shopping withdrawals. But still didn't get THAT much. I am SO hard to shop for. I swear I have a fairly standard hour glass body, but nothing ever looks good *sigh* At least I found a few cute things...

-venti unsweetened iced green tea (I was PARCHED!)
-glass of white wine (my Mom asked for a spritzer for me, half wine half club soda, but I don't think they put any club soda least it was tasty)
-a few bites of spinach dip

My Mom went back to CPK on our way out of the mall to get my brother a pizza to-go and she was a lil hungry, so I found her there with drinks she ordered for us + spinach dip. I wasn't going to eat any, but she left a little behind and it was sooo good. And I'm usually really picky about dip, spinach/artichoke in particular.Good going, CPK!

-leftover tortilla soup from last nite

I'm sorry, but I REALLY love soup. & I wasn't sure if I'd be eating dinner when I went out that nite or not, so I wanted to be safe.

I weighed myself and "gained" a couple lbs. I'd normally be like WTF, but I know it's GOT to be water weight from all the soup sodium. I knew it would catch up to me. It was worth it (if it goes away lol).

-a couple of chips & salsa
-1 mojito

My brother and I met up with some friends for drinks for a little bit. I wasn't really in a drinking mood, but the mojito was pretty good.

I almost had more tortilla soup at the restaurant (yep, it was a dinner thing, oops), but I wasn't very hungry.

I was going to go to a couple bars after,but my sinus stuff was kicking back in, so I was a party pooper. I didn't really feel like drinking anyway. I didn't even need the mojito.

I still wasn't too hungry, but felt like I should eat something. I wanted protein, but nothing really stood out in the fridge, so I made some Annie's mac & cheese and ate a lil bit of it. I also had a watermelon popsicle & most of a mug of ginger rooibos tea.

I'm such a wet blanket these days! Is it bad if I kinda prefer it that way? My slightly younger self would have killed the new me, but my 26 year old self likes her peace and quiet and no crowds :-x.

May 29

about 1/3 of an egg white omelet with spinach & cream cheese
-about 1/2 an order of the best breakfast potatoes ever with ketchup
-about a million cups of black coffee
-water with lemon

Can't go wrong with Little Gus' Cafe. Always amaze.

Then later we went to Sam's Club & ate 5,000 samples. I always eat foods there I would never buy in a million years. Ribs, potato skins, chicken wings, pulled pork sandwich bites, etc. Oh dear. I do still refuse anything with sausage or bacon. GROSS.

We bought prob $60+ worth of fruit, and cheap fruit too, so yeah. That's a lot of fruit. Not to mention what we already had at home. I used up most of the older fruit and some new to make smoothies. I made them with vanilla coconut milk, about 1/3 of a frozen banana, tons of organic strawberries, blueberries, spoonful of coconut almond milk yogurt, spoonful of coconut almond milk yogurt, packet of unnecessary stevia that made it a lil too sweet, pinch of xanthan gum, & pinch of guar gum. Oh and a little ice.

Like I said, too sweet, but still refreshing.

I also kindasorta ate a vanilla cupcake. It was supposed to be lemon, but my Mom apparently doesn't know the difference between lemon & vanilla and ate mine :-P. Oh well. It was purdy tasty.

Grocery (BBQ!!) and errand shopped all day. I am WIPED. Thank God it's a long weekend. Usually we never take off from work, or my Dad doesn't anyway, except for Christmas, 4th of July, and New Years Day, but he accidentally forgot to schedule patients for Monday (happy accident?), so we're (mostly) taking off. Good. Because today totally felt like Saturday. Even taking off Thursday & (sort of) Friday, this sickness is kicking my ass!

Once again, didn't really feel like dinner, but I desperately needed energy so I didn't fall asleep sitting up.

-leftover annie's mac n cheese
-roasted broccoli with coconut oil
-artichoke dipped in an aoili made with half mayo half veganaise + dill relish

I love artichokes so much.

-2 mini apriums
-blt's of coleslaw & potato salad for the bbq tomorrow

Oops, forgot to post the 31st. We'll pretend that happened in June?


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  1. You did some shopping damage and bought... a baby? :-/ LOL I was expecting pics of the purchases. ;) Or possibly your gorgeous pets w stuff you purchased for them haha.

    That mojito looks delicious. I miss Casablanca!