Saturday, June 11, 2011

Indian Deviation

June 6

-leftover lemon poppy seed pancake with maple drizzle
-hot & spicy veggie sausage
-a few bites of honey bran muffin

-venti half sweet toffee nut soy misto

You don't even know what an ordeal this was to get. It took like 500 times to order it ( via drive thru...) before they finally got it. I hope they didn't spit in it. It tasted like real milk to me, even tho she said soy milk + it was on the receipt. But who knows. She kept thinking my Dad ordered a grande coffee with half and half unsweetened. She repeated that like 10 times. WTF? How did she get that? LOL craaaaaazy.

Every time my dad owes me a coffee it always ends up tasting horrible. What's up with that?

We had a slight, unplanned deviation from Indian Food Monday and turned it into Thai Food Monday when the line @ the Indian buffet was INSANE even tho we didn't leave 'til nearly 1 o'clock.

-yellow curry with tofu and a few bites of jasmine rice
-some kind of thai soup (their soup of the day that comes w/ your meal...not sure what it was, but it was pretty tasty)
-mango jasmine bubble tea

I wish they'd had a more plain bubble tea, as this was a lil too sweet (and prob caloric), but it was still bubble tea which means it was awesome. I've never had anything but yellow curry there, but I can't help's just so good! I had a bite of my dad's thai basil chicken. I liked mine better, but his was good too. He hated mine. What's wrong with him?!!?!? :-P

Post-lunch self work portraits:

Yeah, I don't know what the point of that was either. LOL.

-faux hooters sandwich (morningstar farms faux chicken patty, hooters hot wing sauce, laughing cow wedge, light ranch, chopped dill pickle)
-organic celery with light ranch

I had really wanted this over the weekend, but with my stomach hurting I'd had to wait. Sandwich, we meet again at last!

-frozen watermelon chunks

Why have I never thought to freeze watermelon before? I won't make that mistake again! It was really refreshing.

I ate this while watching our free redbox movie rental (sign up for their texts!). Good thing it was free. We rented the new Wall Street movie and it was about 10 hours long and awful. Shia LaBeouf was alright, but you know if he's the highlight it can't be that amazing LOL.

June 7


-31 min cross ramp (with xxx vitamin water zero...I discovered one culprit that *may* be hurting my stomach is my sigg be further investigated later after more thorough cleaning!)

What? I work out? Who knew? ;)

-slice of brown rice toast topped with tomato basil laughing cow, organic arugula & spinach, an egg white puff, & grey poupon
-lots of raspberries
-leftover potatoes with ketchup (left a few behind)
-leftover Einstein's iced coffee

-small salad (organic arugula & spinach, hail merry chili raw pecans, a small drizzle of garlic dressing, and leftover salsa) topped with a couple crushed organic blue corn tortilla chips & a cut up morningstar farm faux chicken patty
-cherries & blackberries

-think thin crunch bar with white choc coating

-progresso chicken & dumplings light soup with green tobasco & black pepper

So bland hence the seasonings. Made it tolerable, but still meh. That's a perfect word for canned soup. Meh.

+a sample of orange chicken & 2 pot stickers

I don't know why I ate that. Bad move. Made me feel like crap (duh). My Mom got it for my brother, but he didn't want it. Why I thought that meant I needed to sample it, I do not know. It tasted like crap too.

Later that nite I added some nutrients to fuel my body in the form of a green smoothie that disgusted my family. Too bad they were too wimpy to taste it. It was so so good. Like a chocolate shake.

June 8

-Chocolate-strawberry protein shake

I knew that trenta cup my mom bought me would be good for something. Perfect to-go smoothie size! Score.

I had about 1/3 of a cup of coffee @ work, but not much because I had a massage. Didn't want to hurt my stomach or have to pee all hour! :-x :-P

-turkey unwich a la Jimmy John's w/ dijon instead of mayo

Had planned on an early dinner, so I kept lunch super light. It was delish. And gone too soon!

I was only a tiny bit in a drink mood, but wine was half off, so how could I refuse???

-glass of prosecco (that was very good)
-about 1/2 to 3/4 a glass of riesling my Mom didn't like (I didn't really want it, but I hate wasting alcohol lol...seems like such a waste of money, even at half price!)

LOVE the table. I'm (obviously) a damask FREAK!

Supposed to be girls nite, but realized shortly after placing our orders that we needed to pick up my brother from work, so we had to have our dinner boxed up. So much for eating early!! Eh...No big deal.

-rainbrow trout over spaghetti squash
-side of cheese grits with corn
-half a slice of delishhhh whiskey cake

I forgot the trout was crispy, but it was still good. I'd probably go for their red fish dish next time, but it's hard to say no when spaghetti squash is offered. I guess I could request a side....

That's about it for now!


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