Monday, May 23, 2011

A Taste of Last Week

Green Monstah. Basically just a strawberry banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder & spinach, obvs. Delish, only now I can't find my beloved glass straw, which sucks!!

Take two...only not.

Dunkin D's strawberry shortcake coffee with vanilla coconut milk + a chocolate (protein powder) & banana shake with spinach. Also made with vanilla coconut milk Kinda shocked it came out green, I thought it would still be brown!

Brown rice toast topped with pizza sauce, daiya mozzarella "cheese," goat cheese crumbles (I missed these!!!), chopped sweet peppers, spinach, garlic gold nuggets & organic red pepper flakes

Served with a flavor-complimentary salad

The nuts on top = hail merry's chile flavored pecans (forget the official much fancier name). Yum.

Quorn gruyere stuffed "chicken" (aka amazing deliciousness I want to eat every nite again and again). Served with veggies roasted in a lil coconut oil + a side of roasted red pepper hummus. One of my new favorite dinners.

Big family dinner out (extended fam too) a la Texas Roadhouse

Those rolls, oh god those rolls! I try to stay away, but they're sooo good and the butter is even better. I say it over and over, but I don't usually care for bread or butter, but these are heavenly. I decided beforehand I could have ONE. I stopped at 1.5. Tell me that's not HUGE willpower. :-P

Entree=salmon (no butter...not sure why it still looks shiny), green beans (didn't eat the nasty bacon or w/e it was), + a dry sweet potato. And unpictured iced tea. So so good. I'd been craving salmon for days now.

Followed by:

toffee ice cream. OH yeah. What I had wanted was fro-yo with fruit, but I wasn't about to turn this gloriousness down! You understand.

Mini protein pancakes topped with coconut flavored almond milk yogurt (it's a pretty good topping, but not yogurty enough to eat like regular yogurt...kinda gelly texture), organic raspberries, and organic maple syrup.

Threw most of my lunch away...

Salad topped with cottage cheese, 2 kinds of salsa, and leftover salmon. My salads have been kind of misses lately, not sure why. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

Another case in point:

You say you don't see a salad there? Exactly. Because most of that one was trashed too. But this brown rice toast topped with roasted red pepper hummus was amazing as always. And just filling enough to make me not eat my arm off when the salad went into the garbage can.

I had to return some clothes at the mall (too bad I didn't have time to shop, I miss shopping!!! neeeed spring clothes!), so while I did that my Mom picked us up California Pizza Kitchen to-go.

Small roasted veg salad + pea & barley soup. I love that salad, even if it didn't have the goat cheese for some reason. I read on some website it's not very healthy, but I still pretend it is. It's just vegetables and balsamic! And tastes like happy.

We both sortof wanted a cocktail (margarita for her, wine spritzer for moi), but she said the bartender never came back out to her after she placed the order, despite her waiting for it at the bar, so we just left when our food came shortly after I met her there. No biggie.

Instead at home I enjoyed my current mocktail love, pom juice mixed with sparkling water.

With a side of cute begger girl.

Tried to make a protein cake (topped with pb & choc chips)

But it turned more souffle-y

Not sure if it was in a good way. I blame the fact that I couldn't find the baking powder. Oh well.

My week of food overall? I think this photo about says it all!


The only real disappointment?

Meh. I thought I'd love this, but not so much. Bummer. Can't win 'em all.

Washed down with a tasty orange.

I did also leave out one epic meal that is the antithesis of health food, but deserves its own well-documented post. Up next.


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