Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding Recap

I love nothing more than a theme. Royal Wedding? You bet I made (probably slightly excessive) plans.

My Mom and I woke up at 3 am. Oh yes we did. And we started the theme-age right away.

One cinnamon scone for her, plain. One cinnamon scone for me with honey & blackberry jam + a mug o' English Breakfast Tea with (almond) milk & stevia. DE-FREAKING-LISH.

No pictures of round 1, as it was pitch black out.

We stayed up for the pre-shows, the driving around, the actual nuptials, and a little post-fest. I remember briefly dozing off at one point, waking up just as the Mr. & Mrs. were getting into the horse & carriage. A fairy tale ending, indeed.

I couldn't quite make it for the balcony "scene" (lol), as I slept maybe 3 more hours, but that's what youtube, blogs, and news recaps are for anyway, right? Yeah, kind of how I didn't need to wake up at 3 am, but I digress. It's part of the fun.

After I woke up it was time for round 2. Another scone + egg salad "tea sandwiches." Oh, and 2 biscoff cookies with nutella. A little more European than English (granted England is in Europe, I realize, but you know what I mean, yes?), but close enough. And more tea. That tea is SO good. I thought the Brits had terrible food? So far so good on this front :-P.

For lunch I had planned on, yes, fish & chips (+ made-in-England malt vinegar). And English beer. But due to the unplanned nap (therefore later breakfast), I wasn't hungry in time for the whole shebang. By the time I finally did need some sustenance it was too late for a full meal, so I decided on just the "chips" with malt vinegar. Until I decided cheese fries and ketchup sounded better. Only a sliiiight deviation. Riiight.

FYI, the fries are the Alexia wedge cut olive oil & garlicy variety.

I did have the beer still. Well, 1/3 to 1/2 anyway.

My friend Sam came for another weekend visit! He met us for dinner, which was also British-ish, but this time completely unintentional: curry!

Shrimp tikka masala (slightly overcooked, but very tasty otherwise), basmati rice, a side of veggies (expected more like cauliflower, etc but just got a bunch of green peppers), + one small piece of cream cheese naan. And lots and lots of mango lemonade.

My friend Ryli thought she was singing at this restaurant, Clay Pit, which also happens to be one of my favorite Indian joints. My brother and I decided it'd be a good idea to eat dinner there & see her sing and Sam agreed to meet us there. He got stuck in traffic at first and told us to head on without him, yet somehow beat us there! He said there was no singing *head scratch* I texted Ryli asap & she said she was wrong and it was the next nite she was scheduled for. Bummer!! But I'll never turn down a Clay Pit meal, so it was OK. I'm just sad we didn't get to see her! But we have lots more opportunities. Sam didn't love his meal, but the rest of us did. Poor Sam. He's 0 for 2 there.

After dinner we ran in Wally World to buy Sam a blow up mattress to use since he refuses to let me give up my bed & the couch hurt his back last time, so I refuse to let him suffer. We got the nicest blow up bed they had & lemme tell you, it does seem really nice! He seemed to like it, as did the little rascals...

I didn't have time to or the desire that day to eat these, but they wanted part of the photo shoot action anyway. :)

I'm curious what Will & Kate had for their Wedding food. I'm sure a short google search could help answer that, but alas I'm lazy. I know what their cakes where. Did you know the traditional British wedding cake flavor is fruit cake? Ew. Well, maybe it tastes OK, but so different from here. I wonder how traditions like that start.



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