Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture Short Stories

Early this month I had to go to jury duty for the first time and I was PETRIFIED. I've been called three times, but was in school and therefore dismissed the other two. This time I had to show up and was shakin' in my boots!! I'm not sure why I was so anxious, but man oh man. Luckily, they only needed one jury for the day, so all but 40 of us were eventually dismissed, myself included. The whole thing took about 2, 2.5 hours, so not the horror stories I've heard, and now I'm free for 3 years....hopefully longer *fingers crossed* ;). It was also only a day after the Osama is dead story broke, so slightly nerve wracking to be in a court house/city building, but that part wasn't too bad...

Anyway, I was reallll hungry after, so my Mom & I went to downtown McKinney for lunch (city where the courthouse is...their downtown is really old fashioned and quaint...we used to go to antique and little boutique stores when I was little and go to sandwich shops for lunch, but haven't been in awhile....sans the wine bar we watch our friend perform at). But first we went in a few of the boutiques, a newer one, Swanky boutique, was SO freaking cute. I bought 3 dresses and can't wait to go back for more. I fell in love with dresses from this brand, Fashion Spy. Love 'em! And we almost had the store(s) to ourselves, b/c the weather was HORRIBLE and rainy.

Chicken salad half sandwich + veggie soup (forgot to sub orange slices for the chips, darn!! I didn't eat the chips anyway). + coconut cream pie (they didn't have buttermilk, despite it being on the menu. UGH taunt, much? It's my favoooorite and so hard to find. No fair!) + unpictured iced tea.

This was my Mom's pick and it was disappointing. I guess it used to be better 10+ years ago. Oh well, it filled out bellies enough and got us out of the rain for a lil bit.

That nite I was still craving a lil warmth in mah belly...I just wanted a BIG ole bowl o' soup + pjs & a cozy blanket.

Wish granted. I HEART pho!

From my favorite local Greek restaurant, Kostas.

Greek salad & veggie plate. Simple, but good.

Another nite we were going & going all day & wanted something quick, easy, & tasty (lots of &'s!), so we popped in Zoe's Kitchen to help us out.

Usually I get their salmon or shrimp kabobs, but it appears they disconned the salmon (BOO!) & I wasn't feeling shrimp, so I ventured out...

Veggie pita pizza + greek salad

I wasn't too pumped for this, but it was so good! I've been craving it ever since. I think the only thing that could have put it even more over the top would have been sundried tomatoes I noticed they put in their veggie wrap. Yum. But this was still grrrrreat.

For dessert I believe I had this new find.

Ohhh Yeah. I didn't think I'd really like these much, but I LOVE them. I'm kind of hoarding the bag until I get a new one. Yummy in my tummy. Nobody else who's tried them seems to agree. They say they're just OK, but I think they taste just like carrot cake!

One afternoon my Mom & I both got an e-mail from Grimaldi's and both fwded it to each other unknowingly. What was it for? Their new sangria! Red for her, white for me. Clearly we both wanted to sample it. So the next day...

Wait..that's just house wine. What happened? Welll....we were told they prematurely sent the e-mail & forgot to mention the sangria wasn't available for another week or two. UGH. They knew we came JUST for that reason, imo they should have offered a (free!) raincheck or a discount on our order or something for driving out there, but they didn't. Whatevs. I still love it. I had my wine while we waited for our to-go order. (it was after my acupuncture & I guess I was a lil TOO relaxed, especially since I barely drink anymore.... even just one glass made me pass out and take a short nap when I got home, oops!)

My takeout...(I shared...and ate it for 2 meals. Promise. But I could have eaten it all....)

Served with red pepper flakes & salad! Pizza toppings = ricotta, artichoke hearts, & sundried tomatoes. I'm pretty sure my toppings cost more than the base pizza price. Oops. They're kind of ridiculous with their toppings pricing considering they hardly give you any, but they're just so good.

This is way out of order, but I guess if I didn't tell you that you wouldn't know. It doesn't matter anyway. So ANYWAY...

The day before Cinco de Mayo ( know...May 4th) my Mom was craving a Mexican food girls nite. We beat the crowds! :)

I wasn't gonna have a drink (not in the mood) or chips & salsa. Wellll.....I had a few chips with salsa....and a corn tortilla with salsa. It's just too good!! For my meal I had grilled tilapia, small side salad, & roasted veggies. I think there's rice hiding under that fish too. Huge and delicioso.

After work but before seeing Something Borrowed (at the Movie Grill, but I just had water there...& some raw macaroons I snuck in, shh!) I popped in Central Market for their salad bar!

Artichoke hearts, sundried tomato, roasted red peppers, tofu balsamic, etc etc. Heaven!

Served with more heaven...

I noticed this was technically expired like the day before. Kinda ew. But still yum. LOL. I'm one of those people that's REALLY squeamish about expiration dates, but I'd already started it and I hadn't died, so I took the chance ;).

Had to use up my QDoba birthday coupon.....the day it was gonna expire :)

Naked burrito bowl with black beans & pinto beans, pico, grilled onions & peppers, lettuce, guac, and the guy threw on some sour cream I didn't ask for but that's OK. I LOVE sour cream, I just try to sub greek yogurt these days (tastes the same anyway!). Apparently I crushed a few flax tortilla chips on top when I got home, too.

My usual savory Einstein's order...


Random dinner at home. It has come to my attention (as if I didn't know...) I almost never eat at home, huh? That can't be good..

Spaghetti with Giada de Laurentis artichoke marinara with veggie patch meatballs. The artichoke chunks were kind of a weird texture, but otherwise it was pretty tasty!

Side salad. I remember this one being rather tasty, but I recreated it the next day for lunch & had to throw most of it out (the only difference was I added carrots, but otherwise was the same....). I don't get it. I've been sucking at salads lately :(.

Now back to your scheduled programming?


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