Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Faces

Last Thursday KK Day recap.


chilled strawberry-peach soup topped with sliced organic strawberries & love crunch granola

Chick-fil-a grilled chicken & fruit salad. Pretty much my only semi-healthy salad option at the mall with the time I had to rush over to my cousins after doing some shopping damage for us both!

+ Hail Merry macaroons, yum!

Dinner? Carl's Jr. kids meal. + half an order of fried zucchini. Oops. I vaguely remember taking pics, but I guess it was too embarrassed to prove I ate fast food twice in a row.

Dessert freak! Sugar-free vanilla coconut milk ice cream with a van's chocolate muffin top + biscoff spread! I forgot to tell you guys I finally found biscoff spread. I've been wanting to try it ever sicne I first heard of it about a year ago! The cookies are better, but the spread is still tasty. I think there may be a few pieces of coconut butter banana fudge crumbled in too.

Now bring on the toddler fun!

Nana 1 time:

Nana 2 time (aka lucky to have any evidence, since Nana 2 is the photographer :-P):

Not the most flattering, AGAIN, but lovin' my Hunter fleece socks that went under my rain boots. Even if it didn't end up raining :-P.

Reesie Lovin' Time:


But she likes me a lil bit, too!

(that's my knee, lol)

This is somebody desperately needs a nap, but is fighting it time:

But I don't wanna nap!

See! I'm sleeping! Really!

Darn, you knew I was faking?

HMPH! Fiiine, I'll go take a nap for real. GOSH, nanas.

Silly Goose Face:

Love her funny little poses:

TV Lovah!:


Why so serious?

Good question...

I still need to upload my videos of her! That's me, always behind.

Well, gotta run ;)


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  1. That whole foods soup looks soo good! One day I want to try Hail Merry macaroons. :)

    What a cute little girl. :)