Thursday, May 26, 2011


About a week and a half ago In N Out amazingness opened up in Texas. I'd been dying to go ever since it was on the radar, but decided waiting 3 hours for a fast food burger was even crazy for me. I went last Monday and finally braved the lines. It wasn't too bad, about 35 minutes? Still ridic for any ole day, but for a first time thing, OK.

Found it & was shocked I didn't see a huge line. Then realized we were on the wrong side & had to turn around and it took like 10+ minutes to get in the right place. D'oh.

LOL isn't that kind of sad? And to think I was a part of the madness. They had police and security and everything.

Getting closer...

Love the palm trees. Nice touch, In N Out.

Fresh....from the truck. LOL.

So busy they had people taking orders from the parking lot

Out turn!!!! I had our orders pre-typed on my iPhone, but my Dad insisted on looking at a menu anyway just to hold up the line. :-P


& Total Domination ensued......very shortly after.

My order didn't even make it all the way home. They don't call it animal style for nothing. I teared into that shizz like a hungry lion.

I'm not a burger girl, but this hit the spot reaaaal good. In the past on vacas I remember obsessing over the idea of in-n-out, but when I actually ate it I thought it was just OK, but this time I went all animal style and lemme tell ya...not disappointed.

This could get dangerous.


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