Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Día de la Madre

For Mother's Day my Dad and I started out running errands. Among them, two were a.) to get my Mom's car washed & b.) to fill it up with gas. Success. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn't make it to the gym, but we survived.

We had a 1:30 pm brunch reservation at a Mexican restaurant known for their Sunday brunches, Mattito's.

People were being extremely rude about having to wait. Technically they didn't take "reservations," but more like you gave the time you wanted & they'd do the best to accommodate that, but you may have to wait a little bit. I guess people didn't understand that. *shrug* We ended up only waiting 8 minutes past our scheduled time.

veggies with pico, chile relleno, huevos ranchero, guac, & tilapia + unpictured chips & salsa

Going in for round two:

The crossiant wasn't very good, so I didn't eat it. But that half-cookie was amazing! Underneath the chocolate = marshmallows & strawberries. I really just wanted the fruit, but at the time they were out (until riiight after he finished pouring the chocolate on the mallows, natch). I didn't eat all of that either, but it was really good.

I also had a cup of coffee & plenty of...

That's the stuff.

Although I think they were 80% oj, at least. But I'm not really into alcohol these days anyway, so it was all good.

Of course we had another photo shoot after

My Dad was upset by the pics b/c he ate way too much and thought it showed LOL. I also had to retouch all the stains and water he splashed all over his shirt hahaha. Oh, Dad.

& I had to show off MY children, it was Mother's Day after all :)

They like me, I swear.

I also had one with my cat, but it was a little too frightening to post :). I'm sad the cutest part of my dress didn't show in any of the pics! There's a cute flower thing (sewn on, but kind of looks like a pin) on one side. Next time.

Again, like my b-day dinner my brother didn't show up for the meal, but he did come down for the present & card festivities.

He got my Mom a variety of Lush shower, bath, & hair products I picked out. My Dad's buying her a pair of spare glasses as soon as they can manage to pick them out + I picked out a glasses case for him to give her & a candle warmer/tart burner.I got her her first Lululemon product! Cropped groove pants. She loves them. Yay! Once you go Lulu you never go back, they're like no other pants comfort-wise. I'm glad she agreed. I also got her a bar of her fave Lush soap.

She loved everything and said she had a perfect day, so I'm really glad. She deserved it.

I also made (assembled?) a strawberry shortcake of sorts, that I filled with organic strawberry preserves + lemon curd. It was pretty good.

My brother doesn't eat any fruits or vegetables *eye roll*, hence the strawberry-free gap I saved for his piece.

We were all still soooo full from brunch (even tho my Mom and I didn't eat THAT much...but still a lot), we couldn't really eat much of anything else the rest of the day. I made a little veggie & brown rice soup (that thickened to more like a stew...), but ate half a mug, if that. I even woke up the next morning still pretty stuffed. Crazy!

We took it easy all evening & just chilled. Again, low-key, but nice. Just the way mom likes it! My dad's bowling league still met that nite, isn't that rude? They got off Easter, they even take off for the Superbowl, but not Mother's Day? Sheesh!

I love you, mama, you're the best! (and EVERYBODY who knows you would agree!)


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